Friday, May 14, 2010



Your  Best Speech

        …is the Poetry that emanates from your heart

Your Best Poetry

       …is the Song that moves the hardest heart

Your Best Song

        …is the Prayer that you dedicate to the Lord

Your Best Prayer

        …is the  Meditation in which wordless Silence prevails

Your best Meditation

       …is the Stillness Divine in which you are and yet are not

And, what is Stillness Divine..

       It is the stillness in which -
             You are and yet, you are not
               You are your own and only witness 
                                 You dissolve yourself so totally  
             And the dissolution becomes your Liberation.

                                 *  *  *

My dear reader

In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was GOD....

God created the animal and gave it the sound.

God created the man and gave him the word.
The word became man's passage to man....

And when the word dies..His Grace appears…

Dear Reader,

Be therefore always alive in every word of you.

Turn your every word into poetry and let the poetry flow like the song beautiful coming from the core of your heart. 

Let the song adorn the lord like a prayer, for, that is the best purpose of your song.

Let the prayer take you smoothly, into the deepest layers of meditation. There, total stillness prevails.

That verily, is the purpose of meditation. 

There is nothing for you to ask the lord in meditation. The lord is ever willing to see you and meet you with all his grace, in your deepest meditation.

The lord does not answer your loudest prayers. These are heard and answered by another man.

All sounds and all words die down in meditation, which is your best possible offer to the Lord..

You become your only witness - a witness to your own dissolution.

When the EGO, that is you, dissolves, the divine grace descends into you.

You must be ready for receiving the grace. The sages say, don't even wait. Just be available. The lord's grace will flow in.

Let your meditation carry you into the beautiful, divine stillness of the universe. When the divine grace flows in, there is no more prayer; no more asking; no more giving; all is silence.

The silence makes you understand how all that moves perishes. And, all that perishes is reborn.

The unmoving is the divine, that moves the universe.

May you be part of that divine awareness, that moves the whole universe.

In that awareness, you are and yet, you aren't.

Because, thou art that...

                Thath thvam asi.... (thou art that...)

* * *  E N D * * *

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