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This month of March, 2011 has been special for Tamilnadu’s 3 major cities of Madurai, Trichy and Chennai.

The three cities experienced a life transforming weekend with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

The week-long Isha Yoga Programs conducted usually by the trained teachers of Isha Foundation were replaced by 3 mammoth training camps (of 3 days each) with Sadhguru himself conducting the same, and with about 30,000 participants (as per my estimation) totally at the three cities.

March 11 – 13th, the program was at Madurai, and it appears , over 10,000 people participated. 

March 18 – 20th, the program was at  Trichy, again with huge participation.

March 25 – 27th, the program was at Chennai, with over 14000 people participating in it.

I had participated in the Chennai program.

What makes these programs Sooooo… popular?

Why do people attend paying Rs.8,000, Rs.5,000, Rs.3000 or Rs.1,500 contribution, for a 3 day yoga initiation (first level) program? Actually, there were more people in the FIRST THREE levels. And the lower levels were probably closed early – due to paucity of accommodation or some other logistical problems.

I have of course attended a few programs of other renowned Yoga masters as well – during my (central Government) service at various corners of India, before my retirement two years ago. They were all unique and great; I have no hesitation in saying that.

But, this Isha Yoga Program is very special. So, what are the highlights of this program ?

The Shambhavi Maha Mudra that Sadhguru initiates the participants into is undoubtedly the major, spiritual benefit that participants receive. There is a distinct flavor to it, when you receive it from Sadhguru himself.

The Life style changes that Sadhguru initiates into the participants comes a very close second. I am not going to tell the details here. When your chance comes, please do attend without fail – and you won’t be disappointed. If  other people of these three cities experience some very welcome and qualitative changes in the coming days – in the way life happens in these cities, they need not be surprised. That’s what Sadhguru is aiming at.

The service orientation and zeal of the Isha volunteers and teachers must be seen – to be believed. These fantastic disciples of Sadhguru spend their own money, to serve us all. This has been there for quite some time and that is the only reason, I put it as the third factor. Else, it should be the first factor.

Some one must study this phenomenon – of how Sadhguru is transforming the usually conservative, self-oriented (in a positive way, nothing wrong intended) youngsters of Tamilnadu into such outgoing, service oriented missionaries. Such study is needed – as this phenomenon needs to be replicated all over the world.

I do hope and strongly believe that these youngsters imbibe the same service orientation at their homes too, towards their parents, spouse and children. If that is happening, and it has to – there is a silent transformation of Tamilnadu culture for an entirely new range – up above its earlier, already rich levels.

Sadhguru is a great Yogi – but, he is also a great performer and a master in leadership art. That was in ample evidence on all the three days.

The one thing that definitely attracts people to Sadhguru is his very rich voice and a very serious and sincere devotion to his task – of taking Yoga to each and every individual in Tamilnadu.  

He is also turning into a master musician.

He is certainly happening to Tamilnadu, and his effects will be very, very long lasting on Tamilnadu. In a way, I somehow felt, Tamilnadu needed him and he just happened.

I am not going to talk of the various things that we did at the Shambhavi initiation (Isha Yoga) program.

One has to talk of the Unique schools that he is establishing. Samskruthi, vidhya etc. Like everything that Isha foundation does – these schools are just Unique. The performances by their students at the Chennai Program were so pleasing.

Isha sounds , the home grown bands of Isha Foundation’s musicologists (cum music directors cum performers cum…every thing) is always surprising – with its qualitative improvements in music. Every time – Sadhguru stops, and Isha sounds starts, there seems to be some naturalness in the take-overs and the make-overs.

The other arrangements – food etc – were, as they should be. Isha brand of Food needs replication at the Homes for better health.

The last of course, is the raptures that participants get into – which is a usual feature at all Sadhguru’s programs. Since it is a usual feature (and is a consequence of all other above features), I am putting it at the end.

But, one has to talk of the Green house effect that Sadhguru and his disciples are producing in Tamilnadu – which is another phenomenon by itself. I don’t think that any one other than Isha Volunteers under Sadhguru’s leadership would attempt such massive tree planting programs. It is not a part of the Isha Yoga 3 day program – but one has to talk of it – as  most Governments across the world are talking of it – and are “Just Talking” Of It!

At the end – what would I say?  Attend the program, when you get the chance. You won’t be disappointed. I can say – you will receive your Contribution (money)’s worth, if you are looking for it. And much more than that – like, some life transformation, which you will like.

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