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Man can never hope to understand the totality of the Universe with the five senses and the mind that are the only instruments given to him. They have too many limitations for the purpose.

Religions have therefore coined the concept of GOD – who is outside us in some distant heaven and who rewards or punishes us for our actions. Religions are basically for the FAITHFUL, the blind believers, who have no patience to go beyond what THE BOOK  says!

Each religion has a Book – and it swears by it – that, all that is inside it – is straight from GOD. It is the Absolute TRUTH. If the GOD had given the same TRUTH to all religions – that would have been wonderful. Lot of confusion would have been avoided. Lot of animosity would have been avoided. Unfortunately – that luxury is not given to us.

Each religionist believes – only he will go to heaven – not those of the other religion, however good they are, because they are not our GOD’s or OUR PROPHET’S  followers. He also believes that HE will certainly go to heaven – whatever bad deeds he may do – just a bit of compensatory religious practices are needed – on some days!

Unfortunately – these RELIGIOUS BOOKS –do not contain the SAME TRUTH -  as contained in each other. That is where the problems emanate. That is where all Human strife comes from. All wars, all hatred, all efforts to make everybody convert into my religion – no matter what he does afterwards – comes from this blind faith in a book. I won’t even say, faith in a prophet – what people practice is FAITH IN A BOOK!

So, Religions are for the FAITHFUL. As Obama said – all my FAITH admits of a little DOUBT. Not only your faith, President Obama, it is the same with every one. All Faith admits of a little doubt. Some people, despite doubts, continue by the Book – ignoring all glaring differences between the facts unraveled by science vis a vis the revelations contained in THE BOOK. So, Religions want BLIND FAITH from their faithful.

But, all faith, to repeat, admits of a little doubt. Faith + Doubt = 100 percent. Faith may be 99% or 9% .But, the balance is Doubt.

Because of this – there are  SEEKERS of Truth – who want to find the Truth themselves. They don’t want an iota of doubt. They want to KNOW; not just believe.

They don’t find fault with Books, Gods, Prophets etc – but, it is just that they feel – there is a CENTRAL TRUTH  beyond all of them.

The Religionists – all of them – seek the GOD outside of themselves. But, the seekers of truth – seek the truth inside themselves. Why? Reason is – they have understood that they cannot explore for the CENTRAL TRUTH  all over the Universe; as no one’s life time is sufficient for such exploration all over the Universe.

If there is a CENTRAL TRUTH -  it must also be within themselves. And – the seekers have found the  CENTRAL TRUTH within themselves.

Buddha, Mahavira, Sankara – all of them were seekers of truth – and all of them have found the CENTRAL TRUTH. And, all of them have found it within themselves. Lord Krishna, by birth, was BORN AS knower of this central truth.

Spirituality consists of this inward search for the CENTRAL TRUTH.

In the Internal world, spirituality consists of 2 ways – (i) Jnana Yoga or Vedanta Path or Upanishadic Path and (ii) Dhyana Yoga

The ultimate aim of both paths is – knowing the central truth – i.e., achieving Jnanam by eliminating ignorance.

Both these Paths say – you must be absolutely truthful and compassionate – and (i) you must FIND all people and all beings in yourself and (ii) FIND yourself in all People and all beings.

What will spiritualist do to others? He loves them all, as much as he loves himself.

What can he give them? He can give them the extraordinary treasure of peace and joy – even when, one has no material comforts.

A spiritualist is not against material comforts – nor does he cling to them. If he has – he may enjoy them. If he does not have them – he will still enjoy them! This is called Non-attachment.

EVERY SPIRITUALIST – uniformly, is more joyful than all the millionaires and billionaires in the world who are not spiritualists.

Every spiritualist is also capable of giving his disciples – huge peace and Joy – which no millionaire or billionaire can give.

What you have – is what you can give!

A billionaire can only give some money out of his billions plus a little bit of his own joyless style of life. Whether he will give even that – is of course uncertain. Not many do. A Bill Gates may give. A Warren Buffet may give. A Premji may give. But, it is only when they GIVE – they find that the real happiness in money lies in giving it.

