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BHAGAVAD GITA - Ch.2 - SAMKHYA YOGA - Sl.3, 4 - Why Bheeshma and Drona were special to Arjuna? Why were they on the side of Duryodhana?




Lord Krishna, after listening to Arjuna's sorrow and aversion for war, is chiding him for going back from war, being a kshatriya Warrior. He is continuing the chiding further, in the following sloka.


klaibyam maa sma gamah Paartha Naitatvayyupapadhyathe |

Kshudram hridayadourbalyam tyakthvotthishta Parantapa   ||

Meaning :

"O Partha! Do not go into the ways of impotence.That does not befit you at all. Get out of your unseemly, weak-heartedness, which looks so petty on you. O Conqueror of Enemies,  Wake up and stand up. "
Lord Krishna was chiding Arjuna to wake up the brave warrior-Kshatriya in him. Surely, Arjuna did not come to Kurukshetra war field, with all Astras and Sastras obtained from the Gods, to finally feel like an impotent person (of neuter Gender), having no courage to stand before and fight with the 11 Akshouhinis of Kaurava Army headed by Illustrous Warriors.  

But, Lord Krishna was ridiculing Arjuna's grief with that of an impotent person of the neuter Gender, who was very weak at heart.  To re-assure Arjuna on his real, innate prowess, he was also calling him Parantapa, the tormentor of foes. The tormentor of foes was now tormenting himself.

Krishna warned - beware Arjuna, you are becoming weak-hearted in the name of pity, compassion etc. You are already in the war field to fight this war. The other side is staring you in the face and daring you to fight with them in the war. Get out of this unseemly faint-heartedness. It looks so bad and petty on a warrior like you. 

Get up and Be ready to fight! - So exhorted Lord Krishna.


Arjuna Uvaacha (Arjuna spoke thus:)

Katham Bheeshmamaham Samkhye Dronam cha Madhusoodana  |

Yishubhih pratiyotsyaami  poojaarhaavarisoodana  ||  

After listening to Lord Krishna's severe chiding, Arjuna's thoughts were becoming a little more logical. So, he started replying to Lord Krishna with some unassailable logic.

Meaning :
"O Destroyer of Madhu, the Rakshasa; O slayer of enemies! How shall I fight  Bhishma and Drona, who are worthy of worship for me, in this war, with arrows."

Arjuna's confusion was narrowing down to the actual  reasons that were tormenting his heart.

Earlier, he was expressing sorrow, pity and compassion towards all the sons of Dhritaraashtra, all other kinsmen on the other side. But, in reality, He would fight and kill any of them without any compunction. 

His emotional problem was really in fighting with his most beloved Guru, Drona, and his most beloved Grandsire, Bheeshma. 

Drona taught him all that he knew of the skills of archery and warfare. Drona taught him many divine Astras, which he had not taught to his own son, Aswatthaama too. Drona loved him more than his son.

Bheeshma was his most beloved Grandsire, who taught him all Dharmas and statecraft. Arjuna venerates both of them hugely. In deed, it was difficult for him to even think of waging war on them or kill them. 

The harsh words of impotence etc used by Lord Krishna towards Arjuna were indeed not valid when talking of war on Bheeshma and Drona. 

Arjuna had no particular hatred for his 100 cousins born of Dhritaraashtra and had no compelling personal reasons to kill them, if that could be avoided. But, killing Bheeshma and Drona was unthinkable for him and plainly  adharma in the view of Arjuna. 

Bheeshma had made so many untiring efforts to bring up the young Pandavas in the best possible way, after their father Pandu had died. He was more like their own father, and had filled that vacuum in their lives adequately;He was thus more than just a Grandsire to Pandavas. He was particularly affectionate towards Arjuna and Arjuna also fully reciprocated the grandsire's love and affection.

If only Bheeshma and Drona were on his side, Arjuna's emotions would be different. Arjuna would have no second thoughts about killing the rest of warriors on the other side. 

But, Fate and cruel circumstances had unfortunately placed these two loved ones on the opposite side. Therefore, the dilemma of Arjuna and his aversion seemed a bit more justified now. Though Bheeshma and Drona's hearts were with Pandavas, they were bound to the throne of Hastinapur, which they served and of which, Duryodhana was the  king right now. They knew that Duryodhana was non-righteous; and had advised him to desist from war. But, in the end, they had no option but to follow their King, Duryodhana to this unrighteous war.

Thus fate and destiny placed them for the first time in their lives , opposite to the righteous side, of Pandavas. There was no way, they would fight against their own king, Duryodhana, though he was unrighteous. Bheeshma, in particular, was bound by his own promise made to his step-mother - to be on the side of the Hastinapur throne all the time and protect it. Drona was appointed Guru By Dhritaraashtra on the advice of Bheeshma and was in their care so far. Therefore, both were bound to be on the side of Duryodhana, their king, in this war.

Both of them knew that - since, Lord Krishna was himself on the side of Pandavas, Pandavas were bound to emerge victorious in this war. Bheeshma and Drona knew the end of war which would take their lives too. yet, they had no option but to fight the war on the side of their king.

.....Will Continue.

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