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My first Book ‘COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE ON PATANJALI YOGASUTRAS’ stands published in April, 2016.

It is comprehensive; and it is a treatise.

It has about 740 pages in A4 size. I haven't seen a more comprehensive treatise on Patanjali Yoga Sutras even in the Biggest (Connemara) Library at Chennai.

I have tried my best to incorporate the traditional wisdom on Patanjali Yoga sutras completely in this book, in easily understandable form.

Since Yoga is a practical science, I have incorporated practical exercises under most Sutras and clarified what Patanjali wants us to do, in our practice of Yoga. This is new and most useful feature, for all practitioners of Yoga. These exercises open up new vistas of experiment for Yoga practitioners to scale new heights in Yoga.

I have also incorporated a Daily routine, which is easy to practice for all people, is extremely flexible and is very effective. You can do it at your Home. That is the purpose of the Book.

I want to bring the science of Yoga completely away from the caves and forests into the safe precincts of everybody’s home. You and your spouse must be able to practice Yoga in your spare time.

I have explained all the concepts of Yoga used by Patanjali in detail. You don’t need to read the whole book at one go. Read one or two sutras per day. Practice the exercises and then move forward. But, if you can read more and practice more, please do.

Thus, this book is now a complete, comprehensive, theoretical and practical treatise. It is also a step by step guide.

I assure you, I am not a mere Theoretician. I practice Yoga. I intend to practice Yoga till my last breath. My wife, my children all practice Yoga.

I have undergone intense training at the age of eleven. Thereafter, I went to many famous and revered Gurus and underwent many of their trainings.

I read. I think. I practice. I explore. I experiment. I read all  ancient writings on Yoga and explore them. Finally, I write my blog. After that, I research. The process is unending almost, to achieve a level of perfection that I am satisfied with. I however admit that, after all this, something more always remains.

After 4-5 years of research, came this, fairly large, but easy to read, understand and practice Book on Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. Serious practitioners of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga must, must read this Book. They will.

Whoever reads, won’t be disappointed at all. I am sure of that. And, I welcome all of their views, suggestions, criticisms, good and bad both, to make future editions of this book much more purposeful for Yoga practitioners.

If someone is daunted by  the moderate size of this Book, how will he scale the heights of Ashtanga Yoga? We all need reasonable patience to practice and succeed in Yoga. Age is not a criterion. Caste, religion, sex etc are immaterial. Your Patience is the only key to all Yoga and all Joy in life.

I have sent complimentary copies to many famous Yoga Ashramas and Yoga Gurus, apart from many Big Libraries and university Libraries.

I have received excellent responses, especially, from many Ramakrishna Mission Swamijis.

Swamijis of Madurai, Bengaluru and a few other Ashramas spoke personally and congratulated me for what one Swamiji characterized as a Life Time Achievement. Chennai, Mysuru, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Bhopal and many other Ashramas blessed my effort by letters, Email and other means.

More and more congratulations and blessings are pouring in from people who matter in Yoga.

For instance, Swami Parisuddhananda of Puri Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama has written to me as follows :

“we thankfully acknowledge the receipt of this presentation copy of the Book, COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE ON PATANJALI YOGASUTRAS written by you.

“No doubt, it is a best self help book of all time.

“This brilliant treatise reflecting your deep study on yoga will greatly facilitate the learning and spreading of yoga in a secured way in the backdrop of International Yoga day started by our Prime Minister last year.

“We express our heartfelt satisfaction for your hard work for publishing this most useful book for the mankind.

“May Sri Ramkrishna Deva bestow his blessings on you for a long peaceful spiritual life!

“with best wishes,…..”

The telephonic conversations with Madurai and Bengaluru Swamijis was also on similar lines.

I am grateful to you, My most revered Swamijis    of Ramakrishna Mission, for your kind blessings.

With your Blessings, I will certainly continue to produce more books on Yoga in their pristine purity and clarity so that world may adopt Yoga in a most useful, purposeful and constructive way.

The vice chancellor of Dravidian University also phoned up personally and spoke and encouraged my efforts on publishing this book, at length. I thank him profusely for his encouragement.

Dear Readers, let me assure you, Yoga is the best contribution of India to the world. Know Yoga, practice it, and remain joyful in your life. 

I have not yet opened this book for sales. I am waiting for some more blessings from some more great personalities. Therefore, it will involve some more time for opening it to sales. 

However, I remain open to any respected  publishers and distributors to come forward for taking the responsibility to publish / sell and distribute this book in future.

In the mean time, for readers’ benefit, I will start posting  extracts of the book. I will also post methods of meditation , one in each post, so that you can practice the same.

I seek your blessings also for my efforts.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu


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