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SadhGuru Jaggi Vasudev - At ADI YOGI ALAYAM CONSECRATION – on 24&25th, December, 2011 Thus spoke Sadhdguru - Some Memorable words at the Nostalgic Event

CONSECRATION – on  24&25th, December,  2011

Thus spoke Sadhdguru

The Isha Yoga centre at Velliangiri is always abuzz with some fantastic activity. Momentous things are routinely happening there. If activity, planning, execution and successful inauguration are what Management Success is all about, you can find plenty of it there. You can find the Master CEO , Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, always guiding his disciples from the fore front here.

And, these action-packed events remain etched in the memory of his disciples and Participants for a long, long time. One such memorable event was the consecration of Adi Yogi Alayam on the 24th &25th of December,2011. It is roughly around this time last year. This year, another Great event is scheduled to take place in December 3rd -4th week, which we will cover after the event.

There were about 10000 participants at the consecration ceremony. Being a participant of such an event at velliangiri was of course a fantastic experience for these 10000 disciples – as is obvious from the rapturous comments of the participants. The architecture of the Alayam is a marvel in itself. Some of my family members were there as participants; though, I saw it on all other available channels and methods.

Anyone who was a participant in the event or had seen it later on the CD would be certainly impressed by the enormous preparation that had preceded the event.

Isha volunteers are not merely students of Yoga, they are disciples and devotees of Sadhguru. Only a disciple can be so disciplined in body and mind. Only a devotee can surrender himself or herself so completely to the purpose and to the Guru.

I had covered the Event of the consecration of Adi Yogi Alayam in one of my earlier Blog Posts very briefly at

But, as I hear Sadhguru’s various addresses to the participants at the event at different times (from the CD of the event), I am certainly tempted to re-produce some of his words here. As you can all realize, all these are essentially CONTEXTUAL, and must be seen as such. But, many of these are also thought provoking much beyond the context.  This is the specialty of Sadhguru always. Some of these are Great quotable Quotes, with deep value in many contexts. Some of them bring back the sheer Nostalgia of the events in the minds of the participants and also those who have seen the event on CD.

Not every word of Sadhguru is here – for sure - which is also not practical. But, I have placed here, those that I thought, would evoke your memories of the event again and make you relive the same.

So readers may enjoy these words of Sadhguru, keeping in mind the Context. Readers may also see the Adi Yogi Alayam consecration event on CD, at Isha web site or You-tube, as is available to them, to catch the mind-blowing events once again.

Here we go :  

Ø You are not going to witness the consecration; you are going to participate in the consecration process; so, it is a different level of responsibility; it is a different level of process; It is a different level of existence altogether;
Ø I thought nobody should.., ..all those willing,..they should not miss this..possibility and this privilege of being able to manifest the divine. Rather than always looking up to it; being able to manifest it in some way..
Ø all privileges..always come with responsibility.  The higher the privilege, the more responsibility and involvement it demands.
Ø So now you are in the consecration process not as a witness..  but as a participant
Ø A time has come ; you got to be here, here, here and here. There is no here and there…because, knowingly or unknowingly, you have come as a participant (in the consecration process) not as a witness.
Ø Not to receive the prasadam, but to make it happen..
Ø There is a difference between going to the temple and building the temple. This is like building the temple. It is a different game.
Ø We want to bring back  classical yoga in its purest form..not the studio yoga..not the book yoga. not the kind of things that are being done in the world.. proper classical yoga .which is a phenomenally powerful science.
Ø Yoga made easy.....A monkey knows this!.. a monkey knows that ...  if he hangs from the tree this way,... this way, the muscles will, this is yoga made easy..
Ø There is no investment in the concrete science of yoga..benefits, people are trying to reap!
Ø so, one fundamental reason is, we want to re establish classical yoga....we want to build people who are willing to invest their life into the profoundness of yoga…..not getting fancy benefits out of it.
Ø If you jump off a mountain, head down, you will be doing seershasan for some time..yes!
Ø So, To bring back that dimension..and that is not going to happen by instruction only... a phenomenal energy is needed...otherwise, yoga cannot be taught..without a phenomenal sense of energy, no yoga can be taught...
Ø if you teach yoga without creating a vessel of energy , then, that yoga is not Yoga..that’s a farce.. that farce is going on everywhere in the world..
Ø Words are not yoga. If you listen to something, that must the system. Otherwise, that is not make that happen, you need a powerful space..otherwise, such things will not happen..
Ø One thing that is said about Yogasutras.... the Hatayoga.. is - Sukham, sthiram, asanam. An Asana which is comfortable and stable. that’s the asana
Ø So, Stability,.. balance is the most important aspect. Whatever we wish to do.. How far one goes, how high one climbs.. is not a question of strength alone.. Not a question of intelligence alone..Not a question of knowledge alone..Not a question of external the most important quality..if this one thing is not there...with all the other things, you still may not make it anywhere, because, you don’t have the necessary balance..
Ø When one wants to dispense his own energies, when one wants to throw his life energies all over the place, having a stable balance, ...a seat is most important..
Ø Stability becomes the most important thing when you throw yourself all over the place..
Ø So, Whatever offer I make to him, how do I offer to him without me taking it on. ( on why he was also partaking cobra poison...)
Ø Venom worked out very well  for me   a long time ago
Ø Venom did not work against me. Venom worked for me... and, it continues to work for me.
Ø Too much of anything kills you..even oxygen kills you...Pongal can kill you..too much pongal can kill you..believe does..probably, pongal kills more people than cobra’s venom..yes, it does..
Ø Above all, I didn’t want to offer it to him unless,  I am willing to take it too.
Ø If you are made in a certain way, energy-wise, if you are in a certain way,  if you are vibrant beyond a point,  then  the   Cobra’s venom works in a completely different way on the system...
Ø A snake is a very perceptive animal. You cannot call him an animal...because he is above Siva.. he places him above himself..
Ø We are living in a certain kind of world, where... there is no room for profoundness..
Ø Sometimes, I wonder why the hell am I still around..because. there is no room for profoundness
Ø The more profane you are, the better you are in this world today..
Ø when people can even pride themselves that they have no Attention span and they are very proud of it..they have very short attention span..and they are very proud of it..I can’t believe what’s the humanity..I am from another time..unfit in this world probably..
Ø Everybody has seven chakras only..Adi yogi also has seven.. it is not the same thing...
Ø if you go by the usefulness of will lose your life..
Ø an insect may have a purpose...a tree may have a purpose..but, the Universe has no purpose..the creator has no purpose..
Ø If you go with certain logic... of utility... you will miss the fundamentals.. you will miss the ultimate nature of life..
Ø There is no competition for him.. he is not in the race... (Speaking of Dhyana linga)
Ø These things should always be done only with small groups of people, individuals who..have a certain intimacy with you..Otherwise it is risky.. I assumed this intimacy with all of you..and it is truly wonderful that, without any aberration all of you went through a wonderful manner..and ..  (Sadhguru congratulating the thousands of participants & volunteers)

Hope, you have enjoyed Sadhguru’s words at different times of the consecration event. Kindly go ahead and watch it again on CD, or whatever means you have.

With Hearty Greetings

To all Sadhguru’s disciples



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