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The ATHEIST Who doesn’t know HIMSELF and doesn't try as well! - A MUST READ FOR ATHEISTS !

THE Atheist

Who doesn’t know


“But…, I am an Atheist. so, I don’t bother..”

I heard remarks like these from a prominent Politician in a  televised debate recently.

I hear a similar refrain from some actors, some politicians and some public personalities periodically.

They are entitled to their views.

But, in regard to theism and atheism, these views are mostly casual remarks rather than carefully formed views.

It is like someone saying – there is no stove in my house. I haven’t seen one at all in my house.

But, do you eat?

Yes, I do.

Where from does the food come?

Why, from the kitchen of course. My wife brings it out from the kitchen.

Did you ever go to the kitchen and check up – if there is a stove there?

Nope. If there is a stove in my house, I must be able to see it.

Yes. You must be able to see it. But, only if you look for it in the kitchen.

Does this conversation look odd? It is, of course.  It is just as odd and much more, in respect of the views of these public personalities on atheism, theism, god etc. These self proclaimed atheists don’t look where they should, but conclude that because, they don’t see, there isn’t one.

Forget God for now. Are YOU a fact? Are you a reality? Who, exactly are YOU?

Put your hand on the table before you. Look at it deeply. Ask it; Are you me? Ask it a number of times. It doesn’t answer. It doesn’t respond in any way. It lies on the table like dead-wood. Because, it is not you! Yes. Your hand is not you. You will know it instantly.

Now, look at your legs. Ask them – Are you me? They also refuse to answer. They are also dead-wood. They are  not you.

Without doubt, YOU – are using those hands and legs. But, YOU are NOT those hands and legs. Ask any part of the body – and you will find that they do not answer with an YES – for your query – are you me? They are all given to YOU – for use. But, they are not YOU.

So who are YOU?

It is much like the question of finding the stove. Search in the kitchen - not in the bed room. 

You must look for your Self - where YOU are more likely to be found; not where you are unlikely to be found. Find yourself first. Then, you can examine – who you are, how you are and so on.

All the atheist gentlemen and ladies will agree that, whether God is there or not - YOU are there. YOU exist. YOU are a reality. YOU know it. But, if there is a doubt even on that, then god bless you!

The question is not about your existence per-Se. That is known and confirmed. It is about where you are; who you are; and how you are.

Your, and everybody’s, strong perception is – you can be somewhere within your body limits only. You can’t possibly be outside those limits. The outermost layer of your skin is the limit within which  YOU possibly can be.

Now, if none of your body organs respond with “Yes, I am YOU”, then, something in you other than your physical organs is YOU; or can be. It is therefore more likely to be your consciousness - the one, who is asking the question, Am I YOU?

Now, get inside your questioner; find out from where the question is arising. What is the source point of this question? Who on earth is asking this question? Am I you? Or, who am I? I want to see the questioner within me. Come before me and stand up. Yes. I know, I exist; I am a reality. But, who am I and where and how do I exist? I want to know.

The tragedy is – unless the question is deep in me and you – I and you will never receive an answer for it. It is like any other scientific query. A casual query does not beget an answer. It must be serious, sincere and deep enough.

Only an Einstein gets an answer for his question. Only a Newton gets an answer for his question. Only a Patanjali gets an answer for his question.

Einstein wanted to know the relativity phenomenon. He got the answer. Newton wanted to know about the gravitational forces. He got the answer.

Patanjali wanted the answer to the question – who am I, and how do I find myself? He got the answer.

Like any other scientist, Patanjali too told us the way, the whole path, to see our  self, to know our  self,  and to enjoy the full glory of our self.

THIS – is the path – which goes to the self. These are the steps,  these are the deviations, these are the distractions which lead you astray, these are the enablers which take you to yourself faster – Patanjali has said it all.

Not leaving a single point, Patanjali has given us the science of the SELF.

Now, if you want to know your self – you can’t say, I want to see it with my eyes or I want to hear it with my ears. You can’t say that – after Patanjali has said “Everything you always wanted to know about yourself but were afraid to ask.”

You can’t see a small fly before your eyes. How can you see yourself, which is much more invisible and deep inside your body layers (or somewhere there inside!)? You can’t hear sounds of the bees or the ants. How can you hear the SELF, whose communication happens beyond the reach of the  electromagnetic waves?

Patanjali doesn’t give importance to GOD. Although, a bit of faith in a particular type of Eeswara helps, it is not a necessity. Eeswara of Patanjali is not a Hindu God, and, not even a God of the conventional religious variety. He is a special Individual, who is not subject to any weaknesses of the human being. That is what Patanjali says explicitly. You can access him everywhere and take his help, if you want. If you don’t want, there is no problem. There are many other alternatives. Don’t bother about this special person called Eeswara.

But, Patanjali has given you a very clear PATH, a very clear method – to reach your SELF. That is the only path there is.

Knowing your self – is the Indian THEISM. Indian THE-I-ISM is as simple as knowing yourself. It is the  THE-I-ISM – and it is from the Great Scientist called Patanjali.

On the way to your self – you may meet a God too. Or, you may not. If you do – and, if you feel like that, tell him (or them!) a Hello.

The difference between them and you is – they are already there and you are getting there now.

Atheist’s question, if there is one, is simple – and I think, Patanjali has answered it conclusively. It is now the atheist’s headache to remain an atheist who doesn’t want to know himself or become THE-I-IST who wants to know himself. Stay Ignorant, or, stay, inquisitive.

But, theists will have more questions. What about Shiva? What about Vishnu? Will I go to Kailas or Vaikunth? What about the Lord of Hell, the Yama? Will I be punished or not? Well. There is no problem if you continue praying your Shiva or any other God. They will answer your prayers. It is easier to pray an external God, visible or invisible, whether by looking at the sky or towards a wall or towards a beautiful Idol. Your God is there too. Where ever you see, he is. You may not see him. But he is seeing you. He is listening to you. Is it wrong to pray before an Idol? This question was raised countless times in India. 

It was answered by Prahlad to his father Hiranya kasipa – several millennia ago. It was answered by Lord Krishna himself in his Govardhana Giri puja. It was answered by Lord Rama, when he made Shiva out of Sand and made his puja. Isn’t the answer clear? If he is everywhere, where is he not? An Idol or a shrine is a place where you achieve internal focus on him. As simple as that. Once Lord Shiva was asked, you are the highest God, whom do you meditate on? Lord Shiva smiled and replied, why, I meditate on Lord Vishnu. Same question was asked to Lord Vishnu. He laughed and said, I meditate on Lord Shiva.

Their meditation is – obviously, on the self; on what the Upanishads call, the Brahman. You can give it any name.

Ultimately, you will find him within YOU. Even the external journey takes you within. Your Shiva goes within you when you pray. He resides in you now. And, when you turn inwards, very easily, you will find yourself there first – and then the Shiva.

Shiva – by the way, is not a name he has given himself. It is a name you have given him. You can give him any name. You can give yourself any name too.

*  *  *  E  N  D  *  *  *

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