Thursday, July 7, 2011



HUMAN GREED  is boundless. It is proving itself again in respect of Tiruvananthapuram Temple treasures.

The Greatest treasure in the Temple is – the Deity himself. Very few are now bothered about the Deity and the sanctity of the temple.

Let us take his Blessings – not his treasures.

It is of course heartening to hear the Government of Kerala and leaders like Shashi Tharoor affirming that – the temple treasure must be with the Temple.

If the Treasure was kept in the King's Palace, and not in the Temple, like in the case of Treasures of the Nizam or other Maharajas -  what would we have done?

Let us understand certain realities.

Even now – crores of crores rupees worth of gold and precious stones are available with households in India in the form of Gold, Jewellery, precious stones etc. They are not contributing either to their own progress or to that of the country. They are of emotional value. At the Individual level – they can save them on a rainy day of their life – but  not on a daily basis.

They are no better than the best clothes that people wear. They cannot contribute to a Nation’s progress. Of course, they can contribute to HUGE Inflation, if money supply increases to buy them.

At the Nation’s level – Productive assets which can contribute to people’s welfare and Progress are not such dead assets.

What contributes to a Nation’s progress and people’s welfare is – Hard and intelligent work of the People – that creates real assets like – adequate food supplies, good housing, good roads, good clothing, cars, planes, computers, schools, good hospitals and so on. But – conscientious, hard working people, who care for the country and for each other are at the base of creation of all these assets. Gold, Jewellery, diamonds etc cannot add an iota to our welfare.

A silly argument is doing the rounds. All this treasure was given by people and should go back to them!! A highly spacious argument. Which people gave – let it go back to THEM. Fine. Do we know who gave the diamond worth Rs.1 crore in taxes? Do we know who gave precious stones in taxes? Was there ever a time – when such things were given in Taxes?

No. People, even today, submit to the Deity – their gold ornaments, precious stones, diamonds etc. It is happening every day at Tirupati Temple even now. It is happening at all Hindu temples. And, it should stay with the Temples – with the Deity – to whom they were submitted as offerings by the Devotees.

Buddha said – all our lives, we are madly after acquiring (different forms of) dust – and this thirst will persist, till we become dust our self.

Yearning for any UNEARNED WELATH OR INCOME is greed. Yearning for Temple Treasures is also the same.

USA did not become wealthy on account of Gold and diamonds. It is on account of Hard work, intelligence, innovations and encouragement – which resulted in IBM, Microsoft, Ford, Intel and most of the Fortune 500 corporations. Every Individual in USA has opportunity to Grow.

In India, this opportunity is in fact disappearing. The hurdles are too much – and they come from the most powerful sources. Even a established entrepreneur cannot survive and thrive in India – as recent events are unfolding. We need to create an environment – where the hardworking, honest man  can grow without these hurdles.

Just listen to what Barack Obama is talking every day – and contrast it with Indian Leaders. We must clearly - change our ways a lot. Even a good man like Manmohan singh is unable to push our people to perform – many of them are busy with other things.

Let this Nation be not greedy for Temple treasures. Our ancients were not greedy. They were hard working; sensible; and knew from where the joy of life comes. It is certainly not from the treasures – definitely not from Temple treasures. There is enough of it outside too – without contributing an iota to India’s progress.

Let us work a little more – Let us join together and create assets useful to all of us.

There lies our progress.

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