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MEDITATION is the broom with which you sweep and clean your mind.

UNDERSTANDING MEDITATION is - as simple as this.

Mind is like your home - which on its own, accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, spider webs and insect hideouts if you are careless in its maintenance and cleanliness.

Unlike the home, which we do sweep and clean periodically, we don’t sweep our minds periodically and we don’t know how to. We allow a lot of psychological dust and dirt to accumulate inside our minds involuntarily and voluntarily.

All of our problems and suffering can MOSTLY be traced to this psychological dirt and dust sitting inside our minds. Until we clean the minds and continue to keep them clean, we continue to suffer.

MEDITATION is the only broom, I repeat, which effectively cleans the dirt and dust inside our minds.

Ancient Indian sage-scientists had prescribed countless meditations, each for cleaning a specific type of dust and dirt. Some meditations can clean out a number of types of dust and dirt from the minds.

Meditation not only cleans away the dirt and dust but strengthens the mind, makes it healthy, and, most surprisingly, passes on the health and strength of the mind to our physical body also.

Meditation is thus a panacea for many of our ills. Patanjali Yogasutras is almost wholly – either (i)  preparation for Meditation, or (ii) Meditation itself, or, (iii) going far beyond the ordinary frontiers of mind through higher levels of meditation. My book has explained all these in great detail.

The Meditations I am giving here are also intended to gradually make your minds clean, free of the dirt, dust and spider webs in the mind, which are making you suffer.

In the last Meditation (No.1), the intention was that you must accept yourself, especially physically, in toto. This Meditation, you must repeat periodically. Your physical body, the place where you are born, your parents, your sex, your colour, everything that you see about yourself – is a God’s gift. Accept it totally and gratefully. Don’t curse any of your God’s gifts for any reason, especially by comparison with others.

You are unique in this world. There was never another person like you in the past and there will never be another person like you in the future. Be proud of it. Be grateful for it. Make full use of yourself.

Most importantly, Meditate!

Apart from all other Goals, make daily Meditation an important, daily goal of your life. You may avoid food or sleep, rarely, but don’t avoid Meditation. You won’t regret this decision. You will thank God that you decided to Meditate daily.

Now, here is the second Meditation :


As always, wash your face and become fresh. It is not essential but is recommended as good.

Make your mind fresh and peaceful.

Close your eyes. Breath slowly; inhale and exhale deeply and peacefully a few times.

There is no need to retain the air inside or outside your lungs. Just inhale and exhale in a relaxed manner.

While breathing, keep your attention on your breathing process.

Upto this, the procedure is common for most Meditations.

After breathing a few times, with closed eyes, within your mind, explore yourself for any angers, irritations, hatreds, jealousies that may be lurking in your mind against – your spouse, your parents, your children, your brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Love and friendship is the antidote for all of your angers, hatreds and Jealousies.

Understand that you are the creator of your negativities, not the others.

Understand that, if you develop love and friendship toward them, your angers, hatreds and jealousies  will evaporate like mist under the Sun’s rays.

Understand that, you are the first sufferer of your negativities, especially towards those around you.

Understand that love and friendship feelings can give you lots of beautiful alternatives to improve your world all around you.

Understand that love and friendship within you are great gifts within you that you can distribute to all those around you.

Understand that these two gifts will improve your own health and happiness almost instantly and over a period of time.

Feel and experience these feelings and sensations within you. Be with them and silently express them to all those around you.

Understand that your positive feelings are irrespective of and in spite of all the negativities that may be in others around you.

·        Thou shalt be positive and friendly, even of others are not.

·        Thou shalt not criticize others around you.

·        Thou shalt be friendly.

·        Thou shalt express appreciation, friendliness and love to others periodically – whenever appropriate

This is your firm, irrevocable resolve and decision in accepting love and friendship as your innate qualities wherever you go.

Now, Accept these qualities totally, be in that state for 5-10 minutes, and then…..

Slowly, smilingly, open your eyes.

Look at all people around you right now, smile at them in a friendly manner with open eyes, and come out of this Meditation.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu



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