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Post Dated : 20th, January, 2011

Dear Readers,

It is time again to read and digest the (new) words of wisdom from the Sadhguru. I am giving below  20 of them.

In each of them, our ACTION PART, I have made them bold and italics, so that we can recognize what we need to address; the conditions and consequences will then flow from our actions.

Ø  *     When it comes to the inner realities, whatever conclusions you make, you are bound to be wrong.
Ø  *     Of all the creatures on this planet, human beings create the maximum suffering for all other creatures, and for themselves also.
Ø  *     One should use information and logic like a drunkard would use a lamp post – only for support, not for illumination.
Ø  *     If you are truly concerned that everybody around you should be happy, it should start with you.
Ø  *     When your intelligence is entangled with social identifications, it is not in line with the life within you. That is the source of Misery?
Ø  *     Thinking is not intelligence. Thinking is just intellect. Being spiritual means to rise beyond the mediocre. It is the most intelligent way to exist.
Ø  *     The unfortunate reality in the world is, most people will know peace only with death.  It is time that you do something about it in life.
Ø  *     When you shake off all the influences of external circumstances, you are naturally spiritual.
Ø  *     Walk gently, with humility, respect and love or at least awe for everything around you. That way, a spiritual process will naturally happen for you.
Ø  *     To be human means to not just function by tendencies like an animal; everything you do can become conscious and by choice.
Ø  *     Anybody who is not willing to joyfully accept the consequences for whatever actions he performs, is just a fool, and against himself in so many ways.
Ø  *     Truth cannot be interpreted – truth can only be experienced. Whichever way you try to interpret it, it is bound to be wrong.
Ø  *     Creator finds meaning and value only through the Dance of creation. The only way to know the creator is to merge into the Dance of creation. May you know the Dance of the Divine.
Ø  *     Why do you need ideas about life? Why not see life the way it is –without ideas, beliefs and philosophies.
Ø  *     The very life within you is longing to be joyful because the nature of the source of creation within you is joyfulness.
Ø  *     The psychological is purely past. It survives, nourishes itself and flourishes on the past. The existential is of the Now.
Ø  *     If only you go through difficult times with an inner grace, you could see that every situation we face is an opportunity to enhance our lives.
Ø  *     If you are unconsciously seeking liberation, you may not reach the goal. If you seek consciously, there is a chance to reach the goal.
Ø  *     The idea of being on a spiritual process is to put your life on fast-forward. If you are seeking comfort, you should not be on the spiritual path.
Ø  *      Physically, mentally, we all may be different. But, spiritually, all of us are equally capable. All of us carry the same possibility within us.

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  1. we human beings were aliens to earth!yes all the gods in hindu dharma were those aliens!
    we are living on planet earth with a goal which we dont know.and this goal will be achieved
    by work!our bhagvatgita also tells same that work is worship! even if we dont worship god its ok for
    our gods!actually there no such thing as god!infact we call them gods because they created us!for us they
    are everything but these (alien)gods also have some limitations and thats why wrong things happen!
    lord shankar used meditate with "om" mantra! om is not just a word it is the sound of universe! even scientist
    have proven this! all the matter(material) which exists in this universe including we human biengs has a particular
    frequency & if we combine all such matter the resulted frequency will be sound om! in the movie koi mil gaya
    hrithik roshan send same om sound frequency to find aliens and he suceeds in it also! when we humans biengs
    will succede in understanding the universe fully we will become gods...!