Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dear Reader,

Each culture has several books dealing with God, creation and the para-physical phenomena. All of us would have read at least portions of some of these Books.

But there is One Great Book which each one of us must definitely read, research, understand and digest fully.

This Great Book is YOU, for your self! It is 'I' for myself.

You will agree that this one book, called YOU, is definitely written by your creator with all of your genetic code, and probably, many,many more details.

If we strive to understand this one book, in the same process of understanding our self, we would have accomplished our life mission too - to a large extent.

In India, we talk of God - of crores of Gods. Wherever you see, touch, feel, taste or smell - there God is. This is the Belief in India.  This is what the Greatest Rishis and Saints have told us all the time

But behind this advice, for the more evolved persons, the same Rishis and Sages have said, see the whole in your self. The whole is in your Self and the Self is in the whole. We can't search for the Creator in the entire Universe. He is within You; and within me. Therefore, search Your self. Know your self.

In the process of knowing your self - all the other truths of the Universe will be known to you; they will be presented to you automatically, and the creator also will come before you. You will know him as much as you know your own self.

This blog is intended precisely for this journey; for this purpose.

Our journey begins now. Readers are requested to offer concise,valuable, well thought out comments, to enrich the understanding of each Post.

= Yours

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  1. You are right! First we must understand ourselves, before complain about others. I think that I just started my first step of this travel. Hope this blog helps me in this.
    Really nice blog. Keep blogging.