Friday, May 31, 2013



Goddess Bhairavi Devi willed it to be like that. On 29th, May,2013, between 06.30 and 09.00 AM, My son’s Marriage was solemnized in her presence, in her temple – that is - at the Linga Bhairavi Temple, Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore. Besides the Bride and the Bride Groom, both sides’ Parents, brothers and their spouses (about 12 in number totally) were there to witness the marriage. It was a love marriage – but with total parental consent and support.

So, what is special about the marriage? Why should it find place in a Blog on spirituality? The reason is this.

The marriage was not solemnized by a male priest. It was a Female priest who did it. And, she solemnized it through her chanting of Bhairavi Devi’s prayers and invocations. Her Puja was near perfect. Devoted, focused, serene, solemn, well-intoned, ..well, I can add many words of praise. It is difficult to come across a more devoted, attentive priest in most publicly worshipped temples elsewhere. Yes. Her attire was also very dignified and befitting a priest of such a sacred temple. This is my impression.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has certainly created a Great place in the Bhairavi Devi Temple, to pray and worship. But, for the atmosphere of serenity that gets generated during the Puja, and in this case, the marriage, the full marks must go to the female priest and her assistants who are doing it.

Chanting a mantra isn’t enough. It must come from the heart. The thought, word and deed must merge together. Then, it becomes a mantra. Here, it was almost becoming that... At least, the effort in that direction was pulpable.

Anything could be bettered in the world. This too is no exception. But, what is the point? When most other temples are far behind in this aspect,  there is just no point in finding out what could be bettered here. It just deserves appreciation.

Why do I mention it here, anyway? I just feel inside me that the other priests in all temples across India also can do it  - i.e., put their heart and soul into what they do before the deity. That is how, religion gains respect. I am not in any way demeaning anyone. I am also not generalizing. But, as we all know, there is huge improvement possible in this aspect. All sacred and respected Acharyas must put their head into this aspect and bring up the quality of Archana in all temples to a high level . 

The temples by themselves are Great. They all have great history behind them. But, today, we need to enhance that serenity within the temple – especially the serenity arising during the Pujas, Procedures  and the stotrams.  

 I do understand the financial and other difficulties of the Priests. They should be taken care of so that the Priest can concentrate more on temple Archanas etc. This is a big necessity in many temples. A priest whose minimum needs are not satisfied has difficulty in concentrating on the Puja.   

But, that cannot be a reason for the religious heads – for not striving to enhance the quality of the Archana done by the priests. Every devotee will like it. The priests will like it. God himself will like it the most.

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  1. can i know if there is any way for submitting prayers to linga bhairavi through online because we people from distant place will be benefitted to a great extent if there is such a facility. once a christian friend asked me if he can submitted prayers to linga bairavi as they (christians) usually do submit their prayers to their church through prayer centers which provide such facilities through their (christians)blog spot or web sites

  2. Many Sadhguru disciples have created their own Web-sites/blogs through which they do offer prayers to Linga Bhairavi.

    Our prayers reach her directly - no intermediary is needed.But, if any one wants, I have seen Isha's web-site also where people do submit small prayers to Linga Bhairavi.

    In fact, no one else can carry your prayers to the Goddess - except yourself. It is not correct to assume that some body else is better suited to send your prayers to God like a Post man / courier. Every sincere prayer is definitely heard by Linga Bhairavi.

    How she responds - you will need to experience in your life yourself.

    There is a saying that God does not give you what you want. But he gives you what you deserve / what you need. Selfless Prayers please the God most and are answered faster.