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Great Quotes - from - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - Dt 09-12-2012

Great Quotes


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Sadhguru’s words are always a treat for the eyes and ears of his disciples (and fans). For one who is on the Yogic path, these words continue to inspire him as revelations of truth from the Guru. For one who is not on Yogic path yet - these words will certainly be an encouragement and inducement to enter into the Yogic Path.

This blog has been covering Sadhguru’s Great quotes periodically. Here is the latest installment. Some of the Key words (from my view) are in Bold letters. The request is that reader may pause and think over there – before proceeding further. It makes the reading more purposeful.

1.   One who is stuck in the realm of right and wrong, liking and disliking,  will never know the texture of love.

2.   The essential possibility of being human is that we can act out of our intelligence, love, and compassion rather than out of compulsions.

3.   One you see that you are just a small happening here and something far larger becomes a living reality for you, you will be a devotee

4.   For your physical and mental Growth, the lap of your mother is very important. For your spiritual Growth, the lap of grace is most important.

5.   Fear is always about something that is not yet there.  So, fear is about the non-existent – which means it is hallucinatory.

6.   All limitations are only in your physical Framework, not in the existential framework of life

7.   A consecrated space is a cared-for, cultured space. This is where a human being should be if he wants to blossom

8.   You know social life, you know physical life, you know psychological life – but you are yet to experience the existential dimension of life

9.   If you organize your thoughts and emotions around the fact that you are mortal, you will naturally live joyfully and at full potential

10.                Learn to keep your identifications aside, and you will be blissful

11.                Spiritual seeking is an investigation – not of an Individual person but of the existence

12.                Civilizing human societies means to see to it that every human being can find expression to who he is without interference from anyone else

13.                Most situations that you believe to be a curse could actually be a blessing – if only you look at them without social conditioning

14.                You are only given the raw material for your life. What you make out of it is up to you

15.                One who is entangled in the physical and material can never know the face of the divine, nor will the divine ever know him

16.                The yogic system is about enhancing your perception. The divine should not be an imagined hope, it should become a living reality for you

17.                For people who do petty things in their lives, life is too long. For people who seek the deepest dimensions of life, it is never long enough

18.                The physical and mundane has to be handled logically. What is beyond cannot be handled within the limitations of logic

19.                Death is something that has happened to you over and over again. It is a mystery to you only because your memory is short-term

20.                Once the fear of what will happen to you disappears,  you can really involve yourself with life

21.                Spiritual process means moving from the psychological to the existential, from falsehood to the reality

22.                What we call the ultimate truth is also the basis of life

23.                Karma is not in your action – it is in your volition. It is not the content of your life, it is the context which creates the karma

24.                The mind is something that you can turn on and off – because it is not reality. Only existence is always on

25.                Disentangle yourself from social influence. Look at your life from your own intelligence and choose the best way for you

26.                If people around you become more important to you than your own wants, your life will be simple and wonderful

27.              The most significant aspect of being spiritual is that you are moving from the psychological, the social and the physical to the existential

28.                Meditation means to become absolutely aware. It is the only way to be completely free

29.                Once you become aware that you are mortal, you will not be dead serious about anything but eager to live as intensely as possible

30.                If you evolve within you, there will be no pride, no prejudice. You will perform action out of pure, absolute sense

31.                If you create any tension either in the body or in the mind, you don’t need another enemy in your life. You will just slowly work against yourself. Not just in terms of physical health, in many other ways.

32.                If you want to know whether you are moving ahead in life or not, just see if you are a little more joyful today than you were yesterday. 

33.                Seeing everything just the way it is gives you the power and capability to walk through life effortlessly

34.                Your business is with the ropes that are tying you down, not with the sky. If you untie these ropes,  you will any way reach the sky

35.                You cannot do meditation but you can become meditative. Meditation is a certain quality. It is not a certain act. If you cultivate your body, your mind, your energies and your emotions to a certain level of maturity, meditation will naturally happen.

36.                The fear of suffering makes your life a half step. Freedom from the fear of suffering is needed for a full-stride life.

37.                Frustration, discouragement and depression mean you are working against yourself

38.                For one who sees life as a stepping stone for a larger possibility, there is no failure. For one who looks at the simple events of life as the goal of life itself, there is failure and success (In answer to the Question - he current economic situation and the fear of failure have made me immobilized. How do I change this? )

With  Pranams & Best Wishes

To all Sadhguru’s Disciples & fans



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