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The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 1

These are some of the explanations of OSHO to his disciples during his lectures on Yoga Sutras. These are beautiful, and enlightening. Hope readers  will enjoy them :

Ø Every country knows, every period knows - crowds can go mad, and then they can do anything. But it has never been heard that crowds can become enlightened!

The higher states of consciousness can be achieved only by individuals.

Ø We are unhappy because we don’t know what we are doing, but the longing in every human being is for happiness. No one longs for misery; (but) everybody creates misery because we don’t know what we are doing.

Ø Love is between the equals, compassion from the higher to the lower; devotion is from the lower to the higher.  ..If you are in devotion, then sooner or later compassion will start flowing towards you. If you are in devotion, then some higher peak will start flowing towards you.

Ø Mind is continuously changing. It is never static; it is a flow. If something bad is there, wait a little. You cannot fix the mind, mind is a flow. Just wait! Just wait a little, and you will not be able to do bad. If some good is there and you want to do it, do it immediately because mind is changing, and after a few minutes you will not be able to do it. So if it is a loving and kind act, don’t postpone it. If it is something violent or destructive, postpone it a little.

Ø If you change your food, if you change your body postures, if you change your sleeping patterns, if you change ordinary habits, you will see a new person is arising in you. And then there are different changes possible. After one change other change becomes possible. Step by step more possibilities open.

Ø You don’t want to think, and the mind goes on thinking. You want to sleep; You are Lying down on your bed, changing your sides; you want to go to sleep, and the mind continues, the mind says, ”No, I am going to think about something.” You go on saying, ”Stop” and it never listens to you. And you cannot do anything. =OSHO , explaining the Dictatorial attitude of Mind on us.

Ø Hell and heaven are not geographical places, they are attitudes. And no one enters heaven or hell; everybody enters WITH heaven or hell. Wherever you go you have your hell projection or the heaven projection with you.

Ø If you meet a man on the road and you ask him, ”From where are you coming, sir?” and he says, ”I don’t know,” and you ask him, ”Where are you going” and he says, ”I don’t know,” and still he says, ”Don’t prevent me, I am in a hurry,” so what you will think about him? You will think he is mad.

...This is the situation of everybody....Life is a road; you are always in the middle. And you don’t know from where you have come; you don’t know where you are going. You have no knowledge of the source, no knowledge of the goal, but in much hurry, making every effort to reach NOWHERE.
What type of sanity is this?

Ø I know many couples. The husband goes on proving that he loves, and he has not convinced the wife, and the wife goes on proving that she loves, and she has not convinced the husband. They remain unconvinced and that remains the conflict. And they go on feeling that the other has not proved.

Ø whenever a man says to a woman that ”You are beautiful,” the woman has changed immediately. She may not have been beautiful. Before this moment she may not have been beautiful – just homely, ordinary. But this man has given imagination to her. So every woman who is loved becomes more beautiful, every man who is loved becomes more beautiful. A person who is not loved-may be beautiful – becomes ugly because he cannot imagine, she cannot imagine. And if imagination is not there, you shrink.

Ø Just you start feeling that you are okay. Just go on repeating inside the mind, I am getting better and better. Every day I am getting better.” In the night while you fall asleep, go on thinking you are healthy, and you are getting healthier every moment, and by the morning you will be the healthiest person in the world. Go on imagining.”

....Even incurable diseases were cured. It looked like a miracle; it is nothing. It is just a basic law: your mind follows imagination.

Ø Discipleship simply means an attitude to learn – moment to moment remaining aware that ”I don’t know.” This knowing that ”I don’t know,” this awareness that ”I am ignorant,” gives you opening; then you are not closed. The moment you say, ”I know,” you are a closed circle; the door is no more open.

Ø Pessimistic attitudes or optimistic attitudes both are ill, but there are teachers who go on talking in terms of optimism.... They go on talking in terms of hope, optimism, future, heaven. In the eyes of Patanjali that is just juvenile, childish, because you are simply giving a new disease. You are substituting a new disease for the old. You are unhappy and you are seeking somehow happiness. So whosoever gives you an assurance that this is the path that will lead you to happiness, you will follow it. He is giving you hope. But you are feeling so much misery because of your past hopes. He is again creating a future hell.

Ø One man once came to Buddha and he said... He must have been a social reformer, a revolutionary. He said to Buddha, ”The world is in misery. I agree with you.” Buddha has never said that the world is in misery. Buddha says, ”You are the misery,” not the world. ”Life is misery,” not the world. ”Man is misery,” not the world. ”Mind is misery,” not the world.

Ø Every husband is annoyed when he is sitting in the driver's seat and honking the horn and the wife is still getting ready, still getting ready. She is still choosing the sari. Now trains don't bother about which sari you are wearing. They leave on time. The husband is puzzled too much, what is going on. Two different times are in conflict. Man has moved to chronological time; the woman still lives in the psychological time.

Ø This is the most difficult thing to understand that ”I am the cause of my miseries.”....Whenever someone says someone else is the cause, you feel feel good. ...You feel that you are okay and the whole world is wrong – misery comes from somewhere else. If you go to a Buddha, to an enlightened person, he is bound to be hard, because he will force you to the fact that you are the cause.....Half the miseries will suddenly disappear once you understand that you are the cause, because then you cannot cooperate with them. ...Miseries will still continue for a while just because of old habits.

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