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India is fortunate to have Great saints as Gurus. One of the Greatest Saint cum Guru with us today is Sri Sri Ravishankar. His signpost is his smile. This smile is the proof of his inner calm and inner joy.

I collect his quotes from his various satsangs and speeches. You will find a few of his advices below. They are beautiful quotes – but, more than that, they are great statements of how one must live one’s life. I will follow up these with a lot more in the future posts. Here are the quotes :

Ø  During challenging times, have an attitude of sacrifice, face it, be with the knowledge that this will also change. During good times, have an attitude of service and serve everyone to your best capacity.(The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  Accept people as they are. We expect people to be like ourselves. Have you found anybody just like yourself? If you find such people, you cannot spend even five minutes with them. You will want to run away. So, however a person is, accept them. .(The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  Nobody has the time to think about you. Everybody is lost in their own world. You worry unnecessarily about what other people will think about you. Give people the freedom to think whatever they want about you. Opinions keep changing.(The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  If someone does a mistake, don't think they have done it intentionally. Similar to how you make mistakes, know that they made a mistake as well and move on. (The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  Live in the present moment. If you hold on to the past, neither can you be happy nor can you make others happy. Live like a child, in the present moment. .(The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  Corruption begins where belongingness ends. Nobody can be corrupt with people whom they feel connected to
Ø  Our country is in this state not because of bad people, but because good people are silent and are not doing anything about it. The number of bad people is just a few.
Ø  know what is permanent and what is ever-changing. When you know everything is changing it is because there is a reference point that does not change.
Ø  Whatever joy sex gives, Samadhi is thousand times more joyful because there is no effort, there is no action there. It is only Being and just Being. So just the Being consciousness, the play and display of consciousness comes to one’s awareness, comes to one’s experience. This is very beautiful. (13.12.2011. YOU ARE COMPLETE)
Ø  Don’t keep any corner of your existence away from Divinity. The Divine should be interwoven into every aspect of your life and this is called Brahmacharya, which means moving in the infinity, uniting with the infinity. (13.12.2011. YOU ARE COMPLETE).
Ø  Adi Shankar once said, ‘One who labels themselves as something is a fool and one who labels themselves as nothing is a bigger fool.’ One who is nothing does not talk, so just keep quiet. How can you say I am nothing when you are saying something?! There cannot be somebody there saying I am nothing. So keep quiet, shut up. If you are nothing then shut up. Be quiet. (13.12.2011. YOU ARE COMPLETE)
Ø  Light is the indication of life. Fire always goes up, even if you bend the torch. Similarly, there must be enthusiasm irrespective of the situations in life. People and situations may try to pull you down, but you must keep yourself enthusiastic. It indicates that you have to move ahead irrespective of the situations in life. (A disciple should be hollow and empty,12.12.2011)
Ø  "This New Year go to a place where everything is beautiful !
That place is within you!  Wherever you go after that, you will add beauty."
Ø  The ultimate truth of life is that we will leave everything behind. (The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  Your feet must be warm, your stomach should be soft and head should be cool. This is the sign of a healthy person. Unhealthiness is when your feet are cold, head is hot and stomach is like a stone. (The Divine loves you dearly, Dec,22,2011)
Ø  There is no greater penance than Pranayama.
- With meditation, the consciousness gets purified
- With bhajans, emotions get purified.So Listen to music
- With knowledge, the intellect gets purified. (The knowledge that everything and everyone is temporary)
- With charity, wealth gets purified.
-With Ghee(Clarified butter), food gets purified.
-With Exercise and Ayurveda, the body gets purified

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