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OSHO  - is a great source of inspiration to millions of people across the world. Any person who hears him or reads him – falls in love with him instantly. This has happened to me too.

His exposition of the science of Yoga is Unique – and distinct from the rest. It is filled with experiences from across the world. The depth of analysis is extraordinary.

As I read his Alpha to Omega – I come across many statements of his – which strike me as Great quotes. Here are a few. More will follow.

Ø  Man is like a tree: the real life is in the roots, hidden underground; only branches are visible. If you cut the branches, new branches will come up because branches are not the source; but if you cut the roots the tree is destroyed.

Ø  Unless you know the unknown within you, you will never be able to know anybody else. The only way to know the mystery that man is, is to know the mystery that you are. There are hidden layers behind hidden layers. Man is infinity.

Ø  Behind this gross body is hidden the subtle body. Once that subtle body awakes, you become very powerful because you attain to certain new dimensional forces.

Ø  All relationships are mirrors. In whatsoever way you are related with life, it reflects you. Don't be angry at life if it starts barking at you. You must have started the chain. You must have done something in the beginning to cause it. Don't try to change life; just change yourself, and life changes.

Ø  Life is very ancient and life is going to be for ever and ever. You are just a guest; an overnight stay and you are gone: gate, gate -- gone, gone forever. How can you imagine to change it?

Ø  Whenever you are in misery you like to throw the responsibility on somebody. Anybody will do, any excuse will do, but then you are unburdened.

Ø  Life is not a doer; it is a mirror. It is not doing anything to you, because the same life behaves with Buddha in a different way. The life is the same; it behaves with you in a different way. The mirror is the same, but when you come before the mirror it reflects your face. And if your face is not that of a Buddha, what can the mirror do?

Ø  If life is miserable you must have started the chain. If everybody is against you, you must have started the chain. If everybody feels enmity, you must have started the chain.

Ø  To be miserable or to be happy -- it is up to you. Nobody else has anything to do with it. The world will remain the same; you can start dancing, and the whole world dances with you.

Ø  When you are filled with heaven within, the world reflects it. When you are filled with hell, the world can't help, it reflects it.

Ø  if you are responsible, then there is hope; you can do something. If others are responsible then there is no hope, because what can you do? You may be meditating, but others are creating trouble; you will suffer. You may become a Buddha, but the whole world remains a hell. You will suffer. In the beginning every freedom is felt as a burden -- that's why people are afraid of freedom.

Ø  Nobody can make you happy -- except yourself.

Ø  Mind, with beliefs, ideas, concepts, systems, philosophies, is a paralyzed mind -- no longer free to move, too much fettered, too much in bondage, a slave.

Ø  When you are trying to have more you are missing that which you have already.

Ø  There are two types of persons: people interested in having more, and people interested in being more.

Ø  I can possess only myself. Death will take everything else.

Ø  Love can always be converted into bondage. It can always become an imprisonment. Love should be a freedom; it should help you to be liberated from all fetters and bondages.

Ø  I have no duty to fulfill towards anybody.

Ø  When love dies, duty enters.

Ø  A judgement comes out of your beliefs, ideologies, concepts; judgement comes out of your past, out of your knowledge. Discrimination comes out of your present, responding alertness.

Ø  What is the actual situation? People who are taking drugs are not creating Vietnams, are not creating Kashmirs, are not creating Middle Easts. People who are taking drugs are not creating any war anywhere.

Ø  Had this man Adolf Hitler fallen in love with somebody's wife, he would have been condemned as a bad man, but he would not have been so violent. Released, relaxed... the world would have been better.

Ø  The complexity of life is such that one should not judge. Judgement belongs to stupid minds; they are always ready to judge.

Ø  A fragment of a man's life comes to your eyes and you judge the whole man -- that he is bad, and he is good. No, judgement is not for the wise.

Ø  The rogi (diseased person) is never cheerful, the bhogi (the enjoyer) rarely, the yogi (one who practices Yoga) always. Cheerfulness is his nature. For no visible cause he remains happy.

Ø  Power of concentration arises in a man of pure body, of pure consciousness, of purity.

Ø  If you don't love yourself, to love anybody else is almost impossible. The quality of love has to grow within you, only then can the fragrance reach to somebody else.

Ø  What is the meaning of being selfish? The first basic thing is to be self-centered. The second basic thing is always to look for one's blissfulness.

Ø  Misery is as infectious as any disease. Blissfulness is also infectious as any disease.

Ø  If you help others to be happy, in the end you help yourself to be happy.

Ø  When you have happiness you can share it; when you don't have, how can you share it?

Ø  A happy person belongs to himself. Why should he belong to any organization? That is the way of an unhappy person: to belong to some organization, to belong to some crowd.

Ø  Love, I say, is one of the most selfish things. If you want a still deeper selfish thing then comes meditation, prayer. If you want a still more selfish thing then comes God.

Ø  You postpone life through hope: you say, "Tomorrow I will live, when everything is put right."

Ø  Existence does not belong to any individual. All individuals belong to existence.

Ø  If you have your private hopes then remember -- when you are frustrated don't blame me. I am not responsible.

Ø  A Master, at the most, can be a door; he is not the goal.

Ø  Maturity is to see the reality. Do not live in wish fulfillments.

Ø  A man grows because of awareness, not because of hopes.

Ø  A Master is a catalytic agent: he does not work, but the work happens through him. He's not the doer but just the situation where things happen.

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