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As in the Past, I am trying to place before you some of the latest, beautiful, topical, and timely Quotes of Guruji, Sri Sri Ravishankar.
Some of these relate to his recent visit to Pakistan.

Others relate to his visit to various places in UP, Rajasthan etc. We need to spend some time on each quote – as these are from the founder of the Art of Living here in earth. These are not on how to go to  heaven or avoid going to hell.

Live well and happily now and here and ensure that your neighbours live well and happily too. This is the message always…Now, the quotes follow …

Ø  We have acquired a habit of making the impossible possible!
Ø  You can't rule a country without winning the hearts of people and guns are not  the way to win hearts.
Ø  Before coming here, somebody told me not to come, to wait. I said, "I've waited eight years, I'm going." I have interacted with the youth here and I find the same enthusiasm, the same sense of belongingness like the youth in India. I don't find any close-mindedness at all. But the projection in the media is like that. They project only those pockets where there is trouble and problems. (on his visit to Pak)
Ø  We need to create a new image, that this country is also tolerant, that we honour diversity, we acknowledge people from everywhere. This message should go loud and clear. Then, what will happen is that Pakistan's tourism will increase and the economy will also get a boost.
Ø  This is the image that should be created - that this is heaven, there is so much love among the people here. I think my visit is going to carry this image to India. It's going to create a big wave. This message is going to bring the two countries much closer through people to people contact.- Sri Sri' at the Art of Living Peace Centre, Islamabad.
Ø  My wish is that every tear turns into a smile. This center has a huge responsibility to bring peace and happiness to millions.- Sri Sri inaugurating the Art of Living Peace Centre in Islamabad.
Ø  Yoga was written in Pakistan and today the entire world is benefiting from Yoga. Pakistan should own this. If you own your long history then you would have a higher sense of belongingness with the world. When we accept clothes, food and music from everywhere why can't we accept wisdom? Why do we shy away from wisdom? If children learn a little bit about all the civilizations, they grow up with a broad mindset.- Sri Sri in Lahore, March 12.
Ø  My dream is to see a violence free Pakistan and I'm sure it is possible - Sri Sri to a gathering of dignitaries on his arrival in Lahore.
Ø  I don't want anything except a smile on your face and love in your heart. I am with you.
Ø  With greater linkages between the people, India and Pakistan can both come closer and work towards peaceful co-existence
Ø  We want  SriSri swamiji to visit Pakistan every year &inspire all of us - Muhammad Farooq Sattar ,Federal minister for overseas Pakistanis, 14 Mar
Ø  I wish every tear turns into a smile. ArtofLiving centers in Pakistan have a huge responsibility to bring peace & joy to millions.
Ø  In order to avoid other forces taking advantage of the conflict, It is important for India & Pak to be in mutual peace -  SriSri @ Karachi
Ø  Pakistan should own the ancient cultural heritage -  SriSri @ Islamabad
Ø  Core issues vary in diff parts of the world: poverty, corruption, selfishness. But, if there is humanness, people won't indulge in violence.
Ø  What you cannot win with guns, you can win through love. The most powerful thing in the world is love!
Ø  I want to see childlike smile on every face. That is the aim of The Art of Living - SriSri in Lahore
Ø  If children learn a little bit about all the civilizations, they grow up with a broad mindset -  SriSri @ Lahore  artofliving Satsang
Ø  This universe is so diverse. God has made so many varieties of vegetables, flowers, fruits. We need to honor all of this.-SriSri in Lahore
Ø  I have traveled to many countries but never felt I am in a strange country. We should start owning the whole globe.- SriSri,Lahore Satsang
Ø  There is only 1 God. Like Islam has 99 names of Allah, Hinduism has 108 forms of the same God. Idol is just a symbol.
Ø  The science of Ayurveda and Yoga was born in Takshashila which is in Pakistan -  SriSri @ Forman christian college, Lahore.
Ø  My dream is to see a violence free Pakistan and I'm sure it is possible - SriSri addressing dignitaries @ Hotel Avari, Lahore
Ø  A composite society will always promote harmony and peace and put a check on extremism.- SriSriinPak 12 Mar
Ø  When you go higher, you don’t see borders. Borders are just our illusion. The planet is a home for everyone. We are one family.
Ø  Spirituality alone can bring the hearts & minds of people together & mend differences.- SriSri to enter Lahore from the Wagah border 12 Mar
Ø  If India & Pakistan spend just 1% of the defence budget for peace & regular people contact,terrorist forces won't get an opportunity.
Ø  If we build bridges between people, no politician will be able to play with sentiments.- SriSri on the eve of his visit to Pakistan 11 Mar
Ø  Form or Name can be different, but, Substance is the same. Recognizing this is Spirituality - @ India Islamic Centre, Delhi
Ø  Prophet Mohammed has said that the cool breeze is coming from the east. He meant the knowledge from India- @ Al-Mustafa University 11 Mar
Ø  Ego creates war and makes it worse. Wars are won through peace.
Ø  Mysticism & spirituality is the language of the heart. There is no conflict amongst people who know the truth- @ IndiaIslamicCenter 11 Mar
Ø  Religion must become broader & more spiritual to allow freedom of worship & to encompass all the Wisdom in the world.
