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In the series of Meditations as supplement to my Book “COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE ON PATANJALI YOGASUTRAS”, so far I have covered the following 5 Meditations. You can click on the links below and go to those Meditations.

Meditation-1 is on “ACCEPT YOUR PHYSICAL BODY”
Meditation-3 is on the concept of “Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah
Meditation-4 is for a Hale and Healthy Body
Meditation-5 is on the concept of “YOU EXIST, YOU ONLY EXIST, NOTHING ELSE DOES”.

Now, we will have a Meditation on a Great Mantra from Isa Upanishad (or Isaavaasyopanishad) :

Om Poornam-Adah Poornam-Idam ; Poornaat-Purnnam-Udachyate  |

Poornasya Poornam-Aadaaya Poornam-Eva-Avasishyate ||

Om Saantih Saantih Saantih ||


1: Om, That (Outer World) is complete in itself ; This (Inner World) is also complete in itself ; From one completeness comes another completeness  ,
2: If one completeness is drawn away from the other, still what remains is complete in itself .
3: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Now, you have the Mantra which you can chant 3 times. 

Understand that one completeness referred to here is the infinite consciousness pervading all over the universe around you and within you.

The second completeness is the consciousness that is within the physical YOU and is in fact the real YOU.

It is from the first completeness that the second completeness has arisen. That is, it is from the Universal consciousness that the Individual consciousness has arisen.

After the rise of the Individual consciousness, that is YOU, the universal consciousness still remains complete in itself and so is the Individual consciousness, which is also complete in itself.

You are both Individual consciousness which is complete in itself, and part of the Universal consciousness, which is also complete in itself.

Now, if 15 billion people exist in the world, can there be 15 billion Individual consciousnesses apart from one Universal consciousness?

Do not apply the same logic here, which you apply to the MATERIAL WORLD.

Consciousness is the only NON MATERIAL, INFINITE,UNCHANGING Existence. And YOU are that. And, you are part of that. 

Because it is partless, you are actually THAT.

YOU, if you realize, extend all over the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, which pervades the entire Universe, or, the entire Material World.

You also extend over all other Individual consciousnesses in the Universe and so do all the other Individual consciousnesses which extend over YOU.

Can you visualize this in your mental eye? Can you imagine this? This is the stark Universal Truth.

Meditate on this Universal truth.

1.  There is the Universe which consists of the Material world, and it includes all physical beings also, including you as a physical being. All the Material YOU belongs to this Material Universe, it comes out of it and goes back to it. This ever changing cycle is a constant, in the Material world
2.  There is the Universal consciousness which pervades the  entire Universe, or, the entire Material world. It is NON MATERIAL and never changing. It infuses consciousness into every physical being in the material universe.
3.  There is YOU, who is the INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. YOU come from the Universal Consciousness, you are an integral part of it, and you never go out of it.
4.  As Universal consciousness is really indivisible and partless, YOU actually extend all over the Universal consciousness.
5.  But, right now, your consciousness is limited to your Physical body and mind.
6.  You must realize this and make efforts to experience yourself all over the universe in the material world and all over the universal consciousness.
7.  This is your Meditation.

All these meditations are intended to drive you towards the truth. Sometimes, it is towards the relative truth in the Material world. Sometimes, it is towards the ABSOLUTE TRUTH in the non material universal consciousness. Both are required as live in both. 

As physical body and mind, we exist in the material world.  This YOU is  subject to Maya, or Prakriti or the three Gunas comprising the world (all of them refer to the same phenomenon). This you is subject to various problems, pleasures and changes. You have to face them successfully in the material world.

Then, there is the real YOU, which is the Individual consciousness, which is Changeless, Endless and is part of the Universal consciousness. This is your absolute truth. 

This realization is the final goal. The experiments to experience this absolute truth must also continue daily. These meditations give immense clarity on life.

I am giving the concepts and details and it if for you to sit in meditation on them.

The meditational procedure is the same as given in earlier Meditations.

I Wish you all success in your Meditations. I welcome all suggestions and queries.

Thank You,



Author of :
Comprehensive Treatise on
Patanjali Yogasutras

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In my Book, COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE ON PATANJALI YOGASUTRAS,  I have indicated that , apart from the Meditations given in the book under various sutras, I will supplement with further Meditations in this Blog.

In that series, this is the third Meditation, I am prescribing for the readers.
As always, Meditation presupposes that you must sit in a reasonably quiet place, preferably alone.

If aloneness is difficult, make yourself mentally as alone as possible. If you can do this, you can do these meditations even in a running train compartment. Yes.I do such meditations wherever I am, including such places as a Bus, train or plane.

