Monday, December 12, 2011

PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS = Verse.2.35 = Extraordinary Powers of Non-violence = what others become near a Yogi ?



Ahimsaa Pratishtaayaam
Thath  Sannidhou Vaira Thyaagah

Ø  ahimsaa = In non-violence ( by thought, word and deed)
Ø  pratishtaayaam =  firmly established
Ø  vaira-tyagah = (Others) give up enmity towards him

This is an extraordinary but often observed truth – now coming from Patanjali himself.

If a Yoga Sadhaka steadfastly observes non-violence in thought, word and deed, after some time – all the people around him lose all interest in picking up quarrels with him; lose all enmity towards him – and will even look up to him with great reverence.

This has been observed in the lives of many Yogis. Most Yogis used to live in deep forests, mountain caves and places of such solitary nature – where wild animals and poisonous reptiles abound. But, even they turned most friendly and obedient towards such yogis. Even now – this phenomenon can be observed in many Ashrams of great yogis.

Non-human beings sense the harmless, loving, protectionist nature of the yogi more quickly than human beings. Human beings are a trifle slow – but will gather in large number around such yogis to take the benefit of their teachings.

In modern times – people wonder, why yogis have so many lakhs and crores of almost blind followers, when even the great prophets and incarnations did not have so many followers. It is in the nature of their Yoga Sadhanas. Words and actions of love, compassion, consideration and generosity pouring out from these Yogis draws any person towards them. Some are quick to go and take the benefit of their teaching. 

Some, of course, stay far away from all Yogis (and Yoga), suspicious and fearful that the Yogi may draw them also out of the quagmire of dirty minds they are seeped in.

At one stage of sadhana, the Sadhaka becomes not non-violent – but non-violence himself; not truthful but truth himself, not generous, but generosity himself. It is said – that when such a yogi inadvertently says some thing, nature tries to ensure that his words become the truth!

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