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25th,Jan,2015 : I wrote the following Blog Post on 24th,Jan,2015 after seeing News paper Reports about possible Padma Awards for Baba RamDevji and Sri Sri Ravishankar. 

One of the things I some times (but not always) disliked about some (but not all) previous government leaders (especially after Indira Gandhi) was their SAFFRON AVERSION. They were exhibiting, in my opinion, some times explicit and some times implicit aversion towards Hindu saints, even while cultivating leaders of other religions. 

It is true that there are some fake swamis and fake Babas in India who were and are taking advantage of gullible Public's belief Systems. 

There is need to get educated about the Good and the Bad among the religionists and spiritualists. . That said, becoming a true renunciate, is a great achievement in life. An ordinary person does not renounce  any thing. 

We are all acquisitive. We want all possible comforts. We want name, fame, recognition, comforts, following and every other darned thing on earth, that we can possibly possess. We are acquisitive and Possessive. Most of us are GREEDY. Some of us are also  JEALOUS of what others Possess. Amongst this category, some of us also try to somehow possess what others possess. 

Very  few of us  also know the JOY OF GIVING. But, we can give only when and if we acquire. So, we acquire first; then, we give part of it. This, possibly is second best thing we can do, after people who are just possessive and acquisitive. 

But, India can also boast of another class of people who are not only jealous of others' possessions but make all-out efforts to take away others' Hard earned Possessions by hook or crook, by force or threat or by any other foul means. Such people exist among Politicians, among criminals and among Police forces too, to a certain extent. I have heard of some Powerful Politicians who slap even cases of murder, or any other case on some others, to force them to give up their possessions in the former's favour. 

So, world consists of all types of Greedy people. In the midst of all of us - also exist the likes of Baba RamDevji, Sri Sri Ravisankar, Jaggi Vasudev and a few like them - for whom, material possessions mean nothing; and material possessions exist only to wipe off others' sorrows;

The Government of India, it appears, offered both baba Ram Dev and Sri Sri Ravishankar - PADMA AWARDS this time. Earlier Governments, anyway, would never have done that. But, this Government recognized their Great Services and decided to honour them with these awards. On seeing this news, i also expressed my happiness through the Blog Post dated 24th, below. 

But, today's News Papers report that Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar, who were offered these awards - expressed their THANKS to the Government and politely declined to accept these awards. Well. That is why they are what they are. I offer my respects and Pranams to them once again - for this clarity in their life. Now- please do read my Blog Post dated 24th also.

Blog Post dated 24th,Jan,2015 :

There are News Paper Reports that of many others, Sri Sri Ravishankar and Baba Ram Devji are also being considered for Padma awards this Independence Day.

I personally will be very happy if a beginning is made in recognizing the Great social services being rendered by these great spiritual Gurus. I have been a keen watcher and follower of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation, Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living Foundation and Baba Ram Devji of Patanjali Yoga Peeth.

The three of them have influenced my life in many ways - and have influenced the lives of millions of other people in India and abroad in many, many ways.

I have attended the Yoga Programs of all of them. I follow all of their trainings and practice whatever I learnt from them.  I and my family members follow the Ayurvedic medicines of Baba Ram Devji's Patanjali Yoga Chikitsalay. They work wonders to ensure our Health. Millions of people take these medicines and find them extremely useful compared to Allopathic Medicines. Not that, I hate Allopathy. Not at all. Allopathy is also a Great Science. I only regret that as a science, Allopathy is a TOTAL FAILURE, in not recognizing another Great science like Ayurveda.

All these three Great spiritualists are also rendering EXTRAORDINARY SOCIAL SERVICE  in India and abroad. If there are any secularists who also follow religion, I would name these trinity. Their teachings rise far beyond isolationist religions.

Jaggi Vasudev has contributed immensely to environmental protection and upgradation in Tamilnadu - the magnitude of which, no Government is even thinking of.

Sri Sri Ravishankar is breaking all walls between different religions and creating Harmony between India and other countries.

Baba Ramdevji's Yog Sibirs are attended by all religionists and all of them profit from his yoga teachings. Every word spoken by Baba Ram Dev in these Yog Sibirs transcends the boundaries of all religions and attracts every body of every religion.

If there are any persons striving constantly for inter-religious harmony, I would name these three Great Masters.

We are honouring Film Stars, Sports persons etc, whose social contribution is close to zero. They are doing great job in their respective fields – and are being paid well for it. I do agree that they can be honoured for their achievements in their respective fields. Nothing wrong in it.

But, the Nation must learn to honour selfless service to the people and the nation. These three masters are people who are doing Yeoman service to people of India. Their contribution to Yoga itself is immense. Their contribution to Ayurveda is another Great service to India. The schools run by them are yet another. Their social service is PAR EXCELLENCE. The poorest people who have benefitted from their service are in millions.

It would be a Great Honour to India if these people are honoured in a befitting manner by the Government of India.

Media and Opposition parties need to understand that Saffron was always the hallmark of renunciation and service. There are fake doctors, fake advocates, fake Politicians and fake ones in every field. Therefore, the existence of some fake ones among Saffron robes also is bound to be there. It doesn’t mean, saffron robes are to blame. SAFFRON stands for selflessness always.

Also, reaching out to millions and crores of people today – needs physical, moral and monetary support and contributions by many people. So, we should not merely see the millions - of people and money pouring in – but we must also see how the crores of rupees of money are being spent. Every rupee going to these Masters is going back to people in a more productive ways. It is More Productive than every rupee going to any Industrialist or to any Government.

Their disciples know all this. Media must taste the benefits of their training programs themselves. Then, they will understand how these Masters can strip the falsities off, from their lives also and make their lives truly enjoyable. Ditto with Politicians. If you are not practicing Yoga, You are missing a LOT in your life. You are missing the REAL JOY of your lives.

Don’t criticize Yoga or Ayurveda from a Distance. Come near. Get into them. Listen to the teachings of these Masters. Learn them. Practice them. I personally assure that you will not regret getting into either Yoga or Ayurveda.

Therefore, I wish that the NATION truly and adequately honours these Great Masters. Not that they will want them and rejoice thereby. These Honours are immaterial for them.

A Nation with true Gratitude must learn to honour Great social service. It is as simple as that.

= yours sincerely


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