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BHAGAVAD GITA-THE COMPLETE YOGA -CH.1 - ARJUNA VISHADA YOGA - SL.16,17,18 - Draupadi's 5 sons - Abhimanyu - who?






Ananthavijayam Rajaa Kuntheeputro Yudhisthirah  |

Nakulah Sahadevascha Sughosha Manipushpakau  ||

Meaning :

"King Yudhishtira, the son of Kunti, blew his Conch, Anantavijayam; Nakula, his Conch, Sughosha; and Sahadeva, his Conch, the Manipushpaka."

These are also divine Conches, given to these Pandavas. After Arjuna, Bhima and Lord Krishna blew their Conches, Yudhishtira, the eldest of Pandavas, Nakula, the first son of Madri, and Sahadeva, the second son of Madri and the last of Padavas blew their respective divine Conches, to enthuse their armies.


Kaasyascha parameshvaasah Sikhandee Cha Mahaarathah   |

Dhrishtadyumno Viraatascha Saathyakischaaparaajithah   || 

Meaning :

"The King of Kasi, who was a Great Archer, Sikhandi, a Maharathi(Great Chariot-warrior), Drishtadyumna, Viraata, Saatyaki, the invincible - all blew their respective Conches ."

The Blowing of Conches was customary, as earlier said, before the start of the war, and was a signal for their respective armies to be ready for war. Among the above mentioned warriors, Sikhandi was a Eunuch, whose purpose of birth itself was to be an instrument for the killing of Bheeshma.

Bheeshma had a divine boon - that he would not die unless and until he himself wished for his death. This apart, he was invincible in war - possessing all the known and available divine Astras and Sastras - much like Arjuna.

But, Bheeshma had taken a vow - that he would not fight women, Eunuchs, children and men without arms. Even so, in presence of Sikhandi, the Eunuch, he can only be downed but not killed in war - because of his boon that he would not die until he wanted to.

While Drishtadyumna was born to king Drupada and was destined to kill Acharya Drona, Saathyaki was a Great warrior from the Vrishni clan of the yadavas. He loved Pandavas and fought on their side in the war. He survived the Mahabharata war and went back to his place after the war. But,afterwards, the yadavas had an internal battle among themselves - and all of them, including Saatyaki, get killed. 


Drupado Draupadeyaascha sarvasah prithiveepathe   |

Saubhadrascha Mahaabaahuh Sankhaan Dadhmuh Prithak Prithak  || 

Meaning :

" O King, Drupada, the five sons of Draupadi and Abhimanyu(the son of Subhadra), the mighty armed, also blew their respective Conches.  "

Sanjaya was continuing his narration of the state of war to the King Dhritarashtra....

Now, Drupada, the five sons of Draupadi, Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna born of Subhadra - all blew their conches.

Draupadi had five sons, one each from each of the Pandavas. They are : Prativindhya through Yudhishthira, Sutasoma through Bhima, Srutakarma through Arjuna, Sataaneeka through Nakula, and Srutasena through Sahadeva. All of them were Great warriors.

Arjuna had another son through Subhadra, who was the sister of Lord Krishna and Balaraama. His name was Abhimanyu. He was a great warrior, almost equal to Arjuna, and knew many intricate army formations, their entry and exit methods. In case of one intricate army formation called Padmvyooha (also sometimes referred as Chakravyooha), he knew the entry technique but not the exit technique – which became the cause of his death ultimately – at the hands of many Big warriors who killed him in an unrighteous war.

.....Will Continue.

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