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POST-20 –VERSE 1.20


The last Post on Patanjali Yoga Sutras was on V.19. 

In.v.17, we understood Samprajnaatha Samaadhi – in which we achieve bliss and the state of egoless ‘I’ness. Samprajnaatha Samaadhi leads us to the possession of different Powers. The Yogis (saadhakaas)  lose the need to possess the physical bodies. Therefore, they are called Videhis, the body-less ones. 

Some of them are totally one with the totality of the Prakrithi – and are therefore called prakrithilayaas, or the ones dissolved into the Prakrithi, tro whom the powers of Prakrithi are readily available. They are almost liberated – but not totally. Very near – but not total. 

In Asamprajnaatha Samaadhi, the egoless ‘I’ness also vanishes. This means – all thought processes have come to a halt. All dormant, deep rooted samskaaraas also will fall off.  From Samprajnaatha Samaadhi to Asamprajnaatha Samaadhi – the Yogi travels through deep practice or Abyaasa. 

Or, some Yogis may be tempted by the powers achieved at the stage of Samprajnaatha Samaadhi and stay at the level of videhis or Prakrithi layaas. They are at the goal post of Mukthi – but are not achieving it due to complacency. But, for them, Asamprajnaatha can come very easily – because, they have almost achieved it.

shraddhaa - veerya –
 smriti - samaadhi - prajnaa
poorvaka itareshaam

Ø  shraddha = implicit faith, trust
Ø  veerya = the strength of will, energy
Ø  smriti = memory, memories of past successes
Ø  samadhi = Samprajnaatha samaadhi
Ø  prajna = superior wisdom
Ø  poorvakah = preceding; being a pre-requisite
Ø  itareshaam = of other people

In last verse, we saw that videhis and Prakrithi layaas, who have achieved great success in Samprajnaatha Samaadhi – can easily attain Asmprajnaatha with some more practice. What about Others?

Others have to –

(i)          Keep total trust and confidence in their Yogic Saadhanaas
(ii)         Do the Saadhanaas with great energy
(iii)        Keep their successes in memory and go forward with confidence
(iv)       Strive deeply for Samprajnaatha Samaadhi, and beyond that to Asamprajnaatha  in the manner prescribed  -  and
(v)        Pursue the superior Yogic Knowledge further

These are the pre-requisites for their success in finally achieving the Asamprajnaatha Samaadhi.

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