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In sutra.1, we have seen that exotic powers called Siddhis come to different people either from birth itself (which means inheritance from previous birth); or, through certain rare herbs, or, through recitation of certain mantras, or, through tapas (penance) ; or finally through Samadhi, which is the eighth step in Ashtanga Yoga elucidated in yoga sutras.

In sutra.2, Patanjali stated that one can transform into a different species by filling in the nature with appropriate means.First, changes coming in current species need to be stopped and then altered through nature to transform into different species.

In sutra.3, the exact effect of Karma theory is explained. People perform good and bad karmas in course of their life. Part of their effect is inherited from karmas of previous births too. The effect of all these karmas is only to break the obstacles and barriers in our path – allowing nature to fully flower in us into its complete potential.

We will now move on to see how ego, or, the I-feeling affects our immediate present and future.


nirmaana chittaani asmitaa maatraat

Ø  nirmaana = created, constructed
Ø  chittaani = mind-fields
Ø  asmitaa = I-ness or Ego
Ø  matraat = only

All minds that we experience normally are artificially constructed or built-up minds only – and ‘we’ are their unconscious constructors. These are not our original, pure minds.

All these artificially constructed minds have actually evolved from our ego or the feeling of I-ness.

This Ego stands at the center of the artificial minds and goes on inflating the artificial minds in all directions.

This artificial, constructed minds create thoughts, feelings, relationships, societies to live-in, our mutual likes and dislikes and our whole life pattern.

Our mind-fields consisting of all of our thoughts, memories, feelings etc are all constructed by our asmita or Ego identity only. The I-ness in us is directly responsible for all of our sinful and sacred acts. Likewise, all of our thoughts and memories spring from this I-ness thought only.

But, Yogi can construct the type of I-ness identities that serve him well in his endeavours from the same Asmitha itself.

Behind all created mind-fields, there is also a mind-field, which is original and not created by our Egos. We have come to this world with this uncreated, original mind-field. The whole effort of Sadhaka is to reach the clean slate of this uncreated, original mind-field.

But, How does the ego-fields exhibit themselves? And how are they to be overcome?

Vs. 4.5

pravritti bhede prayojakam chittam ekam anekeshaam

Ø  pravritti = activity; what is actually done by Chitta
Ø  bhede = differences
Ø  prayojakam = causing
Ø  chittam = mind-field
Ø  ekam = one
Ø  anekeshaam = many

The ego-centred and ego-based mind-fields that the Sadhaka constructs consciously, to serve him may exhibit diverse tendencies and may look like many mind-fields. But, in reality, there is a single root mind-field behind all of them, which controls all these diverse external expressions or mind-fields.

This means, we have come with an original mind-field, which is the real controller behind all the diverse mind-fields that the EGO goes on creating.

Vs. 4.6

tatra dhyana jam anaasayam

Ø  tatra = among these
Ø  dhyana = meditation
Ø  jam = born
Ø  anaasayam = free from past, stored impressions

When the constructed mind-fields are many, amongst them, the one born out of Meditation is the one which is free from the Karmic impressions of the past. In fact, in meditation, we dissolve all other mind-fields.

Only one original mind, with which we are born cannot be dissolved by us in mediation. It is the purest, in which we find no further reflections of other mind-fields.

From childhood, all impressions that were absorbed by us as different mind-fields, will have to be dissolved, just as we peel of layers of onion skin, to find nothing remaining at the end of the peeling process.

The original mind has neither any  past impressions in it nor has it anything about the future. The whole process of meditation to attain kaivalya is to dissolve these past and future impressions constantly and keep the mind steady in its original state.

All thinking stops in this process. Because, all thinking essentially relates you to either the past or the future but not to the reality of the present. Even the future is nothing but a projection of all past experiences into the future. Nothing exists in the future without a basis from the past. If past is got rid of, future also dissolves, because, it loses all of its past base.

If both the past and the future lose their appeal for the mind and dissolve from its attention – then the present arises forcefully, beautifully like an eternity in itself.

In the present, all desires vanish. We need to recognize that all desires essentially pertain to future. They neither pertain to past nor to the present.

When the meditation is only on the present – mind-field becomes totally devoid of any karma. It will be the original one you got at birth; it will be devoid of desires.

All meditation must be done in a very, relaxed, playful way, because, all seriousness relates to and comes along with the past. Leave all seriousness. Keep playful, pleasant and unburdened by past and future. Then, Meditation becomes real and easy. Then, Meditation frees the Mind from any of the remaining desires in it easily.

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