A Billionaire is not happy – until he starts giving it. He knows comforts – not joy; not happiness; not peace. He has no capability to give these.

A spiritualist can only give peace and Joy and, he can and will definitely give these but no billions. A spiritualist always gives them unreservedly to whoever comes to him.

Now – it is for people to choose. You can choose what you want.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many followers for spiritualists and not for Billionaires?

Sri Sri Ravishankar, or Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has millions of youthful followers , who want to go on listening to them, sit with them, do whatever they say, all, most willingly and voluntarily.

Bill Gates doesn’t have such followers. Warren Buffet doesn’t have such followers.  No Billionaire has such followers – who want to go on listening to them, sit with them or do whatever they say. No Glamorous star has such following. No Politician has such following.

None but spiritual Gurus have the capability to continuously emanate and distribute Joy and peace. They do not give their followers any money – but just peace and joy. People spend money to go, see them, follow them, listen to them.

Spirituality has 2 other External Paths. But, these are nearer to Religion than the spirituality mentioned above. There is no ‘seeking of truth’ in  the 2 paths of (i) Karma Yoga and (ii) Bhakthi Yoga. Karma Yoga is simply SELFLESS WORK. A Karma Yogi does every work without an iota of selfishness.  Spirituality and religion combine in Karma Yogi and Bhakthi yogi both.

Hindu spirituality prescribes –Pancha MahaYajnas for the Karma Yogi. He must help the Gods; He must help the Ancient Sages and Saints; He must help the Ancestors (living and dead); He must help fellow human beings; and he must also help all other living beings.

We normally talk of compassion towards ONLY HUMAN BEINGS. This is wrong. Compassion is towards all beings – including Gods, Rishis, ancestors, human beings and all other living beings. How this is to be done daily – how it reaches all of them – is very scientifically prescribed.

Simply stated –it is not that you will show compassion selectively. You will become COMPASSION. Compassion is not even your Nature –it is YOU.

Bhakti Yoga is not dissimilar. You are to see the almighty everywhere – including yourself. Your love extends to all, as you see your God in all, in every thing. We see God in a stone, in a cobra, in a pig, in a cow, in a hill, in a river, in a tree, in a flower, in every thing.

Some people feel – Indians are Idol worshippers. It is a misunderstanding. we worship everything, including Idols. We see the almighty everywhere. Including, within us.

It is said – Deho devalayo prokthah; jeevo devah sanaathanaha – meaning, your body is the temple and the Jeeva (YOU)  is the most ancient almighty residing in it. You are ordained to take care of the temple of your body in which this almighty (You) resides! It is not just health; it is its purity as well – purity of mind and body both

Is it YOUR BODY only where the almighty God resides? No. It is in all Bodies. The wife –is seen as goddess. The husband is seen as a god. Children are given the names of Gods – so that you are constantly remembering the God and calling him. A huge science is built into Bhakti Yoga in this way. We say – Mathru Devo Bhava; Pithru devo Bhava; acharya Devo Bhava; athithi devo Bhava.

Every one is a God –starting with your mother. But, if the central philosophy in this is missed – people can mistake it as IDOL-WORSHIPPING! Human worshipping!

That is why, it is said – the majority is not right. The minority is not right. The wise man only is right!

The wise man is the spiritualist, the seek of the central truth; the one who has found it within himself.

Is he compassionate?



But, you must go to him –if you want peace; joy; happiness.

You will find – you are singing; you are dancing with joy; you are dancing with love. You are dancing with compassion.

People outside of your group – who may chance to see you all, (or make secret videos of you all) will think you are weird. You have gone out of your senses. This spiritualist has made all of you senseless. All spiritualists are like that. 

They look weird. All true joy looks weird.

But, You know – that you have found the real source of Joy and peace. You know you are on the right Path. The inward path with an outward expression. 

No billions can equal your treasure of joy and peace.

So –

Those who want a taste of spirituality – Go to a Good guru. You won’t be disappointed.

But – don’t expect them to come to you. You must seek what you want.

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