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PATANJALI = YOGA SUTRAS = 2.37 = Benefits of Astheyam (Non-stealing) to the Yogi



astheya prathishtaayaam
sarva rathna upasthaanam

Ø  astheya = (In) non-stealing
Ø  pratishtaayaam = if (yogi is) firmly established
Ø  sarva = all
Ø  rathna = diamonds, treasures
Ø  upasthaanam =  become available (to him)

Astheyam simply means – non-stealing. We have seen about astheyam in detail, in verse.2.30. When astheyam becomes firmly established in the yogi, in thought, word and deed,  the need for money and treasures is itself removed from him by the nature.

Nature or Prakruthi becomes a faithful servant and friend of the Yogis – when it discovers that their sadhanas are sincere and approaching perfection. As sadhana progresses, the results flow towards the yogis automatically.

We can listen to many yogis narrating how they go from place to place and country to country, without carrying a single rupee (or dollar) – but, somehow, their needs are met.

This has been the experience of many yogis, including Swami Vivekananda. But, Sadhakas must carry their Sadhanas also - on unmindful of these benefits. If they are distracted by these benefits which nature is providing to them – their sadhanas will suffer to that extent.

As we have seen in the first chapter itself – a Sadhaka starts out his Sadhana to achieve a particular goal or aim, which is called the Siddhi. When he achieves his actual goal, he is called a Siddha. But, on the path, nature provides many types of help, which can become allurements also.

They are a great help – if Sadhaka takes their help and moves further ahead with his Sadhanas towards his final goal, or, Siddhi. But, if he is satisfied with the great help being provided by nature, he gets distracted from his Siddhi. Many Sadhakas do get temporarily distracted and get tempted to use them as special powers that he has got from his Sadhanas. They may not be doing anything bad or immoral thereby. But, they are deviating from their chosen path to the final goal.

As long as they continue their Sadhanas without interruption – Nature looks to them as master and friend.

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