Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Karma Theory


Karma Theory  is an EXACT SCIENCE. It does not falter or alter in any circumstances. 

That said, it is difficult to appreciate its operation in  some specific circumstances.

The other day, I was listening to a conversation between an actor (Vivek) and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Vivek’s question is : why do most Rowdies and criminals live healthy lives when small children fall sick and die of cancer and other horrible diseases? Is there any explanation beyond the previous janma theories?

Sadhguru explained it very neatly, very beautifully - as usual. Briefly, it is as follows :

If you and a Rowdy plant Mango seeds, water, them, manure them and grow them, finally, when the fruits come, your tree should yield very sweet, tasty mangoes because you are a good man. But, the tree of the Rowdy should yield sour mangoes. Right? Sadhguru asked.

That example partially drove home the point. But, Sadhguru explained further. The tree does not differentiate whether you are a good man or a bad man. It does its duty, based on the water, soil, manure etc that it needs and what you give. It gives sweet mangoes to whoever takes care of it well, based on its own nature. That is all. 

The mosquitoes will bite, whether you are an actor, singer or Sadhguru and they won’t spare because someone is a Sadhguru.

Neither Mosquitoes nor the bacteria (or virus) which they may carry, will ever care whether you are a good person or Bad person. Mosquitoes will grow  if your house and its surroundings have stagnant water. Once they grow, they will bite all those who are nearby households. That is their job. Whoever has lesser immunity will get the diseases first. So children will get. Rowdies may not get.

What can be remedied with some cleanliness, why should we see them as karma of past Janmas?

Now, Let me add a few more comments to the above explanation from Sadhguru - from Karma theory.

Lord Krishna has said much the same thing. Karmanyevaadhikaarasthe Maa phaleshu kadaachana (..and so on) – means, doing action is your right. You must never obtain from your actions. Do whatever you think, is needed, as your duty. The results will flow from me. I am the giver of the result. You have no right there. But, I will give what you deserve, when you deserve.

The Mango tree will not give you mangoes when you want. It will give based on its nature. Every result flows from the intrinsic nature of the objects you handle. Be they Mosquitoes or Mangoes.

Most of our problems can be handled through appropriate Karma or action. They don’t involve Punyam or Papam. 

So what is Punyam and Papam?  The simplest definition given in scriptures is , “paropakaaraaya punyaaya, paapaaya para peedanam” 

Punyam is - helping the needy; Paapam is - tormenting others. A very simple definition in deed. For every help you do to a needy person, God is also grateful to you. He will want to do something in return for you. He may give it in some shape, some time, some where, where you  least expect it. Paapam is – your actions which trouble and torment others. You do deserve punishment  for it. That too will come at unexpected times and places. Punyam and Paapam flow from good and  evil intent basically. Can you really escape from their consequences? No way. Unless you change your self drastically and become a Jnani or Yogi yourself.

But for most of our usual, routine suffering, our neglect and ignorance are mostly responsible. In such cases, the present karma recoils on us immediately or with little lapse of time.

The development of an Individual, a state or a country depends on their present and Past efforts both. The Health of individuals and the nation also depend on the care they exercise for it. As simple as that. Lord Krishna’s Karma theory goads us into action; and never asks us to avoid it

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