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We can see from History that the gradual transfer of leadership was - Religious leadership – transited to military leadership – then to democratic leaders – and then, in last few decades and possibly, in coming decades – leadership should move to  economic leaders. Business leaders must take over and deliver results. Will they – is the question.

My comments : Sadhguru seems to be giving a clarion call – to business leaders – to come forward and take over leadership – and deliver results – rather than looking at Politicians helplessly.


 In a market economy – the concept of Greed is out of place. In communism, people propagated the idea of sharing. But, sharing was embraced by the poorest of poor who did not have anything to share. It was not embraced by the rich. Therefore it failed. If the rich had taken up this idea, it would have been a beautiful concept. 

Now we have taken this idea of capitalism. Capitalism was born when capital was in few hands. Now – many people can create or get capital easily. It  is market economy – and capital is not in just a few hands. In market economy, profit is the backbone. Without profit, market economy does not exist. The idea of avoiding greed – comes because we are operating market economy with communism in our minds.

Allow Business unfettered freedom, to create profits. Then, bring in right policies – to channelize these profits.

Greed is the driving force of the Society in the market economy. Law should manage this greed, so that everybody benefits from this Greed.

When the lion kills, everybody gets fed.(African proverb)

MY COMMENTS : Sadhguru’s call – “Be greedy for everything” (atthanaikkum aasaippadu – in Tamil)  is also in same / similar direction. Greed must also be inclusive. Nothing wrong in an all inclusive greed. It is glorious.


We are not distinguishing Intellectual, financial and moral Integrity. These get merged in our mind.

What we must look for is INTEGRITY OF PERFORMANCE, in one’s chosen field.
Problem is – we have set up an obstacle course in all walks of life – not a success course – where millions of people can succeed. So, success is not evenly distributed in India. We must create a success course – and remove the obstacle course -  and judge people based on their success in their chosen fields of endeavour.

MY COMMENTS : In our country, the ordinary man is almost afraid of doing anything – for fear of violating some law, somewhere. Which law says what – No one knows. Can a wife and husband quarrel for some time and then make up with some sweet nothings? Is there some law prohibiting that also – God only knows. Can a father chide his son for indiscipline? No one knows any more. Everything in India is becoming more and more uncertain. Why does the Indian Law maker think, that he should step into every corner of our lives? I don’t think any other country in the world has so many laws. And, so many non-understandable laws at that!


We make our Laws, so complicated, that no one really understands our Laws. Shades of Gray are encountered by even the best and most knowledgeable among us. Yes. We can’t eliminate all Grey areas completely. But, we must not allow grey areas only to dominate our lives and actions.

Right now, that is the reality in India. So –we must reduce the grey areas; make laws in such a way that laws are simple and everybody understands them.

My comments : Shades of Grey everywhere. It is easier to understand God’s creation rather than the complexity of  Indian laws.


We are leaving law making to politicians completely. Business leaders must take a more active role in making economic laws in our country.

Without that - Budget becomes a political statement, with not much look at economic consequences. A booming economy can get systematically dismantled –when we don’t understand the economic consequences.

Business leader is unable to participate more effectively in economic law making, because, Business is seen as a vested interest. Business leaders must shed this tag of being a vested interest. If the Vested Interest tag can be manifestly shaken off – and if we can see business leaders participate- with manifest integrity - we can set up high ways to development – reduce grey areas – and remove all obstacle courses.

My Comments : Will this happen? It must happen. Someone with clear mind and understanding of People's real needs must step into the field of law making.


In Corporates, now people come; but even before they come, they are already thinking of going. Staying in the Corporate is a little farther away from the mind of the person coming – said Sri Kamath.

Sadhguru interjected and said - even marriages are becoming like that.

Basically, Corporates are also thinking of short term goals – with no long term commitment. No human being can create anything wonderful – unless he is devoted to what is doing.

Consequence later is not an issue. What you are doing  and what you want to create – that focus is important.

People shift, shift, shift – they become commodities – they pick up and drop  - and they also get picked up and dropped.

If we want to rise above mediocrity in our life – we need commitment to create something valuable. Do not become a commodity.

My Comments : Well. Our times  were different. I and many others like me, stayed in a single organization for over four decades. It is a different thing whether we did anything beautiful there! But, there was a strong commitment to the organization.


Will you act for Greater Good – where will you draw the fine line? Will you lie for the Greater Good.

Yes. We may lie when it is necessary – for the greater good. But this needs to be understood.

If a person like Kasab wants to know the most packed hall – to drop his Bomb – will you lie or not? We must lie to such people. That is the right thing to do. If you are ruled by your consciousness of inclusiveness – you can do all that is needed for such inclusiveness – including telling a lie. What must dominate the action is – the greater and larger sense of inclusiveness.

My Comments : I like this particular part especially. Lord Krishna urges Yudhishtir – to tell a half truth – to destroy a powerful warrior (Like Drona) working for a non-righteous enemy. The concept of Greater Good needs especial examination in India.


Economics is a survival process. We cannot raise it to the level of heaven. When survival is the main question – the only goal is economic. When that is settled – the finer dimensions arise. But, the finer dimensions are slowly vanishing. To make survival really worthwhile, this feminine aspect of nature – like   love, gentleness, tenderness, dance, art, aesthetics, music, meditation – become relevant.

By assuming that economic success is the only success, we are destroying the feminine. In market economy – it is happening that women want to JUST DO IT. But, JUST DOING IT, is man’s way. Women must do it in the feminine way; in the beautiful way.

Women do not wear flowing clothes in west any more – it is the psyche – the man’s way. Just what is needed! Feminine working for mere utilitarian – is ugly.

But, in a business place, male or female, should not be a concern at all –  who is a man or woman  does not matter there. There should be no gender there  in our minds – not just gender equality. Everybody should be able exist as they are.

My comments : The beauty of the feminine is certainly getting lost in  pursuit of economic  progress. That need not be. Gender equality – or any equality for that matter- is a meaningless concept. No one is equal. But, everyone is unique. Every flower is beautiful. Every bird sings beautifully.  But the equation, but not equality, between the man and woman is especially beautiful. The pursuit of equality is already destroying that beauty in some parts of the world.


We don’t want to connect with people sitting next to us – but only with people far away. We don’t know if the other person is a man or woman, how many faces (on face book)  he has. This is a kind of distraction; an entertainment.

People are beginning to live like islands. Not connecting with people near them. Connecting with People far away then is meaningless. Technology is of course an enabler. What we do with it is up to us – we must decide carefully.


Who can make us all meet periodically, talk sweet things to each other, support each other, tell each other that – Yes. I am there in your pleasure and Pain both? Who can smile at us reassuringly and say, I will always love you, my friend, with all of your weaknesses. There are so many people who want this. We all need this. Love is not something – we can do without. Friendship is not something we can do without.

And, to a certain extent – it must be from people who are near to us. We need a live Guru whom we can see, meet, ask questions, take guidance and get a little rebuke. We need a friend who helps, advices and chides when we make mistakes. We need a spouse who loves, cares, depends and supports. Then, beyond all this, the face book can be fun. Not without these. 

With all our profound gratefulness to Sadhguru; and our grateful thanks to Shri K.V.Kamath



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