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Date : 09th,December, 2010

Dear Readers,

It is time again to read and digest the (new) words of wisdom from the Sadhguru. I am giving below 24 of them.

In each of them, our ACTION PART, I have made them bold, in italics so that we can recognize what we need to address – so that the conditions and consequences will flow from our actions.

1.  The beauty and Gracefulness of being human will be completely lost once the fear of what will happen is there in your mind.

2.  The source of creation is within you. If this fundamental force of creation finds expression in your life, joyful is the only way you can be.

3.  Books have become holy; but you are yet to realize life is holy.

4.  If you are in tune with the body, you will be naturally healthy

5.  If human consciousness is focused, both the creation and the creator must yield.

6.  Do not settle for the limitations of experience that you are in right now. If there is a limitation, there is a possibility of breaking it.

7.  What you call destiny is some thing that you are creating. But since you create it unconsciously, you think it is landing on you from somewhere else.

8.  Confidence is stupidity. What you need is not confidence. What you need is clarity. Your success comes because of clarity, not because of confidence.

9.  As we engineer the outside world for our comfort, it is equally important that you engineer yourself as to how you want to be.

10.              If you do something foolish, your intellect has to bother you, your intelligence has to poke you everyday, only then will it evolve.

11.              This human body is a phenomena, this is not a simple thing. It is the greatest gadget on the planet, not made any different from the very cosmos.

12.              Only when you are not the issue, can you deal with the outside world to the best of your capability, and to the fullest potential of who you are.

13.              Instead of striving for clarity, people are always striving for confidence. This confidence has destroyed the world in so many ways.

14.              The first and foremost responsibility that every human being has and must fulfill is to become a joyful human being by one’s own nature.

15.             Your experience of life is a complete inner dream and the dream is true. It is not a joke, do not underestimate the power of illusion.

16.              There is nobody who is not a spiritual seeker. Everybody is seeking either consciously or unconsciously. It is better to seek it consciously.

17.              The only way to perceive life at its best is by being absolutely intense and relaxed at the same time.

18.              The seat of your experience is within you. It is you who should decide the quality of your experience of life, not the circumstances. 

19.              The very source of creation is throbbing within you every moment, awake or asleep. But, if you are not aware of it, it does not exist for you.

20.              Everything you wish to know in the existence can be known if you are in contact with your inner nature.

21.              Stories can solace you; they can never liberate you.

22.              The Karmic basis functions through certain tendencies. But you can easily push it in a different direction; it just takes some awareness and focus.

23.              One knows misery not because of external circumstances. Outside situations can cause physical pain; Suffering and misery is created in your mind.

24.              If you become pleasant within you, health will be a natural outcome.

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