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Summary So Far :

Aphorism.1:“now, the discipline of Yoga” begins. For being in a discipline, one necessarily has to be a devoted disciple of that discipline. One must have respect for the Guru and the Science.

Aphorism.2 :Yoga is the mastering / controlling /restraining of the oscillations of (in fact, all types of work done in) chittha.

Aphorism.3:When Chittha vritthis are restrained (kept outside the chittha itself!) - the watcher / witness (the real self) returns and abides in his real form , unobstructed by the veil of Chittha.

Aphorism.4 : When the chittha Vritthis are not restrained and the watcher/ witness is not abiding in his real self, he identifies with the chittha Vritthis.

Aphorism.5 : Vritthis are of five types and they may be either painful or painless.

Aphorism.6 : The five types of chittha Vritthis are (1) pramana is right Knowledge having valid proof; (2) viparyayah is wrong knowledge; (3) vikalpah is imagination / fantasy (4) nidra is deep sleep and (5) smritayah is remembering or recall.

Aphorism.7 : Direct Perception; Sound Reasoning; Scriptural testimony and other competent evidence are the valid sources of right knowledge. For all worldly affairs – we need such right knowledge so that people can lead healthy, harm-free lives. All Sciences come from right knowledge.

Aphorism.8 : Wrong Knowledge is - perceiving a thing as some thing that it actually is not. Our sense perception can many times result in Mithya Jnanam or wrong knowledge – due to various reasons, like, (i) the imperfections in our sense instruments, (ii) age related effects on the senses and the brain (iii) their habit-bound nature, (iv) nature of external environment, (v) effects of time and distance on objects, (vi) effects of substances like alcohol etc (vii) internal negative moods like anger, desire, lust, hatred etc. (viii)friendship of the untruthful, negatively minded persons (ix) reading books written by or listening to the spoken words of negative persons

Aphorism.9 : Shabda jnana anupaati vastu shunyah vikalpah

Some times, sounds we hear are likely to mislead us into various fantasies and delusions in the absence of any real object to support such imagination or fantasy. Internal confusion and negativity is a major cause of this. Other cause is substances like LSD. Some people frequently tend to live away from truth in fantasies. Fantasizing can some times be Positive. It has been built into the minds of some classes and races that they are stronger and more valourous than others, though, in fact, they are just like any others. But, the constant fantasy of strength and valour creates such a mood in them and makes them fight longer even with stronger opponents – and frequently win over them, thus bolstering their fantasy. But, the negative side of it is – they are fighting most of the time of their lives – to prove their fantasy – than living their life happily .


abhava pratyaya alambanaa vritthi nidraa

abhava     = absence, not occurring or existing
pratyaya   = the cause, notion,
alambanaa = support, base or foundation
vritthi        = Chittha Vritthi; various modifications of mind
nidraa       = deep sleep

Nidraa is another modification of mind – in which total absence (of thought patterns), is the basis or support for it. 

But, such dreamless, thoughts-less, sleep itself is a Chittha Vritthi or modification of the mind, in itself. 

The five senses stop their activities temporarily. Eyes do not see. Ears do not hear. Nose does not smell. Tongue does not taste. Skin does not sense touch. All five senses temporarily stop their functions and take rest. Mind also stops its functions and takes rest. This Nidraa Chittha Vritthi therefore has, as its basis, absence (of thoughts).

Sleep therefore connotes a temporarily non-functional mind. It is purely temporary and mind comes back into its own – after a period of Nidraa. Here, we are referring to dreamless sleep, since Nidraa is based on the total absence of thoughts and dreams do have thoughts as basis. There is no self awareness at all in Nidraa.

This Chittha Vritthi is very essential for rejuvenation of the praana sakthi in us. When mind falls asleep, the body becomes totally inert – except the vital life organs in us.

Give yourself adequate sleep. Patanjali and Lord Krishna both say that - a person who does not sleep adequately is unfit for Yoga. This person is not giving himself adequate Praana Sakthi for yoga.

Likewise, a person who sleeps too much is also unfit for Yoga. He is trying to live away from reality and is taking sleep as an alternative to life.

Moderation in sleep is therefore essential for success in yoga.

The next time you go to sleep – Just watch out – Are you the one trying to get into sleep, or, is there an unseen force, taking you into sleep, without your effort!

You will know the answer instantly. There are many forces in and around you, guarding you in many ways.

Surrender to the force of sleep reverentially.

There is a certain welcome compulsiveness to nidra. The greatest of the greats and the lowest of the low are all equalized in nidraa. We are all equal in Nidraa. 

The king can’t sleep any better than the beggar on the street – what ever the king may do for the purpose. Nidraa is a boon to all – including to the best of yogis.

Whether the Yogi can qualitatively enhance his nidraa also, in some way – we will see some time later.

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