Friday, May 27, 2016



A Chinese Philosopher once said – I suffered countless problems almost every day of my life. But, none of them ever really happened!

This is the problem with most of us. We are suffering so many problems which are really not our problems. May be,  we can do something positive in respect of a very few problems - out of them. But, your suffering them is not going to solve those problems.

Your suffering actually increases the total world problems to a new level.

Your News paper contains news of rapes, murders, thefts, decoities, court cases, political wrangles, views of so many with which you don’t agree, view of some with which you agree and many other things which really matter very little for your life. They are almost a total waste of your time on most days – unless you choose well what you read. And, most of us don’t.

Many of us suffer the reading of the news paper, seeing the TV serials and seeing the movies. We also suffer unending and unnecessary arguments. We don’t have to. These are not really our problems.

When I say, our problems, I actually mean ‘MY’ problems. These are not my problems. I also mean ‘YOUR’ problems. If there are some things that you can do – do them. Feed a hungry mouth daily, if you can. You reduce the world problems. Contribute to an orphan girl child’s education. You reduce rapes and brothels.
Today, Social media is powerful. You can actually participate in some world problems. An MLA indulges in some misbehavior and it comes out in social Media as a viral Video. Condemn it by all means. It forces Governments. I am not opposing any of these things. I support them. But, choose wisely what you respond to in social Media. Likewise, what you post in social Media. Don’t create Junk in social media.

But, once all this is done, once something constructive and productive is done, FORGET IT.

Now, start the day with your real problems, your solutions for them, your planning for the future, your building of YOUR happiness and so on, of yourself. If every Indian does this, India will progress very fast economically and socially.

Bhutan is said to be the Happiest country in the world. They, as you know, don’t deal with world problems. They deal with their own problems, solve them and be happy.

They Meditate. They help each other. They find all possible ways to be happy – without disturbing the happiness of others.

You must do the same.

Now, close your eyes. With closed eyes, just think of your happiness. Instantly feel a surging joy in you. No problems matter now. Your Joy is real. It is in spite of all problems.

Assume, you have no physical problems. Enjoy a hale and healthy physical body during this meditation. You can. Therefore -  Do it. As you enjoy your physically healthy body in your meditation, do you know – your body is actually rebuilding your body towards your health. You can get rid of so many diseases through this meditation.

While this is enough, you can also add a positive vibration through the silent uttering of sentences like – “ I am becoming completely Hale and Healthy. My body and Mind are completely joyful and healthy.” And so on, in your own language, in your own sentences. Utter them about 3 times and then start really feeling them work in you.

Yes. You ARE BECOMING healthy and joyful through this meditation. It is a great Gift of God to you. Your body and mind created diseases. Your body and mind are now curing them. They do have that capability. But, you need to awaken those capabilities in you.

Do this Meditation for 10 minutes. Feel the health and joy totally.

Then, with a smile on your face and a new vigour in your body, open your eyes and come out of this meditation.

You can do this Meditation two or three times also every day. Do it daily, at least a few minutes – wherever you are. Can you do it on a Bus or a Train. Do it by all means. Do it wherever you can do it safely. Do it whenever you can do it safely.

Good Luck to You. You are becoming Hale and Healthy.

I give you 30 Days time target to become completely hale and healthy, using this Meditation. Use Your Medicines as per Doctor’s prescription, by all means. But, surprise your Doctor at the end of this 30 days period.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu



PS : I don’t tell you any meditation which I have not done. This meditation is fantastic. It gives results, proportionate to your efforts.


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