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POST-30 –VERSE 35,36


We have seen the Obstacles to Yoga and how to get over them. 

Then, we have also seen 4 different types of enablers for Yoga in V.33.

In V.1.34, we have seen that exhalation and retention of praana also gives us  peace and calmness.

We will now see verse.1.35


vishayavathee vaa 

pravritthir uthpannaa 


sthithi nibandhanee

Ø  vishayavathee = of the sensing experience (which others cannot experience)
Ø  vaa = or
Ø  pravritthih = experience; higher perception,
Ø  uthpannaa = arising, appearing, manifesting
Ø  manasah = of the mind; to our mind
Ø  sthithi = in our practices
Ø  nibandhinee = makes firm; firmly establishes,

When we are immersed in Yoga practices – we may not find any results in initial stages. We may not find any changes in us. Our sense perceptions and mental perceptions remain ordinary for some time without any improvement.

But, if we do our practices intensely, with devotion  and trust – our concentration leads to certain higher, subtle level of perceptions and experiences, not ordinarily possible for us. 

This happens to many practitioners of Yoga at certain advanced stages. They will find many new experiences – which they cannot even share with others as others won’t be able to accept them as true. But, these are true for the practitioner – and indicates his advancement in Yoga.

We may be able to perceive smells and tastes which others cannot. We may be able to hear sounds which others cannot. We may be able to foresee some body’s future or see others’ past. 

We may be able to see forms which others cannot. Many such experiences come to the Yoga practitioner. This is an interim result – and reassures the Yoga Practitioner that he is on right track.

It may occur – or, it may not necessarily occur for every practitioner at the same time. For some – it may occur soon and for some, it may occur later. But, they should not become distractions in their Yoga practice.

When we see these higher level perceptions – we naturally become encouraged to continue in Yoga practice more determinedly and firmly. Thus, our mind gets firmly established in Yoga.


vishokaa vaa 


Ø  vishokaa = a state free from sorrow or suffering
Ø  vaa = or
Ø  jyotishmathi =  a bright luminosity or  inner light

When we continue our meditation practices – at some time, we may feel  a great Joy – totally free of all sorrow. Or, we may feel, we are in a great luminous inner light.

These are all experiences many Yoga practitioners begin to feel – at some advanced stage of practice. This also indicates that we are on right track.

Again – we are not to go on remaining in those experiences but go forward with our Dhyana  or meditation.  Its use is – that it gives us confidence, re-assurance, stability and firmness in Yoga Practice.

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