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As I have always said and believed, Sadhguru never fails to surprise us  with his extraordinary words of wisdom and…with his extraordinary acts of wisdom too.
So, what is for this Blog Post?
I will start off with one of his extraordinary acts of wisdom :


Sadhguru’s disciples and fans are aware of the great PROJECT GREEN HANDS movement initiated by the Sadhguru in Tamilnadu. Under the movement, on 17th, October,2006, the project took on a new pace, earning a Guinness World Record for planting more than 852587 trees on a single day. Now, the planting has crossed 8.2 million saplings.
This great effort has been noticed by the Union Government too. The Ministry of Environment and Forests has awarded Isha Foundation the prestigious “INDIRA GANDHI PRAYAVARAN PURASKAR” (IGPP)for the year 2008. On 5th, June,2010, world environment day, former president, Dr. Abdul Kalam presented the awards to Sadhguru at a ceremony hosted  by the Ministry of Environment and Forests at Vigyam Bhavan auditorium in New Delhi. It is the highest award in India bestowed on Individuals and organizations for major and measurable contribution in these very important fields of human effort. It carries a cash prize of five hundred thousand rupees and a silver lotus trophy. Though PGH is currently located in Tamilnadu,  Sadhguru sees it as a model that can be replicated by others anywhere. The movement continues towards a possible goal of increasing the green cover in Tamilnadu to the desirable level of 33%  - with over 100 million trees to be planted.
=extracts from “Forest flower”, July 2010.

press release dated June,01,2010

says further as below:   
Project Green Hands is a massive people’s movement to raise the green cover of Tamil Nadu by 10%. In the last 5 years, over 300,000 Isha volunteers across Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry have raised 8.2 million trees for plantation. The goal is to mobilize the entire population of Tamil Nadu to plant an additional 106 million trees within the next 10 years.
In 2005, just after the tsunami that swept away so many lives and livelihoods, a group of Isha volunteers noticed that forested coastal villages suffered significantly less damage thanks to protective tree cover. An idea arose: Could trees be a tool for survivors to reconnect with their land, concurrently coping with their grief?
As a psychosocial support, Isha grew and gifted saplings on white cloths to each family to plant and care for in memory of their loved ones. The effect was an unprecedented mass planting of 25,000 trees within a few short weeks by the inhabitants of only six villages.
The movement grew out of the tsunami recovery, expanding throughout Tamil Nadu and snowballed into a people’s movement creating a Guinness World Record on 17 October 2006, when 852,587 trees were planted by 2,52,000 volunteers in 6,284 locations in 27 Districts of Tamil Nadu.
Project Green Hands is in operation in 20 districts of Tamil Nadu where dedicated teams of Isha volunteers undertake door to door campaigns, talks, farming events, gift of trees and celebrations engaging the public to support the role of trees in protecting our environment. Farmers are motivated and enrolled to adopt tree cultivation as an alternate and supplementary source of livelihood. Isha grows 36 different tree varieties in about 100 nurseries spread over 20 districts of Tamil Nadu with the support of corporate, local organisations, schools and local volunteers. Saplings are delivered to farmers, planting is overseen, progress of growth of trees is monitored and replanting needs are identified by the Isha teams.
Apart from the model of inspiring and supporting directly the planting of trees, Isha conducts several mass awareness campaigns among the various target groups to establish a culture of care for the environment. The outcome is an awakening of collective willingness to take pro-active, organized and dedicated action to grow, plant, protect and propagate trees. Starting from Tamil Nadu, Project Green Hands seeks to inspire people around the world to keep this planet habitable for future generations.

