Saturday, July 2, 2016



The Ultimate Roller-Coaster

        You are physically present and acting in the "NOW' (in the present moment). But, the unseen "time' is moving your future into your present.

      You do not know how it really is happening. But, it is happening always.

      The whole universe is changing under your feet and all around you, every moment. The future is gushing in. But, you are firmly, physically, always - in the present moment. Therefore, every learning happens in ‘this moment.'

·     Your journey in the time plane is uni-directional. You are cycling but at the same place always, in the time plane.

·     You can't step back into the past or step forward into the future. There are no time machines in the real world. You won't become 10 years younger, when you wake up tomorrow! And, if you do, your parents, spouse and friends are not going to like that! But, thank God, you won't become 10 years older too, when you get up from a nap. Time carries you gently into one moment at a time.

      The whole world is outside you.

      But, you experience the whole world within you; not outside you. That is where the time, your time, is really running.

      There is a time machine within you, for each organ and for each cell within you.

       They are made to function differently in different time zones. And, you have no control on them.

·     Your experience of the world - in this moment and in every moment is very, very ‘unique.' No one experiences the world as you do. You also don't experience the world as others do.

·     In effect, every experience of every individual  is unique; and, irreproducible.

·     World is changing, transforming and metamorphosing all the time. It is a different world, every moment. 

·     The world outside you is never the same. Your experience of it inside you is also never the same.

      PS : Hope this makes you think on time, on the world  and on you - from a different perspective than before.  Yoga examines time from different perspectives. My book deals with this extensively at different places. This is a small extract from one such place.

      Yogi is expected to unravel the mystery of time through his yoga practice. But then, each Yogi’s experience is his own. He cannot transfer it to you. You must explore and experience the mystery of time yourself. Yoga is completely - experimental, existential and experiential and a Great Science in that way..

-   Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu


Friday, May 27, 2016



A Chinese Philosopher once said – I suffered countless problems almost every day of my life. But, none of them ever really happened!

This is the problem with most of us. We are suffering so many problems which are really not our problems. May be,  we can do something positive in respect of a very few problems - out of them. But, your suffering them is not going to solve those problems.

Your suffering actually increases the total world problems to a new level.

Your News paper contains news of rapes, murders, thefts, decoities, court cases, political wrangles, views of so many with which you don’t agree, view of some with which you agree and many other things which really matter very little for your life. They are almost a total waste of your time on most days – unless you choose well what you read. And, most of us don’t.

Many of us suffer the reading of the news paper, seeing the TV serials and seeing the movies. We also suffer unending and unnecessary arguments. We don’t have to. These are not really our problems.

When I say, our problems, I actually mean ‘MY’ problems. These are not my problems. I also mean ‘YOUR’ problems. If there are some things that you can do – do them. Feed a hungry mouth daily, if you can. You reduce the world problems. Contribute to an orphan girl child’s education. You reduce rapes and brothels.
Today, Social media is powerful. You can actually participate in some world problems. An MLA indulges in some misbehavior and it comes out in social Media as a viral Video. Condemn it by all means. It forces Governments. I am not opposing any of these things. I support them. But, choose wisely what you respond to in social Media. Likewise, what you post in social Media. Don’t create Junk in social media.

But, once all this is done, once something constructive and productive is done, FORGET IT.

Now, start the day with your real problems, your solutions for them, your planning for the future, your building of YOUR happiness and so on, of yourself. If every Indian does this, India will progress very fast economically and socially.

Bhutan is said to be the Happiest country in the world. They, as you know, don’t deal with world problems. They deal with their own problems, solve them and be happy.

They Meditate. They help each other. They find all possible ways to be happy – without disturbing the happiness of others.

You must do the same.

Now, close your eyes. With closed eyes, just think of your happiness. Instantly feel a surging joy in you. No problems matter now. Your Joy is real. It is in spite of all problems.

Assume, you have no physical problems. Enjoy a hale and healthy physical body during this meditation. You can. Therefore -  Do it. As you enjoy your physically healthy body in your meditation, do you know – your body is actually rebuilding your body towards your health. You can get rid of so many diseases through this meditation.

While this is enough, you can also add a positive vibration through the silent uttering of sentences like – “ I am becoming completely Hale and Healthy. My body and Mind are completely joyful and healthy.” And so on, in your own language, in your own sentences. Utter them about 3 times and then start really feeling them work in you.

