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This is a frequent question asked by people.

Except in stories, fables and ancient books, we don't find any living person able to show us GOD of any kind, one or several, in any shape. A sage or prophet may have experienced GOD, but we have no proof of it.

But,before asking the Question,who made God,should we not be asking - who is God, where is he and how is he? Some people are affirming at the top of their voice, with so much of their own logic that there is No God at all. Are they probably right?

There can be any number of related questions. Why is he so secretive, after the days of Adam and eve in the west, and after Kritha yuga to Dwapara Yuga in India.

If he is visiting us once in a year or once in a decade, all these doubts would not be there. Not merely the Great God, but also his minions, the Angels are also obscure. None of them visit us.

So, let us first,catch the God, take a good look at him and then explore him to find, who made him? How he looks, tastes, smells etc. Then, next Question comes, why on earth did He make the world? And, then, why me? Yes, why me?? And why you? All of you?

Our ancient Indian sages and saints were also great scientists and thinkers. They were always exploring these questions,and many more.

After great exploration, they came up with their final answer and solution as below :


In simpler terms, it may be taken to mean some thing like this.The outer came from the inner.. the inner came from the outer.. and again.. the process goes in circles.. both outer and inner are complete in themselves. Both represent the whole and both are `whole`. Approximately, this is the answer handed down by the great sages.

Our problem is, we can neither comprehend the 'whole' nor the 'problem'.

So, the great sages have given us clear methods of exploration into this riddle. Every seeker of answers to this riddle can explore in that direction and find his answers.

One old woman was searching under the street light for a one rupee (or say, one cent) coin lost by her in her cottage.She was asked, why are you searching here, for  a coin which you lost in your cottage?

The lady said, there is no light in my cottage.. so, I am searching here under the street light, where I can see,but,I do not find it here! Our search is usually like this.

Our five senses, which are always-outward-directed, are our only tangible search light. But, they are of FINITE and limited capabilities. Our mind is nothing but our total sense inputs synthesized, and is equally of finite and limited capabilities; huge but finite. We are searching with our outbound, finite torch - out in the world which we can see, touch, smell, hear and taste and think of. The search is, however, for the infinite,with instruments of finite capabilities. It is a futile search!

Our ancient sages searched in the opposite direction, in the infinite,dark recesses of our own self, deep inside our own self; beyond the mind and beyond the senses. It is infinite there too. But, the search there is much easier. All dark corners are with our reach. We can travel as fast as we want. And, they found the answers to all these questions about the infinite, in that infinite space inside us.

We need to search there. We also will find there,all answers to the infinite. Time is infinite. Space is infinite.Matter, energy, our own self, and the god are all infinite. Some where down the line, you will find your self. And, a little later or a little earlier even, God, the Creator, will come along and say a 'hello' to us.

For a brief view of the method, the reader can see the earlier blog post on THE POWER OF INNER SILENCE.

Through the logic bound, sense-bound science, we cannot fully solve the riddle of even a H1N1 virus, or even an atom, to its ultimate conclusion. No riddle on earth will ever be fully solved this way. 

Whenever science says, it has solved a major riddle, the answer itself poses before science more riddles to solve. And science goes behind the new riddles, leaving behind the most important riddle to solve.. who am I! And, leaving aside the most important place to search; in the innermost recesses of the self, wherein, all questions already stand answered.

So - we need not re-discover the wheel. God has already been discovered. The real "YOU" (or I) has also been already discovered.

But, You don't need to blindly believe all this.
There is a well laid path for discovering the real YOU. At each stage on the path, there are new truths that you will experience for the first time. And, you will reassure that you are on the right path for self discovery. Go on - discover yourself. God will meet you somewhere along the path.

When you meet him - you will know him automatically.

= Yours


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