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Bhagavad Gita-Ch.2.Samkhya Yoga- Sl.1-2-Lord Krishna's chiding of Arjuna




We have completed Arjuna Vishada Yoga. Arjuna's Sorrow, in many ways, reflects the sorrow of every human being born on earth. Each of us suffer due to our likes and dislikes - especially for things and people - both of which are impermanent. They come into our lives at certain time and go out at certain other time. Arjuna has expressed his feelings of sorrow in so many ways before Lord Krishna and has expressed total disinclination for the war. Having expressed his sorrow, Arjuna has also thrown his Bow and arrows on the Chariot and sat down. He is just not prepared to enter the war.

Sanjaya Uvaacha (Sanjaya said as follows) 

Tham tathaa kripayaavishtamasrupoornakulekshanam |

Visheedantamidam vaakyamuvaacha Madhusoodanah   ||

Meaning :

"Arjuna was thus overcome with pity; his eyes were full of tears and sorrow and he was in an agitated and despondent mood. Now, Madhusudana spoke the following words to Arjuna"
Arjuna had expressed his sorrow and his pity for the people standing before him for waging the war. Not only that, having come fully prepared for the war, he was now totally disinclined for participating in the war. 

Arjuna was one warrior who consciously and assiduously prepared himself to win the war even single-handedly. His armory  included all possible Astras and Sastras. He was the most proficient warrior of all and was feared by every warrior on earth. Even Gods could not fight him easily. He had won over powerful Gandharva Kings once. Lord Siva himself tested his courage and fighting skills and showered his praise and approval on him. 

Now, a warrior of his greatness and his preparation was despondent, sorrowful and full of pity for the very people who are eager to fight with him and kill him. He said, he would better get killed by his foes than kill them and enjoy the pleasures of the kingdom. He said, it would be a great sin to kill them - even if they were sinners.

So, Lord Krishna now felt it was time to interfere and stop the despondency of Arjuna


Sree Bhagavaan Uvaacha (Lord Krishna spoke thus:)

Kuthasthvaa kasmalamidham vishame samupasthitham  |

Anaaryajushtamasvargyam Akeerthikaramarjuna  ||  

Meaning :
"O Arjuna, from when has this shameful dejection come into you.This is unmanly, barring you from the heavens and highly disgraceful."

Bhagavad Gita mentions Lord Krishna as Bhagavaan. "Bhaga" means wealth, fortune etc. "Vaan" means possessor. Bhagavaan, means possessor of all fortune. It is used to signify the one who is the sole possessor of all wealth in the universe and therefore the one who is its distributor among human beings.
In other words, it signifies the almighty. The almighty here is sitting as the charioteer, friend, philosopher and Guide of Arjuna. But, Arjuna knows him as an adorable friend, well-wisher and Guide only.

But this well-wisher-guide was now chiding Arjuna. He was trashing Arjuna's sorrow and pity as wholly unbecoming of a warrior like him whose kshatriya Dharma was to wage this war.Krishna said plainly that it was unmanly, unbecoming of Arjuna to have uttered all these words and sink into such dejection.  

A kshatriya must not go back from war field without either winning or dying. Win- he owned the pleasures of the kingdom. Die - he owned the pleasures of the heaven. Going back was no option for a Kshatriya. It removes all his fame and defames him in the eyes of all.

This was the first, direct chiding of Arjuna by Lord Krishna - who was not mincing any words on his friend Arjuna.

.....Will Continue.

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