In 2009, Isha initiated urban greening through awareness campaigns and planting of 40,000 saplings in Chennai, Tirupur and Karur—among the most polluted / industrialized cities of Tamil Nadu.
Isha Foundation, founded by Sadhguru J Vasudev, is an international, non-religious, not-for-profit public service organization, which addresses all aspects of human wellbeing. At the core of its activities, Isha Foundation offers powerful and customized technologies for inner wellbeing and individual transformation called Isha Yoga, which distills powerful, ancient yogic methods for a modern person, creating peak physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and paves the way towards attaining the ultimate potential. Isha’s activities are designed to create an inclusive culture that is the basis of global peace and development. This integral approach has gained worldwide recognition, which is reflected in the recognition given by the United Nations to ISHA Foundation as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.
Isha Foundation, headquartered in the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains in the western Ghats near Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu, functions through a network of 270 centers world wide and is empowered by the dedicated and spirited efforts of over 1500 full time volunteers and over 2 million part-time volunteers in India and abroad, which makes it a large and vibrant people’s movement for human wellbeing based on self-transformation.
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev always says,“A nation is not just its land, rivers and mountains. A nation is essentially its people. If we can have 1 billion people who are healthy, truly rejuvenated, inspired and focused, what they can achieve, no technology can achieve. They can do absolute miracles.” This is the inspiration behind the range of large-scale public-service outreach initiatives of ISHA Foundation called ‘Action for Rural Rejuvenation’ in health, ‘Isha Vidhya’ in education and ’Project Green Hands’ in environment, which serve as outstanding examples of Isha’s commitment towards translating the vision of true wellbeing for all into reality and as models for human empowerment and community revitalization.

‘Action for Rural Rejuvenation’ is a unique and holistic rural health care model of combined indigenous systems and allopathic methods of treatment, intensive preventive health awareness, powerful yoga practices etc. A network of mobile and stationary health clinics treat about 50,000 patients every month in about 900 remote villages on a bimonthly basis, across 16 districts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and south Karnataka. The Foundation has worked in education sector also.
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Now, here are some Great Quotes from the Sadhguru. As you can now connect the above news with the quotes below – you can easily see how Sadhguru is a living example of the quotes below:

1.   You do not have any duty towards anything or anybody. If you have love and care, you will do what is needed.
2.   If you do not do what you cannot do, it is not a problem. But, if you do not do, what you can do, this is tragedy.
3.   Truth cannot be interpreted; truth can only be experienced. If you experience it, it is a reality. Otherwise, it is just a story.
4.   A woman cannot get liberated, nor can a man get liberated. Only when you are beyond those two, you can be liberated.
5.   By domination, you will not know life. Only by inclusion, you will know life.
6.   Health is a side effect of spirituality. If you are complete within yourself,  being healthy is natural.
7.   Once you start experiencing that you are not the body and not the mind, that is the end of suffering.
8.    Spiritual process is not a philosophy; it is a method to live your life totally.
9.   The very process of yoga and meditation is to take you to  such an overwhelming experience within yourself that tears of ecstasy will flow out of you.
10.                If you do not get identified with any kind of ideology or belief system, being spiritual is natural.
11.                Every act that you do unconsciously, you could also do consciously and that is a world of a difference.
12.                Happiness is not something you achieve or attain. It is a natural quality that you were born with.
13.                Life is just a slice of time. If one values life, one has to do everything at the right time.
14.                For people who do petty things in their lives, life is too long. For people who seek the deepest dimensions of life, life is too brief.
15.                Whatever work you do is worthwhile only if it touches somebody’s life.
16.                Being human means you are capable of caring for  and looking at every life with a sense of tenderness.
17.                Every being is equally capable of containing the very existence within himself.
18.                People are afraid of listening to something new because they know what they believe is so fragile, it may just evaporate.
19.                If you do not create misery in your head, to be peaceful, to be joyful is very natural.
20.                The first and foremost thing that you owe to yourself is, you must be 100% straight with yourself.

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  2. You've selected some great quotes.
    This one is my favorite -
    "The birth of one being could change the complexion of the world
    if only the Divine potential finds its expression.
    May you know the Divine."

    Nashville, USA