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Meditations are an essential part of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. I have prescribed a number of Meditations, in line with Patanjali’s sutras in my Book “COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE ON ASHTANGA YOGA”.

This Book is about 736 pages A4 size and I have sent it to Many Ramakrishna Missions, University Vice Chancellors, University Libraries, general libraries and many eminent persons associated with Yoga in some way or other.

I have received excellent Feedback from some of them and hope to receive some much more feedback from the others in the days to come.

I am giving the extract of one such letter from a greatly revered Swamiji of Ramakrishna Mission here :

 “No doubt, it is a best SELF HELP BOOK  of all time.

“This Brilliant treatise reflecting your deep study on yoga will greatly facilitate the learning and spreading of yoga in a secured way in the backdrop of International yoga day started by our prime minister last year.

“We express our heartfelt satisfaction for your hard work for publishing this most useful book for the mankind….             (and so on… )”

Another revered Swamiji of another R K Mission has said –

“it is your remarkable achievement to write such a big book without any mistake in the English language and with elaborate explanation and that too within 4 years!

“I congratulate you for this painstaking work which will bring illumination to thousands of yoga Sadhakas. May you merge in the supreme experience of yoga and become the eternal inspiration to your students.”

Yet another revered Swamiji of another RK Mission has said –

we record our appreciation on your bringing out a marvellous work on Patanjali Yogasutras. Imbibing the teachings of Great Maharishi Patanjali by one and all is the need of the hour today and in this direction your master work will help the society in right understanding and practicing the philosophy of Yoga….”

Some other Swamijis took the initiative to personally phone up, discuss at length, bless and congratulate me and my work. Some vice chancellors also phoned up personally and discussed and praised my book wholeheartedly.

By Eeswara’s Grace, such appreciations are coming on from all corners.

While the writing of this large treatise took over 4 years for me, my wife and my sister in law were of great help in getting it printed, packed and sent to the appropriate , eminent yoga enthusiasts and practitioners and libraries. I express my sincere gratitude to them for all the help they are rendering to me.

I have not yet opened my book for sales as I am expecting more feedback from some more eminent Yoga practitioners. Hopefully, this book will be available for sale within about a month or so, after that. In the mean time, it is available at most of the District, state and university Libraries for your study.

I will start publishing some excerpts from my book in this Blog, from now onwards. Also, in addition to the meditations prescribed in my book, I will also give here easy meditations which readers can practice on a daily basis. These are easy and strictly in line with what Patanjali wants you to do. They are an excellent way of living our life, as you can understand from them. And, that is what Patanjali Yogasutras is mostly about.

On Jun,21st this year, the world is going to celebrate the second International Yoga Day. In connection with that, I will give you some easy meditations on Yoga, strictly in the spirit of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali.

Kindly practice them. Your age, sex, religion, region, health condition, profession, none of these are an obstacle and hindrance to your practicing these meditations.

Asanas involving all Body parts are no doubt a very good starting point for yoga. But, the ultimate joy lies in Meditations. So, practice these without any hesitation.

You can do these meditations practically anywhere, anytime, but in a sitting posture.

Read the meditation first. Understand it well. Then do it, preferably with closed eyes. This only means, that you do it sitting in a reasonably secure place – at your home, in a park, in your office (Lunch time) and so on.  You can do many of these meditations while traveling in a Bus, train or plane also.

This means, your sitting Posture or Asana also is not important. Sit in a comfortable posture, on the floor preferably or on a chair. If you know any sitting Asana, sit in that Asana comfortably. Otherwise, sit in the way, you feel comfortable.

Surely, you are not going to and you must not attempt these meditations walking on a road, or driving a car or two-wheeler.

Try to be a little fresh by washing your face. Otherwise, keep your mind fresh. Even that is mostly enough. Now, the Meditation :


Keep your mind fresh and peaceful.

Close your eyes. Breath slowly; inhale and exhale deeply and peacefully a few times.

There is no need to retain the air inside or outside your lungs. Just inhale and exhale in a relaxed manner.

While breathing, keep your attention on your breathing process.

After breathing a few times, with closed eyes, within your mind, express your total, unconditional acceptance of your body, howsoever it is, and express your gratitude to the almighty, or to the nature for it.

Accept your colour, sex, age, your health condition and everything about your body happily, peacefully and totally. Now on, you must not have any regrets about your body.

This is your God-given body and you must keep it happy, healthy and peaceful. While you will make all efforts to keep it so, you will not regret any present health conditions or any other aspect of your body. You will not compare your body with that of anybody else.

This is your firm, irrevocable resolve and decision in accepting your body.
Smile at yourself. Accept yourself totally, be in that state for a few minutes, say, 5 minutes at least and then…..

Slowly , smilingly, open your eyes. Now, look at your body, again accept it with open eyes, and come out of this Meditation.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu

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