Saturday, June 4, 2011



BABA RAM DEVJI has undertaken an indefinite fast – against the prevailing atmosphere of corruption and Black money – which is hitting at the roots of the country’s economy.

Some questions are being raised against the fast by some of the critics. But, I find that the criticism against the fast are unjustified – and not the fast.

1.  Whether a Sanyasi can undertake such a fast? Sanyasis have taken up the fight against Adharma many times earlier. Sage Viswamitra was instrumental in inducting Rama into several of the Martial arts and inciting him to kill the Raakshasaas. Sage Vasishta had supported had also supported this vehemently – as this results in Lok kalyaan. Today – admittedly and undoubtedly , corruption and Black money have reached extraordinary proportions, hitting at the lives of all people of the country, and reducing the country’s name and fame into mockery. If the Kings do not wake up – the sanyasi has to wake them up. There is no other way. Let us understand – that all other Gurus are solidly supporting Baba Ram Devji in this Fast. Sri Sri Ravishankar has supported Baba Ram devji and said – he also would have joined the Fast but for international consequences. They know what they are supporting – dharma – against Adharma – as simple as that. 

2.  Why he should not join Politics then? No need at all. He is not against any Individual, or party or community. He is against corruption.

3.  Should a Corrupt person be hanged? Well. If a minister or administrator has swindled money to the extent of, say,  Rs.100 crores – even the threat of death penalty is needed for him. Then only, some fear will be there against corruption in high places. Now – there is no fear at all. For lesser corruption, lesser punishments are needed. But look at what is happening now – if a Police man indulges in corruption – he is merely transferred. There is no punishment at all. That should change. Some deterrent punishment should be there.

4.  Baba RamDevji’s Property  of over Rs.1000 crores : Critics must understand that Ram Devji’s services to people is worth several crores of crores of rupees – and is invaluable. He is the only one on the face of earth – who has assured – look, your BP is curable. Do this. All of your diseases are curable. Do Yoga. Do pranayama. And so on. There is no doctor on earth – who has done this. Many people have benefitted because of him. I say – from my personal experience. I have attended his Yog sibir for one week  and have been practicing ever since. And, His methods work – I can say from my own experience. Secondly – where is this money of over Rs.1000 crores now? Is it in this Pocket? Absolutely not. All this over Rs.1000 crores is again benefitting lakhs of people – poor and middle class people only.  There is no other Individual in India – who is doing this level of service. He is popularizing the greatest Indian sciences of Yog and Ayurved among Indians – irrespective of religion, region, caste and language. If people pay him – they pay – happily and voluntarily. It is not a quid-pro-quo like “ I will give you this license or that, you give me that”. The Rs1000 cr  has not come towards Ram Devji in that way. Yet look at what he eats and wears. His life hasn’t changed a wee bit.

5.  I am curious why is the press / media  finding out great crimes when Police is there? Your duty is only reporting news – not doing detective work into crimes of  Police, ministers and others. You do it – and feel it is OK. But, if Ram Devji does it – you say – a sanyasi should not do it! why not? You do it, because the administrative systems are failing badly. If you are only reporting news given by them – it is obviously not enough. Today – the media is trying to set right the administrative systems. The Judiciary is doing it. In fact, Every one has to do it today. Why don’t you apply the same logic to Baba Ram Devji? The systems have failed too badly. Therefore he is doing it.  People are with him. Please understand that people understand Baba Ram Devji – better than you understand people. Democracy survives only if every one is vigilant. Not otherwise. If systems are working well – agitations are needed at all. No one says a word against our Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh -  because, we all know he is not personally corrupt and he is quite above board. But, it is time, he breaks the political shackles and acts.

This is the epitome of spirituality. Not against spirituality.

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