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QUOTES - From OSHO - ALPHA TO OMEGA (VO.8.CH.4) - Dt 04.09.2012

(Dt: 04.09.2012)
We are continuing the wonderful Quotes of OSHO from his talks on –ALPHA TO PMEGA .
Here are twenty (20) Quotes from  VO.8.CH.4 of the Book. The ideal way to read these quotes is – read each a few times – dwell on it mentally – and, You will find deep wisdom emanating from many of the quotes – and some good humour and common sense from others.
1)   And that is the meaning of enlightenment: the shift from the ego to the self, the shift from the unreal to the real, the shift from the mind to no mind, the shift from the body to the embodied.
2)   An enlightened person cannot be egoistic. Whatsoever he says.... Their assertions may look very egoistic to you. Krishna says in the Geeta to Arjuna, to his disciple, ”Leave everything and come to my feet. I am the very God who has created this world.” Very egoistic. Can you find a more egoistic person? Listen to what Jesus says: ”My father in heaven and I both are one.” He is saying, ”I am God.” Very egoistic. Mansoor declared, ”I am truth, the very truth, the ultimate truth” – ”ANA’L HAQ.” Mohammedans were very much annoyed; they killed him. Jews killed Jesus. Very egoistic assertions? The Upanishads say, ”Aham brahmasmi” – ”I am the whole, the total.”
3)   When the eyes are cured, the stick is dropped…….The stick and the groping are a substitute – a very poor substitute at that – but it is needed when one is blind.
4)   Enlightenment is consciousness. Again you use your language. I can understand it, but it is wrong. You cannot be conscious of consciousness; otherwise you will become a victim of infinite regression.
5)   When one is enlightened one is conscious, but one is not conscious of consciousness. One is perfectly conscious, but there is no object in it.
6)   When you love, if you have ever loved, you are not a lover: you become love. Not that you do something. You are not a doer, so how can you call yourself a lover? The right expression will he that ”you are love.”
7)   Whenever you are in love, you will not feel that you are a lover. You will feel you are love. That’s why Jesus says, ”God is love.”
8)   The mind creates opposites. The mind says, ”I like you; I don’t like you. I love you; I hate you.” The mind says, ”This is beautiful; that is ugly.” The mind says, ”This has to be done; that has to be dropped.” The mind is choice. Hence, Krishnamurti’s insistence that if you become choiceless you will become no-mind. To become choiceless means to drop dividing the World.
9)   Just think. If man disappears from the earth, will there be anything beautiful? Will there be anything ugly? Will there be anything good, anything bad? All divisions will simply evaporate with humanity. The world will remain the same. The flowers will flower, the stars will move, the sun will rise – everything will continue the same. But division will disappear with man; man brings division into the world. ”Man” means ”mind.”
10)The difference between a woman and man is a difference of emphasis; it is not a difference of quality. The woman is consciously woman, unconsciously man; the man is consciously man, unconsciously woman. That’s all the difference is.
11)If you have a mind, you cannot be holy. Howsoever virtuous, the mind remains unholy because the mind cannot be whole.
12)Break the window, break the frame – bum it! Your Hinduism, your Christianity, your Jainism – burn them! and come out of them. If you can come out of all your ideologies, attitudes, prejudices, you will become whole.
13)It is very easy to laugh about others; difficult to laugh at oneself. But the day you become capable of laughing at yourself, you be. come egoless. Because the ego enjoys to laugh at others’ cost. When you start laughing at yourself, the ego cannot exist.
14)You can become the whole contained, but not self-contained. You can contain the whole and you can be contained by the whole, but you cannot become self contained. How can you divide yourself from the universe, separate? You cannot exist even for a single moment.
15)If you don’t breathe, you will not be able to ke alive. And you cannot hold your breath in; it has to go out. It has to come in again. It is a constant movement between you and the whole. Those who know, they say it is not that you breathe; on the contrary, the whole breathes you.
16)When you watch your breath, you think you are breathing. By and by you will see, you will have to see because that’s truth: you are not breathing. You are not needed to breathe; that’s why even in sleep you go on breathing. Even if you become unconscious, even if you are in a coma, you go on breathing. You are not breathing; otherwise sometimes you will forget and you will drop dead.
17)Your exhalation is God’s inhalation, your inhalation is God’s exhalation. The whole exhales: that is the moment when you feel you are in. haling. The whole inhales: that is the moment when you feel you are exhaling.
18)Only a person who has come to realize, ”I am not, the whole is,” can live moment to moment – because then there is no other way to live. The future is not yet there, and if this moment the whole has been protecting me, mothering me, helping me, then the whole will take care tomorrow also, as it has taken care up to now. It will take care. And if the whole decides that I am not needed, and I dissolve, perfectly okay – because who am I to object?
19)All habits are unconscious, and religion is becoming conscious.
20)Drop memory and imagination. Be here now.

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