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Sri Sri RaviShankar, the founder of the ART OF LIVING,  needs no introduction. I have been covering his quotable quotes in this Blog periodically, for the benefit of all disciples of Guruji (including me). Here are a few of his latest quotes (from face Book etc).

Ø  Harmony in sound is music. Harmony in movement is dance. Harmony in  mind is meditation.  Harmony in life is celebration!
Ø  What is the most important truth of life - There is some element within us that does not perish, does not diminish, is inerasable, unchanging and undying. If even the slightest attention is directed to it, life becomes easy and uncomplicated.
Ø  Just wake up and see that you are beautiful. The innocence in you is so beautiful. The dance in you is so beautiful.
Ø  Let’s forget about God and observe this moment; this moment has a mind of its own. The whole existence has a mind of its own.
Ø  Know yourself, know God.
Ø  The whole world is one family, so it is necessary that we live with naturalness and simplicity; only then life blossoms. The wall that we erect between ourselves and others needs to be demolished. From your side, drop all inhibitions between you and others. Go on and shake hands.
Ø  The body is like the wick of the candle. The spirit is the glow. Recognize the spirit. Remember ‘I am not the wick of the candle, I am the glow.’
Ø  You are endowed with certain naughtiness as a child. Keep it alive. Humour will grease all tough situations. One who has humour can sail through any conflict. Humour is the buffer that saves you from humiliation. If you refuse to be humiliated, you become invincible.
Ø  Your faith, your love, your beauty, your truth is a hundred times more powerful than doubt. Faith is like the sun, doubt is like a cloud. Yes, there are some cloudy days and let them be there. The sun will eventually shine.
Ø  The mind is a teenager looking for the beloved.... Make the Divine your Valentine!
Ø  Do not make an effort to impress others, or to express yourself. When you come from the Self, your expression is perfect and your impression lasts for ages.
Ø  What difference does it make if I sit on the sofa or on the carpet? I remain what I am.
Ø  In this creation every blade of the grass has importance. More than anything, you are very important. Have a pure heart, then everything in creation is significant for you.
Ø  When your consciousness expands, rises, then what comes out of you is unconditional love.
Ø  All those who are grown up physically, but want to be a child again, or think you are one, just go for it! Don't worry about what others think about you. If the world calls us crazy, let them say, but you be happy. Be in the present and be natural. What is most important in the world is innocence along with intelligence.
Ø  It is this wisdom of yoga that transforms one from arrogance to self-confidence; from meekness to humility; from the burden of dependence to the realization of interdependence; from craving for freedom to the recognition of unbounded-ness, from a limited ownership to oneness with the whole.
Ø  Though the river is vast, a little sip quenches your thirst. Though the Earth has so much food, just a little bite satisfies your hunger. All that you need is teeny tiny bits. Tonight, go to bed feeling that you are satisfied, taking a teeny tiny part of divinity with you.
Ø  Rules belong to the head and the heart knows no laws.
Ø  Devotion is the gist of life, the very essence of this world. Hold on to it, do not let go of it.
Ø  "The whole purpose of yoga is to be one with the Self, to bring integrity and make you whole. Abiding in the form, in the nature of the seer is yoga." Yoga Sutras 4,5 & 6.
Ø  Cancer is curable when detected early. Avoid habits that cause this disease." Sri Sri inaugurating an exhibition on Cancer Awareness on World Cancer Day, Feb 4.
Ø  Learn to make people your own. They already belong to you. They come from the same soil and breathe the same air which you expel. You are connected - so much connected.
Ø  The sky is the roof of my ashram and the earth is the floor. There is only one rule here. You can bring all your worries into the ashram, but you cannot take them back with you. You have to leave them all here.
Ø  Everything is temporary, only you are permanent. Accept this with a smile, meditate; strength from deep within you will arise. Celebrate that strength.
Ø  Women are the symbol of the heart. They can induce human values and spirituality into technology.
Ø  Feel grateful for your very existence, your very body, and all that you have, and all the love you have received. And this gratefulness will bring you a flood of prosperity, joy, and happiness.
Ø  In love, even objects are elevated to life. Stones and trees speak to you; the Sun, the Moon, the entire creation becomes alive. When there is no love, even people become objects.
Ø  To really open your eyes, sometimes you have to close them.
Ø  Happiness is an idea when you don't know it. And when you know it... you ARE it!
Ø  In the morning, when you walk, become aware of your infinite nature. You are like the sky. You are infinity. Walk with that infinite nature. Move through this world like a white cloud, unstained, untouched.
Ø  We don't have to be Danish to eat Danish cookies nor do we become Swiss if we eat Swiss chocolates. We accept food, music and technology too from every part of the world. Then, why don’t we accept wisdom from every part of the world and from every tradition?
Ø  You can see love everywhere in this creation if only you have an eye to see it.
Ø  When we get in touch with the source of life, then all other tensions and worries fall off; we can sing, dance and be happy. Life can become very intensely joyful.
Ø  The difference between Gandhi and Gaddafi is that one held onto the Eternal Power and the other wanted to hold onto power eternally." at World Economic Forum, Jan 2012
Ø  "Just try this: Let everybody come and complain 100 things to you. You simply keep your energy high, your sight inwards, your mind inwards as though nothing has happened. You will realise that there is freedom within you." from Know Your Mind
Ø  Finding harmony amidst chaos, bliss amidst suffering, wisdom amidst foolishness, light in darkness, immortality in a place where everything is dying - That is Gita.
Ø  Live in surrender. Surrender leads to Samadhi.
Ø  Just be in the simple and innocent state of ‘‘I don’t know!’’ This life is a beautiful mystery. Just live it! When we live this mystery of life so totally, then joy dawns.
Ø  I have come to remind you that God exists, and He loves you a lot.
Ø  Leadership:Art or Science? Both! Science as it requires planning & reasoning. Art as leadership is all about heart." Sri Sri, World Economic Forum, Jan 2012
Ø  The youth of India have inherited this great country. I want the youth to take responsibility for the society. Youth are the only hope. I want each one of you to multiply 100 times, reach out and make life a celebration.
Ø  Break through all the barriers and feel that you are blessed. This is the one and only step you have to take - the rest will all happen.
Ø  Once you are on this path, know that you are purified.
Ø  Everything in this creation is a sign of celebration.
Ø  The first to apologise is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
Ø  Become God to each other. Do not look for God somewhere in the sky, but see God in every pair of eyes, in the mountains, water, trees and animals. How? Only when you see God in yourself. Only Gods can worship Gods.
Ø  Q: It is said that winners stand alone. Is it really winning if you stand alone at the top?
Ø  Sri Sri: First of all, take this concept of top and bottom out of your mind. Every place is unique. If someone has kept you on the top then it is due to the efforts of all those who are at the bottom. If you happen to be on the top, be totally humble. The more you go up, the more humble you become. Humility is the sign of success. When there is humility, there are no obstacles.
Ø  When you start celebration from inside, it adds worth to the celebration. Celebrate each moment within and without.
Ø  "The Kashmiri Pandit exodus was not just due to terrorists but the fragmented, disunited & apathetic majority community & rest of India. It is now time for the Kashmiri Pandits to return to their motherland after vanvaas." Sri Sri on the 22nd anniversary marking the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir
Ø  "Vote for a person who wants to work for society & is honest & committed; not because of caste or religion." SriSri in Solapur, Jan 2012
Ø  Life teaches you the art of letting go in every event. When you have learnt to let go, you will be joyful and as you start being joyful, more will be given to you
Ø  Events come and go, they perish like flowers. But every event and every person contains some honey. Like a bee, just take the honey out of every event and every moment and move on. Be like a busy bee and be in the being.
Ø  Dream the impossible. Know that you are born in this world to do something wonderful and unique; don't let this opportunity pass by. Give yourself the freedom to dream and think big.
Ø  No matter what the situation, strengthen the confidence that God is your very own, and all your work will get done.
Ø  "Tum is duniya mein, til jaise chhote ho aur gud jaise mithe. Yeh hi Makar Sankranti ka sandesh hai." Sri Sri, Makar Sankranti 2012, Pune, India.
Ø  Joy is waiting at the airport next to Sri Sri. He greets her and asks, "What do you do?"…   "Interior decoration."      He smiles, "Oh, we do the same job."
Ø  Q: Guruji, will you show me the way?....  Sri Sri: Do you think I'm such a person that I will just show you the way and leave you in the middle of the road? No, I will take you all the way home.
Ø  "Swami Vivekananda will continue to be an inspiration for generations to come." Sri Sri giving the Presidential Address at the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda at Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi
Ø  Happiness is an idea when you don't know it. And when you know it... you ARE it!
Ø  When we die, only two questions appear before us: how much love have you shared, and how much knowledge have you gained.
Ø  Through knowledge and with time the attraction (for the external) reduces. Knowledge and time, both are needed. As attraction reduces, mind reposes and becomes restful, and when rest is attained, God is attained.
Ø  Life gives you both positive & negative. Focus on the positive & move ahead with commitment. It is important for youth to question and debate on national issues so that solutions emerge." Sri Sri to 7000 students of the Student Parliament of Maharashtra Institute of Technology via video conference.
Ø  "Upanishad says when we start on the path, let there be no rejection. Acceptance is the path. Let there be no rejection at all, of any sort, because everything, every moment in life, pleasant and unpleasant, good and bad is making you grow. Let all this righteousness, this knowledge and this wisdom that is contained in the Upanishads and that is present in my soul, my being, blossom." Sri Sri on Kena Upanishad.
Ø  "Politics survive on issues; if there is none, politicians will create one." SriSri, January 10 .
Ø  A little bit of knowledge of the seven layers of our existence makes a big, big difference in our lives. It brings cheer, freshness and we become so alive and childlike. If you are cheerful, you will be creative."
Ø  It is very important for us to probe into the source of thought. Often we are called great thinkers, but what is a thought?
Ø  "When in our life, personal needs disappear and desires no longer exist; an extraordinary, mystical ability is awakened within us that enables us to bless others. When we do not want anything for ourselves, we develop the strength to fulfill the desires of others.
Ø  "Every bud has all that it needs to be a flower."
Ø  "Everybody should be able to say: ‘Whenever you are in need, I am with you’. There is a fear among people that no one would help them when they are in need. This is the sole reason for all the corruption and violence. People have lost faith in themselves, in the Divine and in the society. If a person has faith in all the three, it will bring peace to them and also to the society."
Ø  "I urge the Kashmiri Pandit community to return to Kashmir & start a new chapter to reclaim their identity." Sri Sri, First Kashmiri Pandit Youth Conference, Pune
Ø  "One who can learn to flow with the current as well as manage the current is the successful one." Sri Sri at IIM Kolkata

With Grateful Pranams to Guruji,

= Yours


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