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GREAT QUOTES FROM OSHO =Alpha to Omega (dated 11-02-2012)


I am an avid reader, a great fan – and a disciple (in absentia) of the Great Master, .. As I read / listen to his lectures – I find so many sentences and phrases that speaks – as exquisite , quotable quotes – full of wisdom.

I give below a few of them – mostly from his Alpha to Omega  series. As I read them, I also tweeted them on my twitter forum (@vvijayamohan).

I give below those tweets (from 1st,Jan,2012 to  11th,Feb,2012) for the benefit of the readers of this Blog. Enjoy them.

I can assure you, that the Alpha to omega series is one of the best interpretations  of Patanjali I have ever come across. Enjoy the Quotable Quotes here :

Ø  Yoga teaches you to trust yourself;….to become confident of yourself...
Ø  Nobody can start it (yoga) for you. You have to start it for yourself. ..
Ø  Yoga is not just an idea, it is a practice,….it is a discipline, it is a science of inner transformation...
Ø  A person who loves from his heart is being responded to from everywhere. Love can never be fruitless. It blooms...
Ø  DOES THE UNIVERSE LOVE ME? It is a wrong question to ask. You should ask the other way round, "Do you love the universe?"
Ø  Nobody has ever been able to attain enlightenment through desire. That's why all Buddhas insist : become desireless.
Ø  Meditate if you want the answer which answers all questions. Stop meditating if you want to go on asking questions. Meditation is the answer.
Ø  Ego prevents you from love, ego prevents you from meditation, ego prevents you from prayer, ego prevents you from God.
Ø  The hell that you have heard about is not part of geography, it is not underneath earth. It is just underneath your ego...
Ø  Talk to a child; he listens, he listens attentively...If he does not listen then he is absolutely absent, but he is total.
Ø  Talk to a communist..a Catholic..a Hindu; he is not listening. While you are talking he is preparing his answer, from his old, past, fixed ideas..
Ø  If you can change yourself in this life, you can feel grateful. You can say. "Enough, more than enough has happened"
Ø  Those who are trying to help you....They don't bother whether you want to be changed or not.....They will change you in spite of you..
Ø  One who is not able to change himself cannot change anybody . .
Ø  You are a small part of the total. Whatsoever you do will not change the situation -- but it will change you...
Ø  WHY ARE THERE BEGGARS AT ALL? Because there is no love in the human heart...
Ø  Yoga teaches you that the journey is alone. A Master can indicate the way, but you have to follow it...
Ø  Wherever you pay your attention, that becomes your reality. And, once it becomes a reality, it becomes powerful to attract you and your attention ..
Ø  Unless a religion is creative, it is not a total religion -- something is missing...
Ø  Scientist is concerned with the outside world, not with himself. The artist is concerned with himself, not with the outside world...
Ø  Looking at a small flower he (Tennyson) said. "If I can understand you root and all; I will understand the whole universe."
Ø  Scientist's whole work is of concentration. Science can become the first step towards yoga because concentration is the 1st inner step of yoga
Ø  Concentration (Dharana) reveals to you things which are not ordinarily revealed...
Ø  You are in a misery because you have been missing yourself, you have not yet met yourself...
Ø  Causes are within; coincidences without. That is the basic emphasis of yoga.
Ø  Coincidences are not causes: and the Western psychology is looking into coincidences. ..
Ø  Always remember, once you miss to look in the right direction, you can go on infinitely -- you will never come back home.
Ø  People are always afraid of watching a madman because, suddenly, watching a madman, you realize your own madness also..
Ø  To divide mad people from non-mad people is not good. The distinction is only of degrees. It is not of quality: it is only of quantity..
Ø  Once you have a glimpse of your nature, who you are, the whole world changes. Then you can live in the world, and the world will not distract you.
Ø  Yoga is a science to divide that which is not you and that which is you.
Ø  Yoga is the science of stilling what has to be stilled and alerting what can be alerted.
Ø  When the inner talk stops, infinite silence. In that infinite silence, everything is answered, solved.
Ø  That's what meditation is all about: to drop the questions, to drop the inner chattering.
Ø  When you are real, all problems disappear. When you are unreal, a thousand and one problems arise.
Ø  if you are free as an obsession, in your freedom is bondage; if you are a slave with total acceptance, in your bondage is freedom.
Ø  Bondage is something which you have to do as an obsession, as a compulsion: you never wanted to do it and you have to do it.
Ø  Your whole prayer is,"God, let me be enlightened, but not right now". That is your prayer."Let me be awakened, but wait a little more."
Ø  The whole is a cosmic play; it is beautiful....a tremendous celebration.... You are suffering because you are not part of it.
Ø  Why are you suffering? Because you are. To be is to suffer; not to be is not to suffer. The ego suffers. The beautiful.
Ø  Either you fight others; or you fight you. In both cases, it is the Ego, which is fighting. When all fighting stops, Ego Drops.
Ø  "If you like to drop the ego you cannot drop it, because ..... Who is this who is saying, 'I would like to drop?' This is the ego.
Ø  The ego can exist only when you have some private goal against the whole.
Ø  With no condemnation of the sinner, with no appreciation of the saint, you become choiceless. In that choicelessness you will
Ø  Lao Tzu says again and again, "There was a time in the past there were no saints -- because there were no sinners."
Ø  Self-consciousness is a disease, and self-awareness is health.
Ø  A woman has a different world; a man has a different world. Their chemicals differ...
Ø  A poor man has a different world, and a rich man has a different world. Their chemicals differ...
Ø  When you are hungry the world looks different. When you are satisfied, satiated, the world looks different. ..
Ø  All choice is of the extreme.... Whenever you say, "This is beautiful," you have already condemned something as ugly. ..
Ø  Woman has perfect qualities to become a disciple. Surrender is easy for her. It is natural, part of the feminine being.
Ø  Remain faithful to yourself -- that is the only faith that is needed -- and everything will be good...
Ø  If the whole world can laugh loudly, wars will disappear, because wars are managed by serious people...
Ø  Cry and weep and laugh, and let these be your prayers.… don't bother about the authorized version of the prayer. There is none ..
Ø  Religious people all over the world have been teaching people to be very serious-long faces. This is illness..Make laughter your prayer..
Ø  The flame of awareness should not be in the market or live in the monastery -- you will never be a loser in life.
Ø  A man of awareness never repents.....because the more awareness goes deep, he can stop a process even before it has begun.-.
Ø  if YOU are responsible, then there is hope; you can do something. If others are responsible then there is no hope.
Ø  When you are filled with heaven within, the world reflects it. When you are filled with hell, the world can't help, it reflects it. ..
Ø  To be miserable or to be happy -- it is up to you. Nobody else has anything to do with it. The world will remain the same.
Ø  If life is miserable, you must have started the chain. If everybody is against you, you must have started the chain...

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