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GREAT QUOTES from - OSHO - (Dt.02.09.2012)

Quotes From


(Alpha to Omega – Vol.8)

OSHO’s Alpha to Omega – is by far the most detailed exposition of Yoga I have come across. Anyone who loves Yoga will automatically fall in love with OSHO – once he goes through his Alpha to Omega. Like I did.

The added Benefit from OSHO is – his eminently topical, beautiful, insightful QUOTYABLE QUOTES and his numerous short stories. You will enjoy all of them. Right here, I ma giving some of the quotes from the first 3 Chapters of Vol.8. Of Alpha to Omega. More will follow in subsequent Posts. Enjoy these.

1)   The whole of life is nothing but a learning about death, a preparation for death.
2)   Religion is the search of the deathless; but that deathless is possible only through the door of death.
3)   Each moment there is an opportunity to do something or not to do something.
4)   In the West freedom has a connotation of political freedom. In India we don’t bother much about political freedom, because we say unless one is spiritually free, it makes not much difference whether you are politically free or not. The fundamental thing is to be spiritually free.
5)   Bondage is created by the karmas.
6)   Any action done in unawareness becomes a karma because any action done in unawareness is not action at all; it is a reaction. When you do something in full awareness it is not a reaction; it is an action, spontaneous, total. It leaves no trace.
7)   Dharana means concentration – fixing your whole consciousness on one object, not allowing the object to disappear, bringing again and again your consciousness on the object so that the unconscious habit of the mind of continuous flux can be dropped;
8)   Each moment there are millions of opportunities to see God, but you are not there. He comes and knocks at your doors, but you are not there. You are never found there. You go on roaming around the world. This roaming has to be stopped; that’s what is the meaning of dharana.
9)   When you become aware of the subconscious, another step will become available to you. The more you grow, the more growth becomes possible to you.
10)When you are really aware, you are not aware of anything. You are only aware of awareness. That too is not good to say, because then awareness looks like an object. No, you are simply aware of nothing – just aware.
11)You create the world you live in. You create the body also you live in; you create the mind also you live in. You create with your ideas. Whatsoever you think sooner or later becomes a reality. Every thought becomes a thing finally, eventually.
12)Buddha has said, ”The next time I come into the world, my name will be Maitreya, ’the friend.’”
13)Bring your samyama to compassion, love, and friendliness; and they will grow. Not that you will become friendly: you will become the friend. Not that you will become friendly: you will become friendship, friendliness. Not that you will love: you will become love, you will be the very quality of love.
14)All miracles are possible; it depends on you. If you want to become so powerful like an elephant, you can become. Just by keeping the idea as a seed inside you and showering it with samyama, you will become that.
15)All knowledge brings power, and power can be used positively or negatively.
16)       Man is in a subtle way a small universe, condensed into a small existence. The existence, the whole existence, is nothing hut man expanded. This is yoga terminology: microcosm and macrocosm. Whatsoever exists outside also exists exactly inside man.
17)The whole world can be divided between two types of people: the sun people and the moon people, or you can call them yang and yin. The sun is the male; the moon is the female. The sun is aggression, the positive; the moon is receptive, the passive. You can divide the whole existence between sun and moon. And you can divide your body also between sun and moon;
18)The idea to attain is very worldly. Whether you want to attain prestige, power, wealth, or God or nirvana does not make any difference. The desire to attain is worldly; it is materialistic.
19)Spiritual revolution happens only when you drop this greed, when you drop the very idea of becoming. You are that. You are already that, so then don’t hanker for attainment. You have never been anything else other than that which you are trying to attain.
20)Becoming is dreaming; being is truth.
21)Not for a single moment forget that you are gods and goddesses. Don’t think in terms of ladies and gentlemen – forget all that nonsense.
22)Spirituality is not an attainment; rather, it is a recognition – a remembrance. You have forgotten, that’s all. You have misplaced it somewhere, that’s all, but it is there all the same.
23)God never repeats. His creativity is original – he does not believe in carbons. He never creates anybody again. He does not believe in the common and the ordinary. He creates only the extraordinary and the unique.
24)Everybody is born exceptional. There is no need to prove it. And those who prove, they simply prove that they are uncertain about their uniqueness.
25)Only inferior people, who have an idea of deep inferiority, try to prove themselves to be superior.
26)We are not separate. We are one whole. We are members of each other. We are not like islands; we are the vast continent of God.
27)Man and woman are complementaries, not contradictions.
28)Valley is nothing but mountain upside down; the mountain is nothing but the valley downside up.
29)Real life is like a rainbow – the whole spectrum. Maybe on one side is white, on another side is black, but in between there are millions of steps, all joined together. Life is a spectrum. If you drop the mid-steps, then things look contradictory. It is your vision which is not yet clear.
30)The whole art of witnessing is to help you to feel separate from all that with which you are clinging.
31)By losing all else you will for the first time attain to your authentic being.
32)If you have fallen in love, you know what it is; but if somebody asks what is love, you will get puzzled.
33)Famous saying of Augustine: ”I know what time is, but when somebody asks me, ’What is time?’ suddenly I don’t know.”
34)When the disciple is ready – not only to transform himself, but to die – he becomes a devotee.
35)Everything is food for something else.

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