Yes. You ARE BECOMING healthy and joyful through this meditation. It is a great Gift of God to you. Your body and mind created diseases. Your body and mind are now curing them. They do have that capability. But, you need to awaken those capabilities in you.

Do this Meditation for 10 minutes. Feel the health and joy totally.

Then, with a smile on your face and a new vigour in your body, open your eyes and come out of this meditation.

You can do this Meditation two or three times also every day. Do it daily, at least a few minutes – wherever you are. Can you do it on a Bus or a Train. Do it by all means. Do it wherever you can do it safely. Do it whenever you can do it safely.

Good Luck to You. You are becoming Hale and Healthy.

I give you 30 Days time target to become completely hale and healthy, using this Meditation. Use Your Medicines as per Doctor’s prescription, by all means. But, surprise your Doctor at the end of this 30 days period.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu



PS : I don’t tell you any meditation which I have not done. This meditation is fantastic. It gives results, proportionate to your efforts.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

MEDITATION - 3 - Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah - May All be prosperous and Happy


Spoken word has enormous power on the speaker and on the listener both.

You can express your thoughts and you can express your feelings – with words, with the tone, with your facial expressions and with your body language

Most successful people are enormously adept and skillful in all these aspects of spoken communication.

If we are not successful with other people, one of the prime reasons is not using spoken word, the way it should be used.

There is one powerful being whom we must influence with our words, spoken and unspoken. This powerful being is our Creator. 

You may call him by any name you like, in any language you like. You may praise him in any way you like. You may seek anything you like from him.

When we do any of this with the creator, we call it prayer.

Prayer is a powerful means to influence the creator, if you know the art and science of Prayer. Each culture has its own method. All methods of prayer are good.

Hindus have developed prayers of different varieties, each suitable to a particular level of intellectual and cultural attainment.

16 methods of serving the almighty have been developed. These are called Shodsopachaara. Put together, this prayer is called a Pooja. You can address your creator, with any name, and, even with a thousand names. It is called Sahasra namarchana. All these are methods of prayers.

You can bring any fruits, vegetables, cooked items and any other eatable items, place it before the almighty creator and say that all this belongs to you and is intended for you. This is called Naivedyam or arpana or samarpana.

Then, you take it back from him as if it is given to you by the almighty creator and – divide it among all of you. This is called Prasaadam and this intention or feeling is called Prasaada Bhavana.

No one must eat in the home before the eatable item becomes Naivedyam first and Prasaadam next.

Then again, a part of the prasaadam is offered first to birds by placing it on the roof of the house and a part is placed at some place outside the home for Cows, ants etc. 

Then again, the rule is, if any hungry person comes and asks for food, we must not say NO at all. Food is one item, where NO is never to be uttered. If the home has no food, it must be cooked afresh and served. But, never a NO towards hungry stomachs. There is no caste, religion, sex or any other restriction in this prescription.

This is what the ancient Upanishads prescribe. We had such great culture. The food giver is usually the household woman, not man, and she is called Annapurna, the goddess who is always having food to distribute. Today, there is need to revive these great aspects of our culture again.

All this is considered part of Prayer. Beyond Prayer comes Meditation. Prayer is what you seek from God. Meditation is a process in which you speak to God and you also listen to God. Sometimes you only listen, silently to the Creator.

Here is one Prayer cum Meditation, which you must try to practice daily at least three times with closed eyes :

“OM…Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah

Sarve Santhu Niraymayaah

 Sarve Bhadraani Pasyanthu

Maa kaschith Duhkhabhaag bhaveth

OM, santih, santih,santih”

1.Om, May All be prosperous and Happy,
2: May All be Free from Illness.
3: May All understand what is truly uplifting and securing,
4: May no one Suffer or be sorrowful.
5: Om, May there be Peace, Peace, Peace.

Kindly close your eyes, address your creator and say this in Sanskrit first and then in English or in any other language. Put your heart and soul into your prayer. Feel that the creator is receiving your prayer and blessing you.

Say it three times. Feel the sensation fully with closed eyes. These are not just words but Mantras with full force. They will reach the creator.

Slowly open your eyes after you are satisfied with your prayer and its result.

This is your Meditation-3.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu