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PATANJALI=YOGA SUTRAS.CH.2.33= Most Effective Way Of Conquering Negative Attitudes= Generating Positivity In Life = WOMEN vs MEN = How they differ





Ø  Vithrakam = obstructions
Ø  Baadhane = when they give us problems
Ø  Prathi paksha bhaavanam =bring in their opposite feelings / Sadhanas

There will be obstructions  to the Sadhaka – when he is striving to adhere to Yama and Niyama principles. How can he get over these obstructions?

When the Sadhaka faces obstructions in his adherence to Yama and Niyama principles, he must very strongly generate their opposite feelings and Sadhanas in his mind and in his routine - to counter these obstructions.

For instance, if violent feelings come, he must see why he gets those feelings. It may be due to anger, Jealousy or Hatred and so on.

Then, he must generate love, Friendliness and compassion in himself - which are their opposite feelings. He must try to evoke love towards those whom he hates.

Sadhakas must try to conquer greed with generosity. Enmity must be conquered by developing friendliness. If Sadhaka is tempted to tell untruths, he must explore the reasons and find why. It may be due to lobham or greed. Then, he must force himself to become generous. The root cause must be eliminated by generating its opposite feelings and actions.

When we are discussing all these Yoga Sutras, readers may kindly assume themselves as Sadhakas – and understand that the Principles are directly applicable to them. They can and must adhere to these principles. The ancient system is that – who ever learns must also propagate this science to deserving people in whatever manner possible.

Discussing the present verse – the raising of opposite, positive feelings and sadhanas is possible only when we are conscious that our minds are filled with negative feelings. This is possible only with a daily self- search. Then, every day when we get up from sleep, we must first pray for the welfare, health and prosperity of all the people including those towards whom we feel some enmity, hatred, Jealousy and so on.

If we feel greed – that day, we must decide to part with some wealth for the welfare of needy people and bless them with all of our heartfelt love towards them.

Every negative feeling – which is causing obstruction to our Yoga Sadhana must be extinguished by generating its opposite feelings and support it further with Actions.

It is many times not enough to pray and wish people all the welfare. That does not remove our greed. You must have proof of its removal for yourself. Therefore – you must give up a part of your earnings or wealth to make others happy. Yogi should move towards the goal of seeing himself in all the people and all the people in himself – as said by Lord Krishna in Dhyana Yoga chapter of Gita.

Gandhi had said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. It is only the active and conscious generation of love, generosity, friendliness and compassion that can conquer our negative feelings towards others, on the one side and  secondly, remove the negative feelings in the hearts of others towards us. This second aspect, Patanjali covers in a subsequent verse.

It is said – practice of this as “tapas’ for at least 48 days (called a mandala period) makes it a part of us. It will then be easy to keep the good quality forever in us – with minimum effort. But, first 48 days are crucial.

One word of caution is – negative qualities can take firm place in us – within a minute. But, getting rid of them is very, very difficult. The only way to get rid of them is to – cultivate their OPPOSITE GOOD QUALITY – for at least 48 days as tapas. You can’t remove hatred. But, you can cultivate love and friendliness. And, this removes the Hatred. You can’t erase greed directly. You must cultivate generosity – its opposite – which will remove greed. This is an extraordinarily effective, scientific, realistic principle – much in tune with our psychology. 

Don’t Hate – will never work.  Feel Love – will work. Don’t feel enmity - will not work. Feel friendliness - will work. Don’t’ feel excessive desires - will never work. Feel contentment will work. Don’t be ignorant will never work. Acquire wisdom from wise men will work. Don’t feel proud - will never work. Respect wise men, learn from them and teach others will work.

If you make a full bodied (saashtaang) namaskaar daily or on auspicious days to you parents, your teachers, your elder brothers and their wives – and seek their blessings -  your mind becomes serene. You will have a huge reservoir of positive qualities automatically. This was part of our culture. Now – many youngsters and even elders feel huge pride in making such Namaskaar – not knowing its immense benefits to our own self. Likewise – elders are to wish the youngsters whole-heartedly for their welfare, health and prosperity. The effect on the self is again replacing jealousy, pride etc with love and compassion.

Mind has to have a feeling – positive or Negative. It cannot remain vacant – at least at the initial Sadhana stages.

Women especially – are prone to be more emotional – either positive or negative - compared to men. Therefore, it is easier for them to love, to serve, to surrender, to be compassionate, to be friendly and to be generous – compared to men. They can do this much more easily than men. These are almost like their inborn qualities.

But, if their minds give in for the opposite qualities, for some reason – even in the negative qualities, they will far exceed men. The usual reason for women turning towards negative qualities is – unfortunately, the negativity and hypocrisy of men around them.

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