Ø  We need to wake up and see that the planet is our home and when you go higher, you don’t see borders. Borders are just our illusions. There really is no border. The sky has no border. Neither have the clouds, the wind nor the elements of this earth. The planet is a home for everyone. We are all one family.
Ø  What we have received, we should give it back to society. This is the purpose of education - Sri Sri @ Gyan Vihar University, Rajastan
Ø  In the realm of the mind, like attracts like. If the soul is peaceful, it attracts a peaceful environment & people around it.
Ø  Only meditation can satisfy the hunger of the soul.- Sri Sri @ Jaipur Satsang
Ø  Sin is NOT our nature. We are pure Consciousness. With yoga, meditation & pranayama, a wave of bliss arises in life. This is the ArtofLiving.
Ø  If you want abundance in life, have contentment. With contentment comes the ability to bless others.- SriSri in Rae Bareilly
Ø  Have faith that the Divine loves you & will take care of you.- SriSri in Rae Bareilly, UP
Ø  The wise man accepts his own mistake & when he sees a mistake in others, he helps them overcome it.
Ø  Send the corrupt to me. I will welcome & tell them, "You only know the joy of taking. But there is a joy in giving also. -SriSri, Gonda, UP
Ø  Pranayama , Sudarshan Kriya & Meditation will help you to overcome all negativity-  SriSri @  Lucknow
Ø  When one has reverence for the whole universe, one is in harmony with it.
Ø  Naturalness, Simplicity & Love brings transformation in the individual and society" -  SriSri @ Gonda satsang
Ø  See the past as destiny, future as free will and live in the present. This is the sign of intelligence -  SriSri @ Gonda satsang 17 Mar
Ø  You can have only one - either Guru or worries; it is impossible to have both together -  SriSri @ Ambedkar nagar, UP
Ø  Inner peace, contentment, strength, comes with spirituality-  SriSri @ Azamgarh satsang
Ø  It is our responsibility to take the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda into every house -  SriSri @ Mau Satsang
Ø  When someone dies we offer sesame seeds; it means that all the unfulfilled desires are like sesame seeds & not worth holding on to.
Ø  Remember your life is short... Till the time you are on earth, do some good work, bring happiness & turn tears into smiles-  SriSri @ Mau, 15 Mar
Ø  If unpleasant words can affect you & increase your BP ,you think the names of God & chants like Om Namah Shivaya have lesser impact?
Ø  That which you cannot renounce, is happiness- @ Baliya Satsang;15 Mar
Ø  When there is no Music , Knowledge or Meditation, life turns to depression" -  SriSri @ Baliya (UP) Satsang
Ø  The fight against corruption is a long battle. We will have to be in it together -  SriSri @ Ghazipur (UP)
Ø  God does not create evil. Evil happens when you move away from God -  SriSri @ Ghazipur Satsang
Ø  Before you have food, pray that all those who provide food to us should be happy. When all farmers are happy, then we will be healthy
Ø  I did not say that all government schools (where lakhs study) breed Naxalism. Great talents have emerged from these schools and I would never generalize. I specifically referred to sick government schools in Naxal affected areas. Many who have turned to Naxalism have come from these schools.
Ø  The Art of Living is running 185 free schools in such areas. I urge more institutions to join this effort to spread peace through education.
Ø  We don’t keep saying “I love you” everyday. Sometimes, by saying it many times, love diminishes. When you are so deeply in love, just one glance is enough. If you do not express yourself at all, then, too, it is of no use.
Ø  There is an appropriate way to express your life experiences. It should be like sowing a seed. It is a sown a few inches deep - not just on the surface nor too deep. Then, the relationship lasts for the whole lifetime.
Ø  Does a child ever worry, "Is my mother cooking for me at home?" No, he is content knowing, "Mother is there at home. That's it. When I go, I will be served food." This confidence with the mother should be there with the Divine also. "God is my very own and He/She loves me."
Ø  When will you develop this attitude? After 10 years of sadhana (penance) in the Himalayas? Towards the end of your life? When? Tell me, how long will it take to get this confidence? From today... right now!  I have come to tell you just this much.
Ø  People tell me, "Guruji, your job is teaching meditation, doing kirtan, turning people towards God. Why do you talk about corruption? Why do you get involved in other things? Please don't."
Ø  I say, "What kind of spirituality is it if there is no softness in the heart for others, that doesn't care for everybody? I'm not a person like that. I will keep doing what my inner voice tells me.
Ø  Ask a mother or a grandmother. If she is alone, she will just make do with some tea or tidbits for herself. But when children come, she prepares all sorts of dishes. Her joy is in giving. This is a higher joy. Once if the corrupt taste this joy, it will not go; they will not feel like doing anything wrong. - Sri Sri in Gonda, UP
Ø  Earlier, our places were famous for their specialty - Mathuda Peda, Agra Petha, Benaras Saree, Mirzapur carpets, pottery from Azamgarh etc. This should be highlighted all over. Pick any one field and specialize in that and all lack will be removed. For example, one village in China specializes only in buttons, another only in needles.
Ø  So many industrialists tell me they want to set up factories in China. I ask them, Why not in India, there is so much poverty here. They say, we don't find people. I tell them, set it up here, we'll find people. I need all the unemployed youth here who want to work…We can do a lot in India. We can create a revolution, an economic revolution.

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