Where, and when, should you not do these meditations? Not in the kitchen while cooking, not on the dining table while eating, not while walking on a road, not while driving, not while doing any other important and serious work. This means, Meditation is an exclusive work and no other work should be done by you while meditating. There is no question of Multi tasking while doing these meditations.

I must however emphasize that cooking itself must be done like a meditation, driving itself must be done like a meditation and so on. Lord Krishna has said that Yogah Karmasu Kausalam.

And, definitely, Lord Krishna is the best person to tell us that. Do whatever you are doing extremely well and that becomes yoga and that becomes meditation.

Now, first read this Meditation well twice , understand this well and then do this. You can do this meditation daily also. I am not specifying any specific timings or even time limits.

Do it when you are mentally free and in a reasonably quiet place where you will not be disturbed.


Sit in your preferred Aasana - padmasana, sahajasana, siddhasana, or any sitting posture you feel convenient.

If you can't sit on floor, sit on a chair.

On floor, preferably sit on a yoga mat. if not, sit on any blanket in your home. Preferably use the same Yoga Mat or Blanket always for your Meditations. It is preferable , not a must.

Now, relax your body totally in your sitting posture itself.

Sit with open palms on top of your folded knees. Yes. you can put your fingers in any convenient mudra. But, for this particular Meditation, no need of a Mudra. Just keep your palms open and facing upwards.

Now, close your eyes.

With draw your senses from the world around you and totally relax them.

Now, assume, that the whole world just does not exist.

You alone exist. Nothing else does. Feel this. Experience this.

You alone EXIST. The whole world has disappeared.Nothing else exists.

You are the absolute truth. You always existed. You are existing now. You will always exist in the future.

You are the absolute consciousness. You have nothing else to know. You need nothing else. You are complete in yourself.

You are the absolute bliss. You are the repository of all joy and all happiness in the world. There is nothing more to desire.

Feel these absolute truths about you. Experience them inside you.

Focus your total, undivided attention on yourself and feel these truths about you.

All that always exists is YOU. There is nothing else.

Experience this for at least 10 minutes. If you feel comfortable, if you feel extremely comfortable, go ahead and be in it for as long  as you want .

After the Meditation, after you are satisfied with it,  focus your mind's attention slowly on your body and wish it all health and joy. Do this for a minute at least.

Deho devalayo prokthah. Your Body is your temple and you are the Lord inside it. Be determined to Keep your body well like a temple.

Now, slowly, with your mind's eye, survey your surroundings with calmness and joy in you.

Now, slowly open your eyes.

You can now chant this Upanishadic verse as conclusion :

Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah      (May all be in comfort and happiness)
Sarve Santhu Niraamayaah      (May all be in great health, without diseases)
Sarve Bhadrani Pasyanthu        ( May all be in safety)
Maa Kaschit Duhkhabhaag bhaveth( May all be without sorrow)

Now, relax you aasana and come out of the Meditation

Yours sincerely,


Dated 19.12.2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016



The Ultimate Roller-Coaster

        You are physically present and acting in the "NOW' (in the present moment). But, the unseen "time' is moving your future into your present.

      You do not know how it really is happening. But, it is happening always.

      The whole universe is changing under your feet and all around you, every moment. The future is gushing in. But, you are firmly, physically, always - in the present moment. Therefore, every learning happens in ‘this moment.'

·     Your journey in the time plane is uni-directional. You are cycling but at the same place always, in the time plane.

·     You can't step back into the past or step forward into the future. There are no time machines in the real world. You won't become 10 years younger, when you wake up tomorrow! And, if you do, your parents, spouse and friends are not going to like that! But, thank God, you won't become 10 years older too, when you get up from a nap. Time carries you gently into one moment at a time.

      The whole world is outside you.

      But, you experience the whole world within you; not outside you. That is where the time, your time, is really running.

      There is a time machine within you, for each organ and for each cell within you.

       They are made to function differently in different time zones. And, you have no control on them.

·     Your experience of the world - in this moment and in every moment is very, very ‘unique.' No one experiences the world as you do. You also don't experience the world as others do.

·     In effect, every experience of every individual  is unique; and, irreproducible.

·     World is changing, transforming and metamorphosing all the time. It is a different world, every moment. 

·     The world outside you is never the same. Your experience of it inside you is also never the same.

      PS : Hope this makes you think on time, on the world  and on you - from a different perspective than before.  Yoga examines time from different perspectives. My book deals with this extensively at different places. This is a small extract from one such place.

      Yogi is expected to unravel the mystery of time through his yoga practice. But then, each Yogi’s experience is his own. He cannot transfer it to you. You must explore and experience the mystery of time yourself. Yoga is completely - experimental, existential and experiential and a Great Science in that way..

-   Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu