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For a lay man who has followed him in the last one decade,  Baba RamDevji would appear as one of the world’s best physical fitness freaks with extraordinary physical and mental endurance limits. Even his worst antagonists would grant him that.

Day after day, all these years, in the early hours of each day, he has been conducting Yog Sibirs at various places  in India and some times in other countries too.

Each Yog Sibir lasts for about 3 hours each day, for seven days.

Those who attend these Yog Sibirs will find him as one of the most consummate practitioners of Patanjali Yog – not just a physical fitness freak. The lay man looking at him from a distance and taking him as a mere physical fitness freak, undergoes this much transformation on joining  his Yog Sibir.

His recipe of physical exercises is  well structured and really wholesome. There is a clear focus on health in all these exercises. I find them to be sufficiently easy and suitable for many age groups. You will find teens to eighties in his Yog Sibirs. Apart from physical fitness exercises, We will find a bouquet of Asanas and  pranayamas, specially designed (again) to ensure physical and mental health. He is very vocal about this vision and mission of his Yog Sibirs.

India must become healthy.

Healthy in life style. Healthy in habits. Healthy in body and mind.

No Indian must suffer the so called incurable diseases of Hypertension, Diabetes, heart problems, Asthma, skin diseases and so on which are the order of the day in today’s world.  And, he advocates Yog (and Ayurved) as the cure for all these diseases.

Yog is proffered as the most ancient sages’ gift to us.  

It was difficult for him, convincing the world, initially. Too many doubting persons were around. Too many bitter critics were around.  People who did not know Yog or Ayurved, criticized him the most.

Many from the media had no trust in his words.

But, suffering people thronged to him – some times, as a last ray of hope. And he did give them hope. Tremendous hope. He almost single handedly went about changing their life styles; literally injecting hope, yog and ayurved (perhaps in that order) into the suffering people who came to him.

This combination was working.

Ayurved was working. Yog was working. Hope was working. I don’t know in which order. But, they all did.

The world is now slowly turning towards agreeing with him.

One can no more brush aside the evidence of thousands and lakhs of people who benefitted from him.

Apart from asanas and Pranayamas, he also teaches simple techniques of Dhyan in his Yog Sibir.

You will find him motivating people to practice physical and mental cleanliness, purity and discipline. In Yoga parlance we can equate them with yama and niyama, the first two steps of Ashtanga Yoga.

Thus, in seven days, RamDevji takes us through Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana steps of the Ashtanga Yoga of Patnajali, with consummate skill, but, only to the extent required for health, and only to the extent feasible in a seven day Yog sibir.

His “OM”kaar Meditation coupled with his exhortations to go deeper inside one self, is an excellent meditation.

In each Yog Sibir, the best and the most untiring performer - is however Ram Devji himself.

While all others, of all ages, tend to get tired and stop the Pranayamas, asanas and exercises periodically, and then re-start, RamDevji goes on and on, nudges all others also on and on, and, at the end of each day, he shows them all that – THEY TOO CAN!!

The confidence RamDevji infuses into his trainees is tremendous. I find him using all possible techniques to achieve his goal.

There are no power point presentations, of course. But, watching his performance on the side - screens placed at various places and listening to his instructions and his exhortations and emulating his feats is much more effective than any Power point presentation.

Do you believe his words on getting rid of Hypertension, Diabetes, heart problems, Asthma, etc? You can be skeptical.

But, you will find a number of people from your own town coming forward and talking voluntarily about the health benefits they derived from Ram Devji’s Yog Sadhana in respect of the same diseases. Much of your skepticism will then evaporate.

Some times, Doctors from different disciplines come and state their experiences too. Will you now believe?

Perhaps, Not yet and not fully.

RamDevji gives you scientific explanation of how diseases arise in you and absolutely scientific explanation of how Pranayamas can rid you of these diseases and keep them off in future. They sound true. But, you never heard that ,from a western Doctor or Scientist.

Are you therefore a little skeptical?

He exhorts you from Day ONE itself, on each day of the Yog Sibir, – to get your self tested for BP, Sugar and any other of your ailments with any allopathic doctor; and then, test yourself after the Yog Sibir is over, or ,on the last day, or on each day, as you please.  Quite possibly, You will come forward on one of the days and admit that the Sibir has helped you. The skepticism is now gone. Because, you are the beneficiary.

It happened to me too. I attended one of his week-long Yog Sibirs at Hyderabad. And, I too was a little skeptical. But, now I feel, this Yog must be part of our life style.

For a health seeker, there is nothing better than his Yog Sibir training.

I do admit, that all diseases cannot go in one week, or perhaps even in a month. But, one week is good enough to give you a GOOD INDICATION that this Yog can cure you of many diseases! Does it cure cancer, Aids etc? I don’t know. But, It perhaps can. It must be tried world over. It has strong, powerful ingredients which can halt the spread of such diseases. And many other diseases.

I have seen some people in some TV Channels criticizing RamDevji for conducting such Mass training camps. But, the criticizers had never attended any of his Yog Sibirs. And, I have attended.

That makes all the difference for me. I can say with complete confidence and definiteness that these training Sibirs are effective. The doubters and criticizers must better attend one yog sibir and practice what he teaches. If you are a rationalist and one of scientific temperament, practice the Yog the way he teaches for a reasonable time. 
You won’t doubt its health benefits thereafter.


For RamDevji, Health of all Indians comes first – even before yog, if there is to be such a priority.

But then, Yog being his magical medicine  for most diseases,  he puts Yog first. Yog is the cause, and health is the consequence.

The biggest plus factor in RamDevji is his one hundred percent confidence in the health system, he is advocating.

Next – is his sincerity and empathy for the suffering people.

With all these in him, he infuses huge confidence into the people who come to his Yog Sibirs. I am yet to come across one Doctor any where in the world who gives that much of confidence and encouragement to suffering Patients, as RamDevji does.  I think, this is the most essential ingredient of any cure for any disease.

There are therefore three things from him which cure many Patients :

(i)                His confident and encouraging words and assurance that the disease is curable and will get cured. Doctors world over need to practice this.
(ii)              The ayurvedic medicines his Patanjali Yog peeth is manufacturing with utmost sincerity and purity. To me, it seems that, after several centuries, Ayurvedic research and systemic improvements have again started with great vigour in India, in right earnest , under his guidance.
(iii)            His unique and scientific combination of Pranayamas + Asanas + Exercise routine – exclusively for ensuring health, is a huge plus. I have attended many other Yoga programs under other great masters too. Each Master has designed his training scheme for a specific purpose. Health is an added benefit in them – not the main benefit. In RamDevji’s scheme, health, physical and mental,  is the main Benefit. Other things are add-ons.

His style especially, transcends RELIGIONS and their limitations. All religionists will find comfort in his trainings. If God is mentioned, he is mentioned in most neutral terms. This training does not incline you towards or draw you away from any particular God.

So, how many people has he cured so far? And for how many diseases?

Difficult to put a number on either of these statistical numbers. So, I don’t know. But, I know, many people benefitted from his Yog and many are still benefitting from his continuing programs. Lakhs of people watch him on TV and learn and practice before their TV sets. Many Gurus make Yoga difficult. This Guru makes  it easy to learn, to practice and to benefit.

Are there any Negative aspects?  Yes. One. He doesn’t conduct trainings in English or any other Indian languages. I wish, he becomes able to do that soon. A lot of the English speaking world will become much more receptive to him automatically.

It is said that a prestigious foreign magazine called him as the Indian who built Yoga empire. I would call him as the Indian who built  the yoga culture, not the Yoga empire. There are no empires – either of him, or around him.No empire can follow or benefit this constant traveler - one who is in search of the suffering masses all his life and moving to them .all the time.

I would also call him the miracle man of India, who single handedly put HEALTH at the top of agenda, of the vast majority of Indians, like never before in Indian history; gave them huge confidence that all of their diseases are curable; and gave them an excellent living culture and a pride in living that culture.

If the rest of the world shrugs off its irrational reservations and embraces his methods – modern medicine may also see some revolutionary discoveries in health care.

In this one field of health and health care, I cannot recall the name of any one who has done so much for India and Indians  in the last several centuries.  What more this one man will do for India in the days to come – I do not know.

But, as of now, to my mind, he is the real miracle man from India.And all his miracles are absolute science!

Science needs to study his miracles with more devotion and sincerity. And pay its tributes to him.

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