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(JAN 2008-May 2008)

Sri Sri Ravishankar (Popularly called  Sri Sri , Guru ji), the Founder of Art of Living Mission – is a greatly revered Guru, an accomplished Yogi and Unifying Force of the world.

You can find many impressive truths, in all his talks – which we can remember always as quotable quotes. Here are a few taken from his talks, sathsangs, Q & A sessions from Jan’2008 to May’2008.

Hope You will like them – as much as I do.


Ø  You know when you are happy, small things can make you laugh, that is when your mind is stress free. If your mind is stressed you cannot laugh even to a big joke. (Jan 2008)
Ø  Devotion is culmination of love.(Jan 2008)
Ø  After 30 -32 years everyone should take 3 Triphala tablets at night. It sets right all the three doshas, vata, pitha and kapha in the body. . It eliminates toxins from the body. Even if there is a problem with the food, Triphala clears the stomach and helps in good elimination the next morning. It also maximizes anti- oxidization in the body. All of you should take “Triphala” and you yan see the effect in your body within 5 to 7 days. (Feb 2008)
Ø  We trust the cell phones, and it is foolish not to trust the brain which created it! This brain has enormous energy in it. That which brings out this energy is spirituality. If there is no spirituality, there is no happiness in life; no love, no peace. So we need to have a deep involvement in spirituality.(Feb 2008)
Ø  Our lives should be like the coconut. Our involvement should be like the husk of the coconut. Our body should be like the coconut shell and our mind should be like the white kernel and our heart should be like the sweet coconut water.(Feb 2008)
Ø  Politics amplifies the diversity in people. .(Feb 2008)
Ø  Cross the threshold of politics and come to the divine. The strong will smile thru politics and weak will lament. .(Feb 2008)
Ø  My cows milk more if there is music and the chikoos (sapodillas) in my garden grow bigger because of the music played in my ashram. The healing power of music is a mystery, but I guess it sets the harmony and rhythm in nature,” .(Feb 2008)
March 2008 :-
Question: What am I here for?
Guruji : Find out what you are not here for
1.   You are not here to blame;
2.   You are not here to cry;
3.   You are not here to sleep;
4.   You are not here to show off;
5.   You are not here to fight;
6.   You are not here to be miserable;
7.   You are not here to be angry;
8.   You are not here to worry;
Ø  When you follow fun, misery follows you…When you follow knowledge, fun follows you. (March 2008)
Ø  Spirituality means going deep into your prayers, irrespective of what prayer and which religion you follow.
Ø  Enlightenment is the journey from head back to the heart, from words back to silence, to innocence in spite of your intelligence.
Ø  The whole evolution of man is from being somebody to being nobody, and from being nobody to being everybody.
Ø  Often innocent people are not intelligent and intelligent ones are often crooked. What is desirable is a rare combination of intelligence and innocence
Ø  You can get the best out of yourself when you are aware of your lethargy, your laziness, and you get over it  The only enemy to talent is laziness, nothing else.
Ø  Life gives you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness (April 2008)
Ø  Just look at yourself. Have you always agreed with yourself? You had some idea yesterday; today you may have a different idea. Five years back you had other ideas that do not necessarily agree with the ideas that you have today. So when you have disagreement with yourself, why should it not happen with someone else? The ‘someone’ you have a disagreement with is just a photocopy of your old or the new self. (May 2008)
Ø  Mind and body function on completely opposite laws. In the realm of mind, effortlessness is the key. You cannot remember something by putting effort. The moment you relax the memory comes back. Creativity, intelligence and memory ? all these faculties within us happen effortlessly. But you can build muscles only when you put effort. (May 2008)
Ø  Ten compliments you will forget from someone but his one insult will stick to the mind. This needs to be reversed; and the process of reversing this tendency of the mind from clinging on to the negative and moving to something positive is called yoga.
Ø  For maintaining interpersonal relationships, you have to first have a relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself is called integrity.(May 2008)
Ø  When you recognise that there are flaws in you, you are then able to accommodate the flaws in other persons. (May 2008)
Ø  If you have a positive state of mind you become creative, entrepreneurs and successful in anything you do……. Meditation is the only way you can transcend the negative thoughts and then positive thoughts will come spontaneously and automatically.
Ø  Life does not stop for anything; it moves. Just move with the flow.

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