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Sri Sri Ravishankar is the apostle of peace, love and Yoga in today’s world torn by violence and unrest of all sorts.

Guruji’s words are always a big treat for his disciples, followers and fans spread all over the world.

Here are some of his recent Quotable Quotes . I do Hope, the readers will love them. Due to the number of quotes, I am putting them in 2 blog Posts. This is the first – and is followed in the next. Kindly read both of them


1.    When you sit and think, “When will I get happiness,” you won’t get it. When you see your happiness in the happiness of others, that’s when you will be truly happy.

2.    If our legacy to the coming generations is a set of laws to run the world by, they will continue to fight over rights. But if we could show them the right values to live by, we will leave an inheritance they can cherish.

3.    Love is a deep desire to bless the creation.

4.    If you manipulate words, it is a lie. 
If you play on words, it is a joke. 
If you rely on words, it is ignorance but 
if you transcend words, it is wisdom.

5.    Have this faith that someone is there to take away your weaknesses. Ok, you slipped once, twice, thrice. It does not matter. Keep moving ahead. People take vows never to commit mistakes again. Breaking the vows makes it worse. Surrendering is better.

6.    Your guilt for celebration is only if it is for your own pleasure. If celebration is aimed at uniting hearts and minds of people around you, if it is to help them to let go the traumatic past and kindle a light of hope for the future, if your celebration is aimed at uplifting society, then guilt will come nowhere near you. That type of a celebration is service; it is sacred. Turn your celebration into a sacred offering for society rather than the self-centered pleasure seeking one.

7.    We have been educated in many disciplines. We may know how to operate a complex computer but we falter when faced with the forces that make up life. No one teaches us how to live life. We need to make that extra effort to learn more about our own mind and ego, and find out who we are and why we are here. And only love can help us widen our knowledge and understanding of life and the world around us.

8.    The whole world is one family, so it is necessary that we live with naturalness and simplicity; only then life blossoms. The wall that we erect between ourselves and others needs to be demolished. From your side, drop all inhibitions between you and others. Go on and shake hands

9.    Often you are in a rush in life. When you are in a rush, you are unable to properly perceive things. The rush to enjoy robs the joy from life and only denies the happiness and freedom of here and now. Often you do not even know why you are in a hurry. It almost becomes a biological phenomenon to be in a rush. Wake up and become aware of the rush in you!

10. If you are at ease with yourself, everyone will be at ease with you. Be natural and be simple. Relationships develop naturally. If you try to build a relationship that is when you become a little artificial. You like someone to be honest, open, natural, unassuming with you. That is exactly what others also want from you.

11. When the mind is happy, it expands and time seems too short. When the mind is unhappy, it contracts and time seems too long. When the mind is in equanimity, it transcends time.

12. Our youth should know what sacrifices have been made by the Sikh Gurus. Our country has been preserved by the sacrifice of Sikhs. This character needs to be inculcated in every child from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Corruption exists because there is no sense of sacrifice today. Listening to Gurbani will create vigour and enthusiasm for service.

13. When the love that you are is kindled, life itself becomes a scripture, a holy book. Make your life the Geeta, Quran or Bible. And the key to achieving that is divine love! Becoming a devotee who is full of Him, lost in Him.

14. Surrender is not submission. What is the meaning of surrender? It is realizing that everywhere, everything belongs to the Divine already. “I” am not in control – that is surrender. And with this realization comes a deep relaxation, a feeling of trust and being at home. Why is there so much fear about surrender; you think you will lose something? I tell you, you will gain in the kingdom of world and heaven.

15. For external beauty, you put on things; for real beauty, you have to drop all things. For external beauty you have to have make-up; for real beauty you only have to realize that you are already made up.

16. Q: Gurudev, I often get confused. What should I do? 
Sri Sri: Confusion - fusion with consciousness. Every time you get confused, know that you are growing.

17. People who love peace do not want to fight, and those who fight do not have peace. What is needed is to be peaceful within and then fight. Just trying to end a conflict only prolongs it. God has been putting up with all conflicts throughout the ages and if God can, you can too. The moment you agree to be with a conflict, it no longer appears as a conflict to you.

18. One must be blind to say that religion is not a motivating factor for terrorism. In 26/11, terrorists selectively killed non-Muslims. May Kasab be born again to understand the others' perspective & spread peace.

19. How can we experience infinity? It is possible only through love. Love is the only thing you cannot think about. If you think about it, it ceases to be love. Lovers talk very silly things; they are not thinking. They say the same things over and over again a thousand times. Your reasoning mind is transcended. Whosoever we fall in love with, we are really falling in love with ourselves.

20. When all doors are shut and you have nowhere to go, that is when you go within. Every crisis is an opportunity and you are the beginning.

21. Depression sets in if there is a lack of zeal to fight. Aggression is the antidote to depression. Depression is lack of energy; anger and aggression are bolts of energy. If you are depressed, do not take Prozac - just fight for any cause. This is how Krishna inspired Arjuna to fight. But if aggression crosses a certain limit, it leads you back into depression. That is what happened to King Ashoka after the Kalinga War. He had to take refuge in Buddha. Wise are those who do not fall either into aggression or depression.

22. Q: It is said that winners stand alone. Is it really winning if you stand alone at the top?
Sri Sri: First of all, take this concept of top and bottom out of your mind. Every place is unique. If someone has kept you on the top then it is due to the efforts of all those who are at the bottom. If you happen to be on the top, be totally humble. The more you go up, the more humble you become. Humility is the sign of success. When there is humility, there are no obstacles.

23. You must be in the simple and innocent state of ‘‘I don’t know!’’ This life is a beautiful mystery. Just live it! When we live this mystery of life so totally, then joy dawns.

24. Make others comfortable and you will see that Nature will take care of your comfort.

25. Q: Dear Guruji, when and how can I achieve the ultimate bliss? 
Sri Sri: No chance. No way. Forget about it. Are you ready to forget it? Then you got it NOW.

26. You are like a free bird. You are fully open. Learn to fly. This is something which you have to experience within yourself. If you consider yourself as bonded, you will remain bound here. When will you experience freedom? Become free right now. Sit down and become content. Spend some time in meditation & satsang so that your inner self becomes strong enough to deal with challenges.

27. Devotion is like a diamond; don’t trade it for anything made of mud.

28. Diwali means the festival of lights. Each one of you is a light to yourself. Today is the day that you also look at all the wealth you have and feel abundance. Otherwise the mind is always in the space of lack. From lack, move to abundance.

Here ends the first post. Kindly also read the second Post on Guruji’s quotable quotes.

With Pranams

& best wishes

To All disciples, followers & fans of Guruji


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