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OSHO – is one of the greatest and most admirable exponents of Yoga and spirituality. He is one who strove to synthesize the teachings of several authentic Spiritual Masters across the world. Here are twenty one of his Great quotes - mainly from his Alpha to Omega series. More will follow. OSHO lovers and Yoga enthusiasts will certain like these – as I did.

1) Judgment belongs to stupid minds; they are always ready to judge - OSHO
2) People who are taking drugs are not creating Vietnams,..Kashmirs..and middle Easts..are not creating any war anywhere =OSHO
3) Judgment comes out of your beliefs, ideologies, concepts, your past, knowledge. Discrimination comes out of your present, responding alertness - OSHO
4) IDIOT-comes from Greek word IDIOTIKI - which means private Goal. A man who has a private goal..a private world-against the whole - is IDIOT= OSHO
5) Nobody helps anybody else - cannot. Everybody is searching for his own happiness. = OSHO
6) Everybody is a hedonist and cannot be otherwise...everybody is seeking his happiness and everybody is selfish deep down = OSHO
7) Faith means you surrender the ego.....if you surrender, it has to be total and final-utterly final. There is no way going back. = OSHO
8) A master should not become a bondage; and it is very easy for a master to become a bondage.=OSHO
9) Whenever a culture is very developed ( is satisfied & content); it is always defeated by a culture which is not very developed.= OSHO
10)         In the west, truth means truthfulness, to speak the truth, that's all. In the east it means TO BE THE TRUTH=OSHO
11)         whenever man is established in non-violence, life - except human beings - becomes absolutely nonviolent towards him = OSHO (164_YOGA_VOL6.PDF)
12)         Nobody can make you happy - except yourself = OSHO
13)         When you are filled with heaven within, the world reflects it. When you are  filled with hell, the world can't help, it reflects it -OSHO
14)         Don't try to change life; just change yourself, and life changes =OSHO
15)         Life is a mirror....every face is a mirror....all relationships are mirrors. in whatever way you are related to life, it reflects you = OSHO
16)         The seeker is the sought - when quiet and still=OSHO
17)         Once you are silent, absolutely silent, you suddenly understand the foolishness of all the questions - and all the philosophies = OSHO
18)         If experience of soonya (Non-being) happens, all questions dissolve - Not that they are solved, but because (all) questions are absurd=OSHO
19)         The more money you have, the less is the value of the money = OSHO
20)         In sympathy there is no need for any action. when you are in compassion, you have do something. Sympathy cold. Compassion is warm=OSHO
21)         One who understands the sense becomes beautiful (wise);One who understands only the word becomes Ugly(knowledgeable) = Osho

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