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Dear Readers,

This is the second installment of Great quotes from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev which I am Posting today (13th, Nov,2010).

As you can see – in some quotes, there is an ACTION part and a RESULT part. The result part is in a different colour – YELLOW. You can please identify your ACTION PART your self.

Many of the quotes in this post are about being JOYFUL. As readers will agree, our most important need in life is - being JOYFUL.

But are we? If not, why not? We can find compelling answers to our essential questions here.

1.   Joy is not something that you do; joy is something that you become. It is not act, it is not an attitude, it is a certain way to be.
2.   Nobody can cause health or joy from outside. You may have external stimulants, but essentially, it is happening from within.
3.   If you gain mastery over your body, your mind and your energies, being joyful is very natural.
4.   If you have made yourself truly joyful, you have fulfilled the fundamental purpose of your life.
5.   Joy does not mean laughter. Laughter may be one expression, silence can be another expression. Joy can find expression in every possible way.
6.   When a person is joyful, almost all areas of the brain become active.
7.   If you use any external activity to create joy, you naturally get enslaved to it. Unless you change that, you will never know joy as a way of being.
8.   Your action is not the basis of your joy nor is the result the basis of your joy. You are the basis of your joy.
9.   Wanting to be joyful is not an idea, or an ideology, or a philosophy. It is not somebody’s teaching. This is the basic longing in every life.
10.                Your joy is created by you. Your sadness is created by you. Only because of unconscious reaction to life situations, you end up creating sadness.
11.                Human beings are capable of suffering just about anything. You send them to heaven, they will suffer because they will miss hell.
12.                If you do not create misery in your head, to be peaceful, to be joyful is very natural.
13.                How to know whether you are moving ahead or backwards? Today, are you a little more joyful than yesterday? This is a simple sign.
14.                The source of your misery is not your past actions. The source of your misery is the way you are processing the material of your past.
15.                If you do not actively create misery, you will be naturally rendered into the lap of joy. Misery is your act; joy is a natural phenomenon.
16.                You are happy or depressed not  because of somebody else or some thing else. It is something which is created by you but mostly unconsciously.
17.                If you are doing something willingly, no matter what it is, you enjoy it. If you are doing it unwillingly, then you suffer it.
18.                People will resist change because they are comfortable with the known devil but the unknown angel is not something that they want to pursue.
19.                People are afraid of even listening to something new because they know what they believe is so fragile, it may just evaporate.
20.                They have always told you, ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is bliss till life gets you. If it does not, for some reason, death will definitely get you.
21.                When you start thinking nobody in this world is okay, that is the first step to madness.
22.                In reality, there is only now. If you know how to handle this moment, you know how to handle the whole eternity.
23.                Optimists will hallucinate, pessimists will get depressed. Both will not go anywhere. You have to be willing to see everything the way it is.
24.                Incredible things can be done simply because we are committed to wanting it to happen.
25.                The moment you ascribe who you are right now to what happened yesterday, you have written off your life; you are a non-possibility.
26.                Your thought and your emotion may be keeping you fully engaged right now, but they are  just a small offshoots of life; they are not life.
27.                What you call as time and space is a projection of your consciousness.
28.             Only when there is absolute stability in you and no fear of suffering, you are willing to totally involve yourself with life around you.
29.                If only you can go through difficult times with an inner grace, you will see that every situation we face is an opportunity to enhance our lives.
30.                Whatever you try to avoid becomes the very basis of your consciousness, not what you pursue.
31.                This mind is a miracle. But now it has become a misery manufacturing machine, because we are trying to operate it without learning anything about it.
32.                Human Potential, if it is not fully explored physically, mentally, emotionally and every possible way, I think that is a wasted life.
33.                Your personality is a mask that you created for your survival in the existence, in the society. But now the problem is, the mask is stuck to you.
34.                Wisdom fundamentally means doing your life the way it works. But without clarity, there is no wisdom.

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