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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Sri K.V.Kamath




In the latest episode of  “In Conversation with the Mystic” with Shri K.V.Kamath, Sadhguru gives us FASCINATING and BRAND NEW approaches to  various Business and social problems. 

The idea in this Blog Post is not to give verbatim expression to this whole episode, which any way is not practricable, but to capture its essence.

In this Q-A session, Mr. Kamath puts forward excellent, topical questions, which really are racking the minds of many, thinking Indians. These questions are not spiritual. Therefore, the answers of Sadhguru are also DIFFERENT - from the usual spiritual dimensions his disciples are accustomed to. But their validity in the contemporary economic scenario – makes them refreshingly original and striking.

One feels compulsively reminded of – Lord Krishna, who urges Arjuna his disciple, to FIGHT the battle – against the non-righteous, unruly Kauravas. Jnana Yoga, Dhyana Yoga etc are only weapons – to FIGHT this righteous war! I have tried to capture the essence but, in this small and brief narration, my own interpretation is unavoidable. All Sadhguru’s disciples, lovers and fans are therefore invited to read this – and also enjoy the original, lively conversation – at :

Readers may kindly bear with me – if they find any slight, unintentional deviations, from the essence of Sadhguru’s own exquisite expressions and thoughts. I give below, the topic and what Sadhguru says on that. You will also find simple comments of mine – on what I understand from the answer and question.


The goal of Business is to expand constantly, which it can do in two ways – 1. By conquest; 2. By Embracing. Inclusion of others by conquest and expansion resulting from it, results in misery for both.

Many successful business people today - look like the epitome of misery; they keep long faces always. There is no happiness visible in them – born out of their success.

Success must be a sweet, beautiful, enjoyable thing – not a miserable thing. So succeed by embracing; not by conquest; Don’t include by conquest; do by embrace; expand by embracing. But now – wrong message that is going to all is – successful people are miserable.

In last 4 years, we have multiplied by over 20 times – by EMBRACE, NOT BY CONQUEST. You become joyful with expansion by embrace – not by conquest.

My Comment : Many Business leaders fail to enjoy what they create as huge business empires. They look and feel miserable even publicly. Evidently, the Embracing attitude did not rule their lives. But, some business leaders in India are a contrast. They do try to expand by embracing.


How do such mood swings happen ; and how to balance ? Especially in Business Environment.

Lot of people succeed by chance; They become euphoric with success and depressed with failure; because, success came like a lottery; not just out of one’s own serious efforts for a specific goal. So, when recession comes in Market, depression comes in them.

Recession (in market) is bad enough. Do you need depression (inside you) also? Recession is not the end of the world.

If your aim is to INCLUDE ALL  in your effort – success is not going to be euphoric. Recession is not going to be depressing. Business leaders must therefore shift attention from MORE  to ALL. More is expansion by conquest; ALL is expansion by embrace.

MY COMMENTS : Indian stock Market is a classic example of these mood swings. Many entrepreneurs display these mood swings at each turn of events. When the Goal is ALL  and not MORE – the leader can enjoy his work and its fruits all the way. 

Bill gates’ Microsoft’s wants to put a computer in every house in the world with a Microsoft software in it. This is expansion – by inclusiveness in some way. It benefited Microsoft and people in all countries too. He has now given away about a third of his wealth back to the world in charities. 

N.R.Narayana Murthy many times displayed a thinking that Infosys will like to make all Infosys men into millionaires. Infosys was one of the first in India to raise salaries, bonuses and issue of shares to its associates to international levels.


We grossly exaggerate our achievements and our failures both. Media and Business people talk about India becoming super power. We don’t have legs. But, we want to climb Everest. For 1.2  billion people, we don’t have adequate food, clothing, shelter, roads, electricity, water or anything. The only thing in abundance is – our Population.

What then do we do – with the people we have? Transform them into an inspired people. Then, yes. We will be a super power- Every company in the world can possibly be led by an Indian. We see that in many companies.

Some people  become euphoric or morose when markets go up or down. In such moods – they tend to exaggerate success and failure both.

But, leaders must be able to see reality – not just imagine of being a SUPER POWER – or, on the negative side, going into a Depression, when recession hits.
Business leaders must have the COMMITMENT TO WALK THE DISTANCE. They must take people from POSSIBILITY to the REALITY. They must have this commitment and the focus. Otherwise, which way they will go, they will not know. It becomes a question mark. We are missing the real BIG STEPS that we need to be taking now - because of our tendency to exaggerate.

MY COMMENT : This analysis is especially FANTASTIC. Business and Political leaders must stop imagining India as a super Power – but must do all that is necessary to achieve such a goal. Mere dreams don’t transform.


When we don’t  know – but are not willing to admit that we don’t know – the possibility for us to know shuts down. We will seek to know – only if we realize and admit that we don’t know. But, If  we think, or believe that we know what we really do not know – the possibility of REALLY KNOWING – just does not exist. 

MY COMMENTS : Isn’t this the cornerstone for every one’s life? I must know what I really know. I must also know what I really do not know. I must destroy all mere belief systems from the mind.   We must awaken to – what we know and what we need to know.


Perception clarity is extremely important and relevant for leaders. You are a leader mainly because – you are able to see something which everybody else is unable to see. You have an insight which others don’t have. You are able to see the tomorrow TODAY itself. So you are the leader.

But, if a leader has no clarity – what happens is – instead of nourishing the roots of the mango tree, which automatically gives him the mango fruit eventually – he will do a meditation for mangoes. Leader is goal-driven and the goals are mangoes now. But, mango meditation does not give mangoes. Nourishing the roots will. So perception clarity is extremely important for leaders. 

If a leader cannot manage his own mind and has no clarity in his mind – how can he manage a thousand minds who want to follow him? A leader must manage himself well first. Then only – in his lap, others will feel safe. People must feel that your thinking is better.

My comments : Know Yourself – is the best prescription to all – before we try to know all others around us. Clarity of perception about our own goals and the paths to them  is especially important. People will feel safe in the hands of the leader whose mind is absolutely clear on where he is leading his followers.


Individual really means – he is indivisible. He is one and he is consistent. But, if we are sometimes nice and sometimes horrible to people – this horrible fellow who arises in us - is our EGO.

It is like - there are two of us inside one. Like a schizophrenic.

Many people in the world did the nastiest things – taking instructions from God. Others take instructions from Ego – their inside, local BOY. Both are leading to horrific results.

If we give up the ego, we find God arising in us.

My comments : As Sadhguru emphasized several times, inclusiveness, the spirit of Embrace and working for all and not for MORE – conquers this Ego Problem effectively. 


We do realize without an iota of doubt that a mother or father or any human did not create all this cosmos around us. So, the simple childish answer we get is – the Creator, the God is up there, who does all this. 

In reality, there is neither up nor down. When you look up above you – someone else is also looking up – but exactly in the opposite direction, because he is on the other side of the earth. So, there is really no up or down; and forward or backward. All these are contextual. In reality, there is only Inward or outward. These are the only two directions  we can really take – to find anything within us or outside.

My Comments : Forget the God up there. Look inside deeply in your Meditation. When you look outside, be inclusive and  embrace all in your goals.  There is no need to look up or down for  God we cannot experience there.


Some Business leaders (like Jack Welch) emphasize the need for building and then destroying Businesses at appropriate times, mercilessly.

A Guru’s task is especially so – to nurture and then Butcher. It is a thankless job.

Some leaders can’t easily do it – because they have too much of themselves in what they do.

A leader’s action must be an expression of what he already is. A leader must first become something – and then do what he needs to do. Then, he knows exactly whether he must build or destroy. But, many leaders do things, trying to become something in the process, putting the cart before the horse.

Leader must become what he needs to become first  and then do what is needed for his business. He then knows exactly what is needed. Else, he will be doing lot of unnecessary things. 

We develop attachments, like grandmothers – who say they are ready to die now – but, when the grandchild comes up, they are no more ready to die. So destruction, or butchering, is difficult even when it is needed - when we develop too much of such attachments to what we built earlier.

MY COMMENTS :  Many things (though not everything) in our journey of life are to be given up – at periodic intervals. Else, we cannot move forward in life. You can’t carry a boat in gratitude, because you traveled  in the Boat – says an old Indian proverb. Move ahead. Leave the Boat.


We must clearly understand that - we can only work with what we have – not with what we don’t have. We can of course work for - what we don’t have – but not WORK WITH, what we don’t have. 

We all have only four things that support our actions – Body, Mind, Emotions and Energy. That’s all. Rest of it is just imagination.

We are not ruling out God – because, belief in God offers huge solace to many people – and they sleep well because of this belief.

But, for a leader, the question is - are you looking for solace or solution?

Solace, which lies in believing, helps ordinary people. But, a leader needs solutions.

In our country – it is not people who seek and give solutions, that become leaders, but people who create problems. We are identifying and accepting someone who breaks, not someone who builds – as the leader.

Block a sea link or block one rail road. You will be a leader overnight.

But, you build ten sea links – you will not be considered a leader. Break one – you are an instant leader.

People who Stop things - become leaders; not people who move things. This mindset in us must change.

My comment : In an economic environment – the emphasis of Sadhguru seems to be on RIGHT ACTION by the leader. Bhakti and Dhyan arise in a different context.

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