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In the last Post on Sadhguru’s Great quotes, I had mentioned in detail about the great Project – Project Green Hands – which Sadhguru had initiated and which achieved several great milestones so far.

It is now time again  to look at some of his Great quotes. As Sadhguru tells us - Life is so simple and so joyful in its simplicity. We only need to know how to keep it the way it is. I have made certain key words larger, italicized and bold.

As you can see – in some quotes, there is an ACTION part and a RESULT part. The result part is a different colour – mostly YELLOW. You can please identify your ACTION PART your self.

1.   Yoga means your experience of life has become such that you experience everything as one, or yourself.
2.   Yoga is just about cultivating the land. The seed is anyway there; you have to cultivate and manure the land in such a way that the seed flowers.
3.   Good health is only a side-effect of yoga. It is not what yoga is about.
4.   No person can ever be enlightened. A person means it is a limited identification that you have created for yourself.
5.   If you become meditative, to be peaceful and blissful by your own nature becomes natural for you.
6.   Meditation is not a technique, it is a certain quality. It is a certain way of being.
7.   If you cultivate your body, your mind, your emotion and your energies to a certain level of maturity, you will become meditative.
8.   Dhyana is a way of moving into the unlimited dimension of who you are – it is the ultimate freedom.
9.   If you are truly blissful, you will begin to experience whatever is within the boundaries of your sensation as a part of yourself.
10.                If you do not choose to become steady source of blissfulness for yourself and everything around you, you will remain an immature life.
11.                The fundamental root of stress is your identification with the physical, and your instinct of survival.
12.                You are seeing the infinite, but unconsciously through physical means. The physical can never become infinite.
13.                Spirituality is a dimension which is beyond the physical. Social realities and psychological framework have no relevance there.
14.                When you say you are turning spiritual, it means that you are taking the course of your destiny into your hands.
15.                 Spiritual process does not mean looking up or looking down, or looking around. It is about looking inward.
16.                Death is a fiction. There is just life, life, and life alone; moving from one dimension to another, another dimension to another.
17.                By fixing the outside, life can become comfortable and convenient. But human beings will not know well being unless they fix their interiority.
18.                If you evolve within you, you can perform action, out of pure, absolute, sense. No pride, no prejudice.
19.                The world will never happen hundred percent your way. At least what is happening within you should happen the way you want it.
20.                If you are rooted into the core of life, then outside situations have no impact on you.
21.                You think you must be able to handle every situation that comes in your life. But this is not how life is.
22.                Your destiny is not written by some one else. Destiny is the resultant situation of all your actions and of the impressions that you have taken in.
23.                Only because we have not realized the immensity of what it means to be human, we are constantly talking about gods that we have not seen.
24.                Instead of enhancing our perception, we are trying to settle for philosophies and belief systems which are not a solution, but a deception.
25.                What is in your perception is the only reality. The rest is all imagination. The system of yoga is a method to enhance your perception.
26.                If you start believing some thing which is not in your experience, you will lose touch of reality.
27.                Just taking care of survival process – to eat, sleep, reproduce and die one day – you don’t have to come with this kind of body and intelligence.
28.                If anything has to be done intensely, but at the same time without hope, then love is the only way. There is no other way; it has to be very intense.
29.                Being together is the beginning, working together is the middle, dissolving together is the ultimate.
30.                If you have found just one person in your life with whom you can trust your life, you are very fortunate. Most people don’t even find that one person.
31.                Love is a longing to include something as a part of yourself. Love is a possibility where you could become more than what you are, by inclusion.
32.                When your action is no more about you, simply doing something, you can know bliss in that; or you can know this out of devotion.
33.                Our lives become beautiful if we include everybody around us as a part of our dream of well being.
34.                Life is a dream but the dream is true.

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