Wednesday, June 26, 2013




                   - KNOW THE GOD

God has given each its  nature
Each is free to act  in its God-given nature
God watches, not interferes

Water flows down into sea,
Goes up into clouds
And comes back  to earth
It’s a full circle

Air flows all over
Goes into humans as oxygen
Goes out of them as CO2
Goes then  to the trees and
Comes back to humans as oxygen
It’s a full circle

God has created full circles
Everywhere, for everything
For humans too, it’s a full circle
Death to birth to death,
It goes on and on,  all the time

Everything goes on in full circles
The earth, the solar system, the galaxy
The insect, the bird, the animal and the man
All move in circles
In their own god-given nature

Our humane nature however,
has the potential
To break the full circle
And free our self by our self
first, and foremost,  
we must know the self, our own self
This Is the path and the goal

We can’t know an atom fully
Before we know our self
Who knows god
Among those who pray him?
He who knows the self
Is the  one ; the only one
who knows Him

He unshackles the circles
Breaks free from god-given nature
And becomes closest to God

Knowing the self
Is knowing the god within

Knowing the self
Is knowing the bliss within

Knowing the self
Is knowing the all-knowing within

Knowing the self
Is knowing the never-changing truth within

Knowing the self
Is all that there is
For you and me to know


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