Sunday, September 16, 2012

LIVING AS A LONE FUNDAMENTALIST - If Christ comes as Krishna or vice verse - what do I do?



I am a Fundamentalist – of a different kind.

I am born a Hindu. But I love Christ too – for many reasons. If Christ were to come to me today and say – come with me; I am almost certain that, I will follow him gladly and instantly.

But, I strongly suspect, he will come with a flute in hand and a peacock feather in his head, when he comes to me – just in case, I fail to recognize him as the same Lord Krishna in his previous birth, whom I can easily recognize.

I am not as innocent as his original followers in west Asia. Lot of logical stuff has gone into my mind. So Christ may very well teach me the Yoga Sastra this time. Krishna calls Yoga Sastra by the name Gita.

I don’t mind what he teaches me or what he calls it – as long as no Acharyas, Popes and Bishops seek to interpret his teachings for me. I don’t want any intermediaries between me and my Lord.

As simple as that.

I think, CHRIST or Krishna (this time, his name may spell CHRISTNA, to make things simpler) might tell me – See me in every suffering and smiling face. Then, do what I from your conscience tell you to do.

That is and shall be my religion. I shall be the lone FUNDAMENTALIST in my religion – if I have to be so.

By the way – I can recognize him if he comes as Buddha or Mahavira too. Or as Guru Nanak.



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