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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar needs no Introduction. He is a humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher and an ambassador of peace. His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society has united millions of people the world over through service projects and the courses of The Art of Living.

His disciples and followers of the Art of living are in millions – including me. His Sudarsana kriya is a beautiful, invaluable, timeless Gift to his Disciples. 

His words of wisdom are a great source of wisdom for all. Many times, these words of wisdom come in the form of questions (by his disciples) and Answers (By Sri Sri). 

Some of these are given here – for the benefit of all lovers of Art of Living
Q: Who is the ideal devotee?
Sri Sri: You, who is asking this question. Don’t be too hard on yourself; don’t question your devotion. Take it for granted that you are devoted. Sometimes it is covered with ignorance, hesitation, doubts and insecurity. It is only a matter of time for that strip of ignorance and ego to give way and then the inner devotee will shine up.
Q: Guruji, is worrying about the future something totally wrong?
Sri Sri: No, worry about the future of the whole planet and worry about the destiny of humanity. Worry about human values, worry about the increasing corruption, worry about all these big things. I also worry about the planet. But worry should not take away your smile, your enthusiasm and your energy to do things now.
Q : Guruji is there any special message for us?
Sri Sri : Special message is that that you are very special. All of you. When I say you, it is not for any one person but for us. All of you are very special.
Q: What is the purpose of satsang?
Sri Sri : The purpose of satsang is laya yoga. When everyone sings with one heart, and sound, then your heart becomes immersed in the sound. It then becomes ‘laya yoga’ - getting absorbed in the sound. If you become a spectator and just watch, it becomes difficult. You should also sing, then only the energy in you, the chaitanya will grow.
Q: What should be the ultimate desire of our life?
Sri Sri : If somebody tells you what the ultimate desire should be, that’s futile. This moment what you need is your desire. When you look at life from a broader perspective, then you yourself come to know what you want. Naturally, you will be compassionate, considerate for your environment, work for the country and keep doing such work and then it will not matter what the ultimate desire is. What this life is all about, you will know that naturally
Q: What is more important happiness or performing one’s duty?
Sri Sri : Both. You have to perform your duty and you have to be happy. Why do you want to have a choice between these two? Hmm... If there is a choice, go for duty first because if you are unhappy it may be momentary, right? Happiness is there, will come. But if you are choosing happiness before duty then you will be unhappy in the end. So it’s better to be unhappy in the beginning than keep it a long, long program.
Q: What quality should an ideal disciple have? Do you differentiate between disciples?
Sri Sri : Don’t worry so much, just be like a child, and take life with ease. Yes, I differentiate between disciples and you are very special. Each one of you is unique and each one is special, so everyone is different.
Q: How and when will the worldwide terrorism end? How can we contribute?
Sri Sri: Terrorism can only be ended by satsang. More and more people should do satsang and work together. Satsang can change the ones who are influenced by terrorism. Only strength cannot combat terrorism. Mindsets have to change. That is important. For that, all of you must come together as a unit and work.
Q: What should be the goal of human life?
Sri Sri: Why not list what should not be the goal of human life! Like getting miserable, making others unhappy, getting depressed. Negate what is not the goal...then you will arrive at the goal!
Q: Even after forgiving, a few individuals give problems, why so?
Sri Sri: Go deep in knowledge. When you forgive, you get benefited. It does not matter, whom you have forgiven. You are the one who will get the benefit. Whether they get benefit or not is something secondary. Be selfish. Save your mind at all cost. See that your mind is free from all the tensions and worries.
Q: What distinguishes between good and not good desires?
Sri Sri: You know that which gives you long term joy and short term problem is good, and that which gives you short term joy and long term problem is misery. Just keep this as your criteria, that's good enough.
Q: If we hurt somebody, what to do?
Sri Sri: This moment you are new. You made mistake when you were foolish. Now you are not that you are new. You were ignorant. Now you move on. Don't repeat it in the future. Surrender your past. Surrender your garbage and everything you can't correct, to your master. Master is a garbage collector. Surrender your garbage to him.
Q: There is so much fighting between the people from various religions. The Shias are fighting the Sunnis. The Israelis are fighting the Iraqis. There is a war with Lebanon. How can we diminish this war between countries on the basis of religion?
Sri Sri: Only through Spirituality you can remove such differences. All you need to do is just educate, educate and educate them...
Q: Is it necessary to have ambition in life?
Sri Sri: Have a goal. When water is everywhere, it is a flood, but if it is in between banks, it is a river. It is nice to have a goal, so your life force gets channelized!
Q: Is it possible to have love without pain?
Sri Sri: When no distortions of love are there, like anger, jealousy etc it is possible. With wisdom you can transform these distortions into love.
Q: Which are the elements of stress?
Sri Sri: Lack of energy, the desire to achieve in too short a time, and by not being in a pleasant state of mind. These can be combated by increasing one's energy level, confidence and trust.
Q: When we say that so and so person is a realized soul, what do they realize?

Sri Sri: Realization is just that I am not the body but I am much more than the body. I have been here before this birth and I will continue to be there after my death also. If someone realizes this, that’s it. But that only they can say, others cannot judge for them.
Q: How can I maintain happiness?
Sri Sri: Do not make such an effort. In order to save your happiness, you have to spread it. Share your happiness with everyone. Why worry in this short span of life when there is such beautiful knowledge.
Q: What to do if someone is always jealous of me?
Sri Sri: Someone is jealous about you all the time? Lucky you are! You must be lucky - that's why people are jealous about you. Nobody is jealous about unlucky people. So when you are lucky, why are you unhappy? You have simply forgotten that you are lucky, that's why you are unhappy.
Q: Is it okay to be driven by emotions?
Sri Sri: When feelings are combined with wisdom, then that is good. It’s like when water flows between two banks, we call it river. But if water is scattered all over the place, then that is flood. In life, along with intellect, feelings are also to be nourished. To maintain a balance between intellect & emotions is wisdom.
Q: What is beauty and how to enhance it within and around us?
Sri Sri: First of all you should know you have a beautiful mind. The mind is free, it is loving, beautiful, satisfied and not feverish. So when the spirit is centered or your mind is centered, that beauty shines through.
Q. Are we following you or are you choosing us?
Sri Sri : With changing times the leader has to be behind the followers, pushing them ahead. Earlier it used to be the leader in the front, but followers were left behind. So now I have changed the strategy! I am pushing my followers ahead!
Q. Anyways in everyone's life there is suffering and there is joy, whether you are good or bad. So why be good?
Sri Sri : Being bad brings tremendous misery for a long time. Being good allows you to cross over any misery that can come your way with very little effort. So better be good!
Q: Guruji, I am an Art of Living volunteer. What makes me worthy of being an Art of Living ambassador?
Sri Sri : Just this fact, that you are grateful of being an ambassador, makes you worthy. The most important quality on this planet is humility.
Q: I can’t think of more questions. Please tell me some question to ask?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: That’s good. My job is not to tell you or give you questions but to take away your